Fear Is Killing You! Inspirational Short Story

Remember the person you use to be? Fear is Killing You! This is a story about How to Fear is Kill You! You were SUCH a dreamer. You were so passionate about that career or field of choice, and then something happened. Yes, something happened. A few roadblocks, a few detours, a few pit stops, and then you… DIED. You stopped being the inspiration that you once were. That child-like look that was once in your eyes every time you spoke of the future was gone.

Where did YOU, go? and did that dreamer go? There was once this passion that burned for each and everything you got your hands on. No one could stop you. Not your mother, not your teachers, not your friends; you use to so determine. But I guess the key phrase is “Use to be!”

You got so caught up and so focused on all the negativity that you let it eat you up inside. You had so many dreams and then you faile a few exams and said, “You know what? Maybe this isn’t for me.” Even though your experience was lacking and it had nothing to do with you as a person. You just needed a little more effort and time with everything!

But you are not alone. There is another group of fearful individuals with great jobs, but they aren’t living inside either. They are fear. Scared to leap. Fear to fall flat on their face. Scaring to lose that security that they have. They have other passions and other desires, but they stopped reaching for them. Now they are stuck in their own mental slavery. Stuck in the 9 to 5 lifestyle of waking up, driving to work, sitting down, turning on their computers, and then zoning out for the next 8 hours.

At work, they dream all day, and quote “what if’s” or they complain about how much they hate where they are. It is interesting to see people who hate something but continue to deal with it each and every day. Sometimes you have to do things that you don’t want to do. I totally understand. But when it starts eating at your soul, and it starts to bring you down mentally and physically, something is wrong.

It makes me think of that chant we would do as kids, “SCAREDY CAT, SCAREDY CAT, NANA BOO BOO.” Well, maybe not me, but in all of the white sitcoms I watched growing up, that was the popular phrase. And then what would happen? That kid would then challenge the world and make sure he or she would never be dubbing as a “scaredy cat” again. But I guess that was the difference between us as kids and us as adults.

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When we were kids the world was so big and we want to conquer it all. If we wanted to fly we jumped off of our bunk beds or couches. If we want to be explorers or captains of ships, we would put on the first hat we could find and pretend to steer our battleship. We fought crime, and we had some of the coolest noises to go along with our fighting skills. But then that kid died too. You let society put you in a box and nail it shut! They told you what you had to do in order to make it. They told you what they thought was “best for you!” And of course, some things made sense. But other things stop you from being who you were destined to be.

After reading ‘Linchpin’ by Seth Godin, my eyes were open. I learned about what it truly means to be of value to this great planet. I saw some of my deepest fears dissolving. Trust, I can be just as scared as everyone else. But, I refuse to let “FEAR” keep me in a box any longer. We all quote that epic Philippians quote. You know the one!

‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.’ Yeah, you quote it and you may even have it tattoo on your back, collarbone, or somewhere else on your body, but there is no way you could quote that and then think about the things you want to do in life and then say “I can’t do it,” “I am scared,” “I’m so nervous no one will give me a chance.” And while I understand that being nervous is normal, when it starts to stop you in your path then things change.

You have basically stated, ‘Yeah, I know I can do all things through He that strengthens me, but that one thing, I just can’t do!’ – that one thing that stands in your path of greatness – ‘I just can’t do’. Sorry! I guess that is what happens when you are living for yourself.

You ever thought about what you would do for your close friend, or family if anyone ever tries to hurt them or if you saw them going through something and they are scared? You lose all of the fear that you have in order to protect and provide for them, become their comfort and their beacon of light. All of the nervous settles and then you are able to push them into being great individuals. When you are doing things because of a bigger picture, life changes. When you stop thinking about how scared you are and think about how many more people will help or heal because of what you do, then it all changes.

But you know what? I will stop here. Because at this point I am either only preaching to the choir or I am preaching to the fearful. I don’t want to run you away and make you think of yourself as nothing. I want this to a lesson in empowerment. Fear is a dangerous thing when used incorrectly. Let that fear be that motivation to fly! Let that fear be the motivation to keep pushing! Channel it into something else and then keep pushing forward. A lot of people are rooting for you. A lot of people are in your corner. The more they see you come alive the more they are able to develop who they should be or what dreams they should be going after.Failure is Not an Option!

If you have been letting fear kill you and tear you up on the inside it’s okay. You are not alone, and now that you know you are not alone, you shouldn’t let it bring you down any longer. I do hope that this reaches your heart because it came from the bottom of mine. Don’t let fear kill the greatness that you have inside of you.

Fear is Killing You


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