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Short Story of Reinvent Yourself..! So, I have a strong fascination with superheroes: Batman (cause everyone wants to be Batman), Superman, Spider-Man (my favorite superhero for several reasons) and many others that I could name, but I won’t expose my geekiness at the moment.

The amazing thing about superheroes is that they are always reinventing themselves. Spiderman always found new ways to improve his costume. He wanted to be able to move faster in his suit or respond quicker to enemies in the midst of battle; so he was always finding ways to make himself or his suit better. Other superheroes, such as Iron Man, were the same way. Iron Man would research for hours on end in order to make improvements to his suit. He would learn new ways to build a stronger Exoskeleton to withstand the attacks from stronger foes and would improve on other little details that would make him a better fighter.

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This isn’t JUST a comic book idea. This is something we all can apply to live. Every single day we should be reinventing ourselves. We go back to school to improve our education in order to seek higher employment, we work out and eat right so that we can live longer and live happier, We are reading, writing, drawing or doing something that will help improve our lives. No matter what your option is for improving your life, we are all superheroes.

Think about how much the average person stresses in a lifetime. Think about the times where you have felt like the world was all on your shoulders. The stress and feeling as if the world is weighing down on you are exactly how superheroes feel in each and every comic, television show, and the movie we see. Here is my realization after reading about these characters in the comics – that they are all reflections of the people that may or may not be reading about them.

They go through pain and they go through tragedy just like me and you. They get knocked down and knocked out just like me and you. Even with that, they always get back up, regroup and figure it out again. Sounds familiar does it not? We go through tragedies but we always end up triumphant (eventually); lose loved ones and have many other situations that bring us to our knees, but just like a superhero, we then remember why we are fighting. Remember being that defenseless person, we remember our struggles and we know that if we stop fighting then it’s a wrap. Even if the fight isn’t for anyone else but ourselves… we never want to fail ourselves, right? But these are all just thoughts…“Google Your Legacy”

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It is funny where my reading can take me mentally. Spider-Man has literally hundreds of different suits and different styles of equipment that he develops depending on the opponent. That is literally how each and everyone should act when presented with a new obstacle/enemy/challenge in life. New enemies will come your way and once again you will have to adapt quickly or face being defeated. Even after a superhero is defeated he/she gets back up and finds a new way to defeat the villain. Just like real people, superheroes get to a point where they want to quit it all. They want to stop saving the world around them.

Yet, they keep going and pushing because they know the world needs them. The world needs you! We have all been put here for a reason and sometimes you can live life never knowing what that reason is, or you can make the best out of every opportunity there is and hope that one day that purpose is realized. Some may find their purpose and others never will… but sometimes there is no need to search because we already know exactly what our purpose is and we just have to listen to it even when we don’t want to.

Every day you should be REINVENTING yourself and making yourself a better person daily. Never stop learning, being an innovator, being who you truly are. Don’t fight your inner superhero. You may not have to save the world, but there may be one person who needs you to keep pushing on for them. Also, read itFear is Killing You!

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