Definition of Infrastructure Project Management under a Low Carbon Economy; With the continuous development of the economy, society, and economy, more non-renewable energy sources stand continuously consumed; which makes the global warming trend more apparent and has a great impact on people’s daily life.

Here are the articles to explain, What is Infrastructure Project Management? under a Low Carbon Economy!

Therefore, the concept of a low-carbon economy is Born from this. While the city’s urbanization is progressing more smoothly and the speed of industrialization is accelerating; the low carbon economy definition, they should take as the most important guiding concept at present; and, it should add to the construction of industrialization and urbanization; to promote the synchronization of the natural environment protection and economic development conduct.

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At present, as the world develops faster, it will cause a series of environmental and resource problems. For example, resource waste, global warming, continuous consumption, etc., have led to the continuous reduction of resource types; which has gradually changed the traditional economic development model of various countries and has continued to develop in the direction of low emissions, low energy consumption, and low pollution. In terms of degree, infrastructure project management construction serves as a mirror for urban development and vividly reflects the situation.

At present, during the construction of infrastructure project management in my country; due to the constraints brought by low-carbon technologies, cost constraints, and weak low-carbon awareness of personnel; as well as the ineffective supervision of relevant departments and inadequate auditing, etc.; prompting the frequent occurrence of serious environmental pollution and waste of resources in my country; which will not only affect the healthy life of urban people; but also seriously hinder the process of building a resource-saving and environment-friendly socialist society in my country.

Therefore, in the construction process, how to better implement the low-carbon economy concept; and achieve the purpose of low-carbon energy saving has become a cumbersome and arduous task.

The concept of the low carbon economy;

The low-carbon economy mainly refers to a brand-new economic system established based on the scientific concept of development and the concept of sustainable development; with development and stability as the two major goals. Low-carbon economy mainly uses innovative technologies, innovative energy development, industrial restructuring, institutional innovation, and other methods to reduce the consumption of wood, coal, oil, and other resources in the process of economic construction, and to make energy consumption.

Efficiency has stood improved to ensure that low-polluting energy and renewable energy stand fully utilized. Starting from social development, economic construction, ecological protection, and other aspects, a new situation of development, construction, and protection of a comprehensive harvest has stood achieved, and the environment, social ecology, and ecology have existed better developed.

Low-carbon economy occupies an extremely important and significant position in the process of infrastructure construction; which stands mainly reflected in the following two aspects; First, the low-carbon economy can better save costs, and a low-carbon economy mainly emphasizes the saving of high energy consumption and high waste. As the price of resources continues to rise and resources are increasingly tight, by implementing a low-carbon economy, municipal engineering and costs can save, and construction units and engineering construction can achieve good economic benefits and comprehensive benefits.

Industry value of low carbon economy;

Infrastructure project management construction is an important part of social and economic development; and, the concept of a low-carbon economy has a high value in industry application and practice. On the one hand, it is because the concept of the low-carbon economy can guide the construction of basic projects, effectively reduce the consumption of energy, avoid excessive environmental pollution and harm, avoid affecting the normal life of citizens, and better. Alleviate the contradiction between urban environment and engineering construction; also open up a new road for the city to carry out basic project construction.

In addition, with the current global resource shortage and high resource prices; the cost of infrastructure project construction has continued to rise. The emergence of the concept of the low-carbon economy can give full play to its advantages and better realize the high efficiency of resources; low energy consumption, and other characteristics; which can reduce the application cost required for the construction of infrastructure project management.

The low-carbon economy has a systematic role and plays a high role in management, technology, resources, and other aspects. It can continuously improve the utilization efficiency of basic project construction projects, and at the same time; it can also improve the construction quality and construction efficiency of projects.

Problems and main manifestations of inconsistency with the low-carbon economy in the construction of infrastructure projects;

At present, my country has been applying a low-carbon economy for some time, and in the process of application; it has stood actively encouraged and advocated by people; and, all sectors of society can better implement the concept of low-carbon economy development. The construction of basic engineering has also firmly followed the pace of its development.

Although good achievements have stood made in some aspects; it has not been fully implemented due to the influence of the low-carbon concept and is also limited by low-carbon technology and cost. With the weak low-carbon awareness of construction workers; the weak supervision of relevant departments, and the lack of auditing and other factors; there will still be many performance problems that are difficult to match with the low-carbon economy.

Influenced by traditional concepts, the concept of the low-carbon economy cannot be implemented;

Consciousness is the forerunner of the first action. At present, under the concept of a low-carbon economy, in the process of basic engineering construction, most of the construction personnel fail to have a high understanding of it. The significance of low-carbon engineering has not stood fully understood and recognized. At the same time, coupled with the influence of people’s traditional thinking, such as the concept of waste first, then saving, and the concept of pollution first, then governance of economic development, this has caused serious obstacles to the implementation of the low-carbon economy by the public in our country and has also made low-carbon;

The economic concept is difficult to implement in basic projects, and at the same time, the desired effect has not stood achieved. In addition, the competent authorities and regulatory authorities failed to attach great importance to the concept of a low-carbon economy. In the construction process, the lack of comprehensive guidance has made it difficult to apply and popularize the concept of a low-carbon economy in the construction of infrastructure project management.

Restricted by cost factors, there is a lack of low-carbon concept when selecting materials;

Under the premise of the implementation of a low-carbon economy, people require to use green, energy-saving, and low-polluting materials. At present, municipal engineering often falls into a misunderstanding when choosing building materials, thinking that because of the limitation of capital cost, the price of ordinary quality materials is cheaper than low carbon materials, so as long as these quality materials The inferior materials are reasonable, then they will choose these inferior materials.

From the short-term treatment effect; although it is reasonable, from a long-term perspective, more funds need to invest in the later stage; and it is difficult to meet the requirements of the current urban environment improvement. Low-carbon materials have many advantages such as low pollution and low energy consumption. In the process of later energy input and pollutant treatment, they can obtain better development space; but low-carbon technology has not stood fully popularized, and energy has low energy consumption. usage efficiency.

At present, due to the various factors brought about by the lack of technology, talent, and the development of science and technology, in addition, infrastructure construction units have failed to attach great importance to a low-carbon economy, which makes low-carbon technology difficult to popularize and underutilize. In addition, due to the use of some backward technologies, the promoted new technologies are also difficult to meet the current social needs, which makes it impossible to improve the efficiency of resource utilization, resulting in the continuous waste of a large number of resources and the inability to discharge pollutants and wastes. The proposed requirements continue to increase the cost of pollution and have a serious impact on the environment.

Countermeasures for low carbonization in the construction process of basic engineering;

The following construction below are;

Continuously promote the concept of green construction;

From the perspective of the life cycle of infrastructure, green construction, as an essential part of the project, can not only better implement the concept of sustainable development but also bring more convenience to the saving of project costs and resources. During the construction process, if the construction unit of the construction project can truly implement the concept of green construction into all aspects of the construction, it will not only ensure a higher quality of construction equipment and materials but also start from a fundamental perspective and try to prevent it as much as possible.

There are many problems such as high technical energy consumption or low construction efficiency. In addition, construction personnel also need to choose some construction techniques; with higher environmental performance as much as possible and innovate their management concepts.

By doing a good job of scientific management of new construction equipment, especially some equipment that is often in the production line, it is necessary to formulate a more complete maintenance plan and maintenance plan, and for this mechanical equipment with high energy consumption, do a good job Timely maintenance and improvement work. Starting from a fundamental point of view, continuously reduce the amount of CO2 emissions and make it have a lower impact on the surrounding area.

Continuously improve the degree of refinement of basic engineering construction project management;

Before the construction of the foundation project starts, the construction management personnel need to formulate a plan with the highest feasibility and proceed from the actual situation of the construction site, to solve the problems for the configuration of construction equipment, transportation, and procurement of raw materials, etc. Second, after the construction of the project starts, the management personnel of the construction unit must not only do a good job in the management of the site, but also need to plan the construction sequence of the project, and adopt a dynamic management method for the completion of the construction progress. The cost payment and visa etc. are put into practice.

However, after the completion of the construction; the management personnel of the construction unit needs to do the final accounts and audit work in the later stage; including the delivery documents of various projects during the construction process, etc.; to ensure that the concept of the low-carbon economy stands better implemented in infrastructure construction, and at the same time; It is also necessary to ensure that all links can link together and cooperate; to maintain the good use of infrastructure construction in the future and lay a solid foundation.

Incorporate rationalized construction technology into it;

From the perspective of low-carbon construction technology; how to continuously improve construction quality and reduce construction pollution has become a very difficult issue at present. During the construction process, the low-carbon construction technology of the construction project includes the following aspects: water resource regeneration, reuse technology, water ecological restoration technology, solar energy technology, and biological intelligent system.

The construction unit also needs to choose some more advanced construction technology; and, environmental protection equipment as far as possible from the actual conditions of the project. Therefore, we can ensure that my country’s infrastructure project management stands better implemented; and the concept of sustainable development will stand implemented throughout.

Establish low-carbon awareness;

In the current infrastructure project construction process, the low-carbon concept should stand integrated into it. As a construction unit, we should do a good job of educating construction personnel on environmental protection awareness and saving awareness; so that they can establish correct low-carbon construction goals, and ensure that low-carbon culture can penetrate all aspects of enterprise construction. Under the premise of protecting the environment, by carrying out infrastructure construction work; it is possible to promote the sustainable and coordinated development of environmental protection and economic construction.

Promote low-carbon technologies and continuously improve energy efficiency;

To achieve the goal of high efficiency and low energy consumption; the carbonization of construction technology during the construction of basic projects has become the most important factor. Due to the influence of various factors, my country’s low-carbon economy concepts and technologies have not been implemented in the construction of infrastructure projects; but major enterprises have begun to exert their subjective initiative and take the initiative to strengthen their relationship with enterprises. In addition, through the development of low-carbon technology and a large amount of investment; low-carbon technology can be better applied, costs can be effectively saved, and the comprehensive utilization efficiency of energy can be continuously improved.


To sum up, infrastructure project construction is an integral part of social and economic development; and the concept of a low-carbon economy has a high value in industrial application and practice. Human beings stand currently faced with various problems such as global warming and declining environmental quality. Therefore, countries must make full use of low-carbon economic concepts and technologies and implement them in all walks of life.

The infrastructure construction process is no exception. In the process of urban construction, infrastructure construction can see everywhere and plays an important role; which directly affects the health and stability of people’s lives. As a mirror of urban development and image, basic engineering construction is also the main tool for the continuous enrichment and expansion of urban functions. As a necessary part of urban construction and development, the low-carbon economy must run through the concept of urban development.

It has a more effective role in improving the ecological environment and urban social environment. In addition, in the process of infrastructure construction, using the concept of a low-carbon economy can also help to create an environment-friendly and resource-saving society in my country, ensure that ecological resources stand fully protected, and build a more harmonious society. The new society ensures that the social development process and people’s lives synchronize.

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