Essay writing is not a piece of cake, especially if you are not familiar with a specific format or about a particular topic. However, it is a part of students’ lives, primarily when assigned to complete this assignment.

Students often get stuck with writing a compare and contrast essay; accordingly, they want to know how to write a compare and contrast essay for their papers. 

All students are familiar with the basic rules of writing an essay, starting from a strong thesis statement and ending with a convincing conclusion.

Is it simple to write a top-quality college essay?

Absolutely not!

Students still hand over their assignments to others because they are unaware of their essay writing skills. Moreover, they lack proper essay writing skills. 

There is not a single template you can follow to get rid of essay writing mistakes. Students commit many types of errors in writing an essay. Some students prefer online learning to get themselves familiar with writing flaws. 

Here worst academic essay writing mistakes you need to avoid:

  • Neglecting a thesis statement

A thesis statement is a crucial part of an essay that cannot be ignored. Your essay should contain a thesis statement.

Sometimes, students forget to write this statement in the introduction. If you do not include a thesis statement in the introduction and reveal the central idea of your paper, your reader will not know what you are writing about.

Therefore, you need to make sure that you have written an engaging thesis statement. Do remember, you should hook your readers in this part. 

You can add a powerful thesis statement at the end of the first paragraph – introduction. 

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  • Restating the introduction

Most often, students repeat the introduction in the ending. Remember, the conclusion is not the place to write about the introduction using different words. Thus, this portion of the essay holds great importance.

The most acceptable way to prove to your mentor that you have made significant progress throughout your essay is to explain the last section – the conclusion.

Your paper should end up with an eye-catchy statement and leave the reader with a new perspective. It would be best to use a quote or ask a question at the end of the conclusion.

Avoid starting your conclusion with the phrases “At the end of the essay” and “In conclusion.”

  • Adding a pile of information and facts

Students make some common mistakes in paragraph writing, too. Even though your professor has asked you to craft a lengthy essay, this does not mean you include information in its raw form.

Instead, your aim should be to write about your topic with appropriate information. For this, you have to stick to the essay’s prompt strictly. Include all the key points in your essay and exclude the unwanted facts and information.

  • Writing a complex essay

Some shreds of research have shown that students prefer to craft their essays’ complex structure to impress their instructor. 

When the professor asks them to pen down a topic that follows the guidelines, it does not mean that you have to discuss rocket science in your paper.

Instead, you have to state your viewpoints clearly. Avoid using meaty words and phrases. Also, write in a simple and easy-to-read language.

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  • Inappropriate format

If you think that essay writing is all about the content, then you are not right. It does not matter how impressively you write content; you can never ignore the formatting details.

On the contrary, if you do, no matter how engaging your content is, your mentor will give you a poor grade.

So, you have to adopt a suitable style and format as per your prompt’s requirements. Additionally, pay attention to font size, spaces, margins, etc.

  • Including too many typos

Have you heard that typos can be seen in every paper? 

Uploading your essay without proofreading and editing indicates that you ignore your paper.

Many students want to know tips on essays with errors to correct. Accordingly, they read some sample essays with grammatical errors to learn to write a flawless essay. 

Before printing your essay, you need to revise your paper multiple times. The pro tip here is that you should not entirely rely on online software. There is an additional writing issue in Grammarly because sometimes it does not trace even some minor mistakes.

  • No connection between the paragraphs

There should be a proper flow between your paragraphs. It will help you a lot if you use transitions between the sections. Accordingly, it would help if you made your paper smooth and coherent.

  • Too many topics in the essay

Writing about too many subjects and topics in your paper will not define your essay’s purpose. Instead, you need to stick to a specific topic that states all the ideas.

To avoid this mistake, you have to make sure that your topic responds to the essay’s question. Thus, you need to focus on your essay’s question and answer it. 

  • Using generic titles
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An essay’s title represents its content. When your professor reads the title, he must be familiar with what your essay will cover. 

If you write an unrelated topic, he will realize that you do not grasp the subject. Finally, you will not get a good grade. Additionally, avoid using a generic title.

Write a precise and straightforward title. Also, avoid stealing another writer’s title. 

Essay writing is an unstoppable assignment in academic life. Following your mentor’s instructions and guidelines is the key to success.

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