The Spoken Word does not Come to Back

Once a farmer scolded the neighbor said when he realized his mistake later went to a Pure Soul. She asked the Pure Soul his word to withdraw the measure.

The holy man said to the farmer, “You get lots of feathers collected and the center of the city, and keep it.” The farmer did and then went to the Pure Soul.

The Pure Soul said, “Now go and bring them back to collect feathers.”

Farmer was back on the air until all the feathers were flying around. And the farmer came to the Pure Soul empty handed. The Pure Soul told him the exact same thing happens with the words you’ve said, you can easily have them removed from your mouth can not take back the wishing.

The Spoken Word does not Come Back 01

What can you learn from this story?

Remember that before you say something bitter reproach anything to say after his words cannot be taken back. Yes, you can ask the person must go and forgive and should ask, but human nature can take anything that happens to be human is hurt somewhere.

So when you say bad happens to him later on that hurt the more he hurts you. What advantage to hurt himself, so it is good to be kept quiet.


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