What is the difference between flexible employment and labor dispatch? The wave of enterprise digitalization is sweeping. Affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, many companies are facing the test of life and death. This difficult time has also brought about profound changes in the employment relationship between companies.

Here are the articles to explain, Distinction and Difference between flexible employment and labor dispatch.

As the business of enterprises cannot be carried out usually, more and more enterprises have begun to pay attention to flexible employment, and the demand for flexible employment of enterprises has exploded.

The main differences between flexible employment services and labor dispatch are:

Different standards for paying employees’ wages:

Labor dispatch employees are sent to work for their employers, and they stand usually paid for equal work according to the employer’s regular employees. Also, Wages for flexible employment are determined and paid entirely by the flexible employment service.

Different cost settlement cycles:

labor dispatch personnel are the same as the employer’s regular employees. The employing unit shall pay wages to the dispatching agency every month, and also the dispatching agency shall pay wages to the dispatched personnel. Therefore, sending agencies and employers usually make monthly settlements. However, flexible employment is different. Also, Service providers and employers usually agree on a settlement cycle based on business progress.

Different payment objects:

labor dispatch is a labor contract relationship. Employers pay wages to employees by dispatching enterprises, employees provide labor services to employers, and enterprises pay consideration for the use of labor. Flexible employment is a contractual relationship in which the enterprise pays for the work performed.

Different business independence:

Since flexible employment is for specific businesses, flexible employment service providers need to lead the business process and manage on-site personnel. Labor dispatch control by the actual employer, and the dispatched personnel stand completely controlled and managed by the employer. The labor dispatch agency does not involve the business issues of the approved employer.

Advantages of flexible employment.

  1. Improve the flexibility of business operations. In the business operation process, there will be some unconventional problems or businesses. At this time, you can temporarily find some professionals to solve these problems or complete these businesses, especially in today’s information age, this is not difficult, which makes business operations more flexible.
  2. Reduce costs, especially for enterprises with off-season and peak seasons on the one hand, which greatly reduces the employment cost in the off-season.

The above has introduced the main differences between flexible employment services and labor dispatch. If you have any questions about flexible employment, please consult the editor to answer them!

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What is the difference between flexible employment and labor dispatch? Image by sawaeng wonglakorn from Pixabay.

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