Understanding and Learn, Case Study of A Powerful Partnership of Strategy and Corporate Communication in FedEx.

FedEx is an international company that provides shipping by a series of air and land and logistics and business consulting services, not only for its core businesses with customers but also for the main business objectives, with speed in their communication with the constituencies And provide dependence. In FedEx, employees work in 200 countries for 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. The corporate communication function should act as a broader scenario with speed, high impact, and precision. Also learn, Case Study of A Powerful Partnership of Strategy and Corporate Communication in FedEx.

Given the core businesses of the company, communication challenges can arise in many challenges – anything from crisis management, such as an accident after the accident or computer outage, for the management of e-commerce initiatives, the implementation of a new business model quickly for.

According to Corporate Vice President Bill Margaritas, corporate communications need to add significant value to the business and the company should have a complete alliance with high impact strategic decision makers. But how did they complete it in FedEx? First of all, Margaritis organizes an annual audit with the authorities so that it can know what they are trying to achieve and establish a scorecard for success. These are the company’s new “customer-facing market-market” strategies to improve development and profitability. This structure allows the team to pay full attention to active opportunities, rather than being less vulnerable to operational issues, which are important for management but are distinctly different.

Since the company has created cross-functional groups to solve these strategies, which are at the center of FedEx business. Margaritis Corporate Communications specifies people to have each cross-functional groups dedicated to the “well-known market” strategy. In this way, the perspective of corporate communications on issues such as message about launching a new product, sending news about mergers and acquisitions, pitching the media, and helping in the management of government relations in highly regulated environments, where FedEx operates , Voices are raised with concerns about finance, operations, information systems, and long-term strategic goals.

By dividing corporate communications employees into “go-to-market” groups, customer-facing tasks such as sales, customer care and information technology, Margaritis has gained significant side-effects, they develop a multi-talented group of communication professionals Strategic-level issues of reduction in functional areas such as marketing, finance, sales, technology, and tactics Can help solve problems. Members of his team do not just fill a narrow space, such as writing newsletters for pilots or making speeches for senior executives. Instead, their employees can move through projects to build a comprehensive knowledge of business and can contribute to value-added advocates in those decisions.

The senior management at FedEx realizes that when the company offers new services, offering new services, and making a commitment in the market, the company’s brand is online with several constituencies – opinion leaders, media, Investors, employees, customers as well. For the strategy of working, the company’s culture has to be migrated to a new strategic direction; Employee behavior, motivation, and emotions should be changed accordingly.

Using an example of the company need to make a purchase for a new customer initiative, Margaritas explained the possible partnership between corporate communications and the company’s major strategic decisions:

When companies are rapidly considering changes to their business strategies or business models, then corporate communications groups should play a vital role in the planning and execution process. To change quickly, the company needs to get this news primarily in an attractive, versatile manner in important constituencies, and they have to buy. For example, the company makes a new pledge to the customers, the organization should have a program that connects employees with this new purpose.

A company wants that loyalty of employees to be combined with new value propositions, and translate the new pledge into shareholder value. Employees need to reach new strategies. If not, the company’s brand and reputation may be suffering, corporate communications, one of the things is related to research between employee behavior, and tasks with customer service, and therefore performance interval with active communication programs. Corporate communication has to play a leadership role in a changing environment.

FedEx takes a holistic view of corporate communications in all channels and audiences: by planning and executing a new strategy to measure attempts to add behavior and approach to business and market behavior related to marketplace and market behavior.

Case Study of A Powerful Partnership of Strategy and Corporate Communication in FedEx - ilearnlot
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