What is the Secret of Success?

One day a poor boy asking Destiny, What is the secret of success?

Destiny said to the Poor boy, you meet me tomorrow on the riverside. They met. Destiny said to the poor boy, you walk me towards on river, then the young boy advanced toward the river with him. And they increasingly toward the river, the water has reached the throat, Destiny suddenly sank into the water holding the poor boy’s head.

The poor boy began to struggle to get out the river, but Destiny was strong. And hold him until the boy gets out the river own self. After Destiny put his head out of the water, and the boy gets outside, the first thing he takes long breathing.

Destiny asked, “What are the most you wanted when you were there?”

The Poor boy answered, “Breathing”

Destiny said, “That is the secret of success. When you want success as badly as you wanted to breathe, then you will get it.” and furthermore is no secret.


What can you learn this story?

Readers, The only one thing you want is to get you more often than not … that thing you really gets. For example child, they doesn’t live in the past, and also does not at future, they always live in present. And if they want to play something, or wants any toy, or wants to eat some food or maybe wants Chocolate. and Just get the thing to look at their full strength and as a result, they are able to do that thing.

Focus It is important therefore to succeed, who wants to achieve success in it offend you that focus and intensity to be very important if they attain success intensity is bound to get you.


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