What is Most Valuable Price?

Once upon a time, the famous Speaker in the hands of one-hundred-dollar note began waving his seminar event. Recently he asked hundreds of people sitting in their “Who wants to take this note of the one hundred dollars?” there are sitting people started to rise Hands.

Then he said, “I would like to give this dollar note to one of you. Take me before this dollar, first I’m gone do something with this dollar, please.” And dollar in his fists began Damaging of clarity. After then he asked, “Who still wants to take these dollars?” Still, people started to raising the hands.

“Very good,” He said, “if I would like do this?” And he brought down the legs started to throttle. after He takes dollar on hand, the dollar had been quite Damaging of clarity and looking dirty.

After that, he asks “Is there anyone who still wants it?” And once again beginning to rise hand.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, Today You will be very important things learned. Don’t you know what? let me, I explained you. I am doing everything with this dollar and also doing something else. But you will be still wanted to take it, this dollar. Because of everybody knows, The price of the currency notes value is One Hundred Dollars.”

Most Valuable Price
What is Most Valuable Price?

“Many times in life, we fail, lose everything. Then we getting decided for attempted suicide. It seems to us that we have no cost. After suicide our body mix in the soil. And also our spirit is free for everything in the world, no tension, no any problem, no need money etc. But no matter what has happened to you or what may in the future, does not diminish your value. You are special, do not ever forget this.”

What can you learn this story?

Never despair of your past,

let’s not waste tomorrow’s dreams.

Remember, the most precious thing you have, “It’s your life.”


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