Exploration of Human Resource Management in Hospital Administration. With the rapid development of the economy and society, the level of the medical industry has also been greatly improved. And the development of hospitals is also facing more tests and challenges, especially for public hospitals. It is necessary not only to pay attention to the benefits of economic development. But also to consider certain social benefits, continuous innovation, and development, to improve their core competitiveness. And provide necessary conditions for long-term sustainable development. Human resource management plays a vital role in the development process of the hospital. Because the human subjective initiative is the infinite driving force and source of an organization’s development and progress.

Here are the articles to explain, Discussion Human Resource Management in Hospital Administration!

The article mainly expounds on the important role of human resource management in hospital administration, combines the current situation of hospital human resource management, analyzes the existing problems, and proposes strategies to enhance the quality of hospital human resource management, hoping to provide certain direction and guidance for the development of the majority of hospitals. In the process of development and transformation in the economic, social, and scientific fields, medical and health undertakings have also entered a stage of rapid development.

In this process, hospitals must take the initiative to make changes to continuously adapt to social development, especially in the context of increased medical market competition. Only by continuously improving the core competitiveness of hospitals can we gain a competitive advantage and achieve long-term sustainable development. For the medical industry, human resources are an important resource and the core resource of the hospital. All the daily work of the hospital is closely related to “people”.

The important role of human resource management in hospital management

(1) It is conducive to the hospital to better implement relevant management systems

Although most hospitals do not have profitability as their main goal if hospitals want to achieve. Their development goals and improve social benefits, need to improve their internal management level. For hospitals, a high-quality talent team can promote them to achieve the goal of rapid development. To introduce and train more outstanding medical talents. Hospitals need to create a reasonable modern management mechanism and adjust the relevant systems according to development needs.

For hospitals, excellent and high-quality talents are necessary for the long-term and sustainable development of hospitals. Hospitals need excellent medical personnel in the process of treating patients and providing medical services. If the hospital lacks outstanding medical workers, it will have a significant impact on the hospital’s medical work. Therefore, the management of the hospital’s human resources and attracting more outstanding medical workers to join will promote the sustainable development of the hospital.

(2) It is conducive to the hospital to expand the introduction of talents and expand the talent team

At a time when the competition for talents is extremely fierce if hospitals want to improve their competitiveness. They need to introduce outstanding talents according to their development needs. This is also one of the important ways to add fresh blood to the development of hospitals. Hospital human resource management can provide medical staff with a good development platform and a comfortable working environment, provide them with the labor remuneration they deserve, formulate corresponding job preparation plans, investigate and evaluate the professional abilities and work abilities of medical personnel, and ensure that the introduced talents can adapt to the pace of development of the hospital, thereby attracting more outstanding talents and expanding the talent team.

(3) It is conducive to the hospital to train professional talents and improve the level of talent management

Hospitals are a special kind of industry. If we want to achieve development and progress, establish a high-quality reserve talent team. Provide continuous motivation and source for the sustainable and high-quality development of hospitals. We need to pay attention to the training of talents. The training of reserve talents in hospitals is an important content in human resource management. Which can make up for the lack of human resources, optimize the talent structure, and reduce the brain drain.

Talent training work in human resource management includes various internal training to encourage employees to continue learning to improve their workability and work efficiency. Most medical workers have relatively little clinical experience in the early stages of entering the hospital. They need to continuously accumulate clinical experience and improve their ability to work. These require the participation of the human resources department to enable the hospital’s talent training and human resource management to achieve high-quality and healthy development.

The current situation and existing problems of hospital human resource management

(1) The current situation of human resource management in hospitals

With the rapid development and progress of various fields of society, the concept of human resource management has continuously penetrated all walks of life and has become an important means of internal management. Although the hospital is not for profit, the hospital involves personnel recruitment, personnel compensation management, employee relationship management, and other dimensions of content, and the hospital conducts reasonable human resource management. Which can help the hospital attract more high-quality talents, improve the skills and level of medical workers, and continuously accumulate work experience. To better complete the work of treating patients and saving lives, and to promote the development and progress of the hospital.

Based on this, most hospitals have opened human resource management departments to improve human resource management within hospitals. However, judging from the current level and quality of human resource management in hospital administration, compared with other industries. Especially in the Internet industry, some hospitals still have many areas that need to be improved.

(2) Problems in hospital human resource management

At present, most hospitals have problems with understanding human resources, management systems, compensation, performance management, and cultural construction, and the efficiency of internal human resources utilization is not high.

Insufficient understanding of human resources.

At present, in the management process of most hospitals. The relevant staff’s understanding of human resource management is not yet in place. Most leaders do not realize the importance of human resource management. It is generally believed that human resource management is only related to the management efficiency of the hospital. But not to economic management. This leads to the automatic isolation of human resource management during the work process. And the human resource department cannot take advantage of it. Which ultimately affects the management quality of the hospital.

Judging from the relevant data, the labor cost of hospitals has been showing an upward trend in the past ten years. The data show that the labor cost of hospitals is close to 1/4 of the total medical cost. Which is close to the level of some developed countries in the West. However, judging from the actual development of the hospital. This labor cost is not in line with the hospital’s development goals and budget planning, making the hospital’s labor cost high. In addition, in the hospital’s human resource management and team building, managers lack the professional knowledge and management experience of human resources, and the hospital’s human resource management model cannot adapt to the development of the hospital.

Some public hospitals have not updated their human resource management methods and still, follow the traditional file management model. The management of hospital staff only stays in attendance and other aspects. They have not absorbed and learned advanced human resource management methods, and cannot motivate staff, resulting in the hospital’s economic management efficiency cannot improve.

The human resource management system is not perfect.

At present, the construction of the human resource management system of most public hospitals is still in its infancy. There are certain loopholes, which have led to the low quality of human resource management. The human resource management of most hospitals restricts employees from the aspects of employee attendance, reward and punishment systems, salary distribution, and work rules, rather than from the perspective of “people-centered”, how to mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of employees, etc., to standardize employee behavior to achieve employee development and the realization of organizational goals, and the allocation of human resources is unbalanced, and medical personnel lack unified planning and management.

Hindered the sustainable development of the hospital. Therefore, under the current hospital economic management system, the role of people is very large. Hospitals must pay attention to human resource management, pay attention to people’s psychological feelings. And adjust the management system to improve the enthusiasm of staff and help hospitals improve efficiency.

The performance appraisal and compensation management methods are unreasonable.

At this stage, the medical industry is developing rapidly, and the requirements for medical workers are also very high. They are not only required to have superb medical technology. But also to have high medical ethics and ideological and moral qualities. Hospitals need to improve salary and performance management in human resource management, enhance the enthusiasm of the staff, let them actively participate in the work of practicing medicine and treating diseases, and promote the rapid development of medical undertakings.

At present, many hospitals have implemented performance management. But they have not formulated targeted assessment mechanisms based on the nature of work in different positions. Which has led to increased difficulty in personnel promotion and title evaluation in hospital human resource management. Which in turn affects the efficiency of hospital human resource management. The salary management and performance appraisal of many hospital staff are in form. Which is not conducive to the realization of the long-term healthy development strategy of the hospital.

Insufficient cultural construction.

The cultural construction of the hospital is related to the working environment and atmosphere of medical workers. A good hospital cultural atmosphere can provide a comfortable environment and atmosphere for medical workers. So that they can get full rest in their spare time, to better devote themselves to work. In addition, medical workers need to come into contact with all kinds of patients during their work. Which also requires them not only to have excellent medical knowledge and skills but also to be able to serve patients well.

This requires medical workers to have high moral character and integrity and to master effective communication methods. At present, many hospitals have focused their development directly on the improvement of medical resources and medical skills. While ignoring the cultural construction of the hospital. In the long run, it will not be conducive to providing staff with a good working atmosphere and environment. It will also affect the patient’s medical service experience, and ultimately affect the realization of the hospital’s strategic development goals.


In summary, hospitals shoulder the responsibility of treating patients and saving lives. They are also the place where most medical workers work, study, and live. Therefore, human resource management needs to be strengthened. At present, the level of human resource management in hospital administration is uneven. Most hospitals still have problems such as poor concept awareness, imperfect system construction, and inadequate cultural construction. These are not conducive to the selection and employment of hospitals. They will hinder the healthy and high-quality development of hospitals to a certain extent.

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