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New Roles of Human Resource Management in Business Development


New Roles of Human Resource Management in Business Development

A great team of working professionals in an organization cannot be possible without the human resources. The main contribution of HR management to organizations are hiring and training the workforce, takes care of the performance management system, helps in building culture and values, manages conflict, and most importantly developing good relations. Human resources managers promote, recommend on, and implement plan associated to the usage of employees within an organization effectively. They are the most qualified and skilled people into the organization to make a difference in enhancing the productivity of the employee and the organization. Functions of Organization, Their desire is to assure that the organization hires the suitable people in terms of skills and experience, and that training and development opportunities are accessible to personnel to boost their achievement and attain the goals in the organization. HR officers are responsible in a range of activities needed by the organization such as working ethics, recruitment, salary, terms of employment, external negotiation, and equality and diversity.

Since time immemorial, human resources have played a vital role in managing people and magnifying their full potential. There are key insights to surpass in any inevitable business growth, decline or any dynamic changes in a management. Theories of OrganizationStrategic Role of e-HR (Electronic Human Resource).

Business Growth

First, managers should have a clear comprehension of where the organization is headed. In order for HR to anticipate fundamental stages of improvement, transition and deal with necessary shifts, they need to be genuinely familiar with the strategy, values and vision. Secondly, values and goals should be the bedrock of the business. HR has a vital position to help preserving the vision of the leader and ingraining it in all aspects of managing employees. They have to make it a point that the processes in HR are coincides the way the business would like people to work on it every day. Third, HR can make the process simple. As the business grows, there is an inevitable need to embrace a more analytical approach and orient more processes. However, it is essential to find the harmony between fluidity and structure so that the spirit of cleverness and entrepreneurial are not undermined. Fourth, HR needs to strike the balance between preservation and evolution. We tend to get sentimental on what has always been however, management should let go of it and move on from business culture processes that no longer support its priorities. Lastly, HR management needs to lay foundations for the future. HR people are often caught up in an intense cycle of recruitment and barely have the time to glance to ponder at what styles they should be putting in place to arrange the future. Managers have to make sure that they are not fastened up in a short term results and miss the important opportunities to support longer term goals. What are Effects of Goal Orientation on Student Achievement?

Business Decline

Through the years, reducing the workforce has been the standard come back to overcome in financial difficulty. Research has shown that layoffs are particularly devastating to employees and human aftermath of cutbacks costs an arm and a leg. While reduction in workforce are unavoidable, there are fascinating reasons why downsizing-related layoffs must nevertheless perceived as a managerial tool of absolute last resort. There are several Human Resource management practices that supports a declining business. HR needs to impose an immediate freeze in hiring on management and support staff. There are other important approaches could be use that is best for the situation such as imposing mandatory vacation, workweek reduction, overtime cut pay, salary reduction, temporary facility closure, and soliciting ideas of cost-reduction from employees. It is a vital task for a firm to determine which strategy fits to solve the problem of business decline. In order to effectively choose a downsizing strategy, HR needs to properly connect a company’s style of cost cutting with the cost reduction time frame. There are factors to consider that affects the selection of cost cutting strategy such as time, resources, budget, corporate culture, demographics, and labor market.

Business Change

As managers, there are roles one must consider to surpass change. HR needs to act as advocates by informing people the need for change and being positive about it. They also need to be supporters, by providing assistance and removing barriers. They could also act as motivator, by encouraging the change and providing reinforcement. One must be knowledgeable of the process in change by identifying the issue and solution, developing plan and solution, and introducing the solution and reinforcing the change.

Business Competition

The degree of competition in an organization affects the ability of the company to recruit qualified employees. Applicants tend to seek large industries easily than with small businesses since they don’t have the same branding power or reputation. Given that scenario, HR department will need to focus on recruitment materials development, including the company in a job fair to attract people. Moreover, programs and benefits should be developed to retain key employees. Importance with Techniques of Coordination.

Employee Development

HR management’s essential responsibility is to assist staff with their professional and career development. HR can achieve this by opening new doors of opportunity to enhance the knowledge, skills, abilities, tools, resources, and opportunities to be successful in their job and career. It can be achieved by providing on the job training and coaching, providing them feedback and performance goals, asking about and supporting their goals. It is true that the success of development would depend on the person however, the manager plays an important role in motivating, supporting, removing obstacles, and providing resources for their development.


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