Specific strategies to improve the level of human resource management in healthcare. Scientific use of management-related theories and methods can effectively improve the executive ability of employees, including talent selection, talent recruitment, manpower allocation, performance appraisal, job changes, training, and salary management in human resource management, to improve the quality of manpower management, improve the enthusiasm of employees, and then improve the management efficiency and level of the hospital.

Here are the articles to explain, and improve the level of human resource management in healthcare!

First, you may read Human Resource Management in Hospital Administration. However, at present, the quality of human resource management in most healthcare is uneven. To improve the quality of internal management in hospitals. It is necessary to pay more attention to human resource management-related work and reform the traditional management model. And continuously improve the level of human resource management in healthcare.

(1) Managers must master the correct concept of human resource management

Hospital managers, if they want to do a good job in human resource management. Must first master the correct concept of human resource management. Although the hospital is not for profit, it can regard as an enterprise to some extent. And it also needs to formulate a rationalized human resource management system based on its own strategic development goals and actual needs. In the process of formulating and improving the human resource management system. The hospital should rationally arrange the staffing and formulate a scientific and reasonable development plan.

For many modern enterprises, talent advantage is the main way to improve their competitiveness, as is the case for hospitals. The advantage of human resources occupies an important position in the development process of hospitals. To achieve long-term development and qualitative improvement. Hospitals need to pay attention to the role of talents and do a good job in human resource management. In addition, hospitals are different from other enterprises with profit as the main goal. Hospitals must first provide medical services to patients and pay attention to social benefits. On this basis, to ensure development and stability, hospitals must also pursue certain economic benefits.

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Therefore, the concept of hospital human resource management needs to be based on the development of the times and the industry, innovation, combining internal needs and existing resources, and improving the level of human resource management. At the same time, it is also necessary to ensure that the relevant talent concepts and human resource management concepts are further implemented. In addition, hospitals should strengthen the publicity of human resource management. So that managers and more relevant departments can pay attention to human resource work. And realize the improvement of the hospital’s economic management level.

(2) Establish and improve a human resource management system

Judging from the situation of human resource management in hospitals. It is necessary to rationally allocate and adjust internal staff and positions and explore everyone’s advantages. Promote strengths and avoid weaknesses, and rationally assign suitable staff to corresponding positions, continuously improving. Their workability and enthusiasm, and realize the rationalization of the hospital’s human resources. Allocation. In addition, the purpose of medical workers is to treat diseases and save lives and serve patients.

Therefore, every worker must adhere to the work concept of serving the people and improving patient satisfaction. In the construction of the hospital’s human resource management system. It is also necessary to adhere to the idea of being people-oriented and respect every medical staff. At the same time not harm the legitimate rights and interests of patients. To ensure that the hospital can improve its operational efficiency and go further. In addition, to improve the human resource management system.

  • First, it is necessary to establish a reasonable employment system according to the hospital’s employment needs and development needs to ensure the hospital’s talent reserve.
  • Second, hospitals must have a strict talent access system to ensure the institutionalization and transparency of recruitment, selection, and hiring. More outstanding medical talents for hospitals, and realize humanized management.
  • Third, establish a strict selection and employment system, and abide by the principles of fairness and impartiality. Respect the actual employment needs of the hospital, and select the most suitable talents for related medical positions and logistics positions in the hospital.
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(3) Establish and improve the performance appraisal and compensation system

As an important part of the hospital’s economic management, the salary and performance system play an important role in the contribution, affirmation, and feedback of medical workers. Therefore, hospitals should improve the level of human resource management and establish. Improve a more reasonable and scientific performance appraisal and compensation management system.

  • First of all, the remuneration system must link to performance appraisal. The focus and direction of work should be specified for medical staff. The evaluation model can establish based on the service attitude, work skills, satisfaction of service objects, labor contribution, participation, and cooperation at work of medical workers in various departments of the hospital, and it should relate to salary management, job promotion, and other aspects in a targeted manner, to provide strong support for the job promotion and salary growth of medical workers, and cultivate a spirit of unity and friendship.
  • To improve the efficiency of manpower management in hospitals, they must also establish an effective incentive mechanism based on the actual internal development situation, integrate the remuneration of staff with daily services, work skills, cost control, etc., and give front-line medical workers a certain policy tilt in salary management based on distribution standards such as more work and more gains and equal pay for equal work.
  • It is also necessary to encourage all positions to increase effective income, and to rationally manage internal expenditures, so that the use of hospital funds is more in line with the actual situation, to steadily improve the salary level of medical workers, and stabilize outstanding medical personnel.
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(4) Strengthen the cultural construction of hospitals

Cultural construction plays an important role in human resource management. Research has shown that the main influencing factor of employee stability is the degree of recognition of corporate culture by employees. As a place where talents gather, the hospital needs to pay attention to internal cultural construction, strengthen humanistic care for medical workers, and establish good employee relations, to stabilize outstanding talents and escort the long-term stable development of the hospital. Escort.

At the same time, hospitals must also provide medical services to patients. Because patient satisfaction is also an important part of the hospital’s development process. As a knowledge-intensive industry, hospitals must be deeply aware of the rapid iteration and innovation of knowledge in the new era. So they must strengthen the education and training of internal medical staff, form a learning-based organizational atmosphere, and ensure the sustainable development of hospitals. Empowerment.

Therefore, hospitals can establish multi-post and multi-level training mechanisms to encourage medical staff to participate in domestic and foreign study and training activities to improve the professional quality and comprehensive ability of employees. In addition, the hospital can also organize everyone to study together through the establishment of training or learning groups, and carry out learning and reporting activities when necessary to ensure the normal advancement of the hospital’s economic management.


In summary, Therefore, hospitals should update their human resource management concepts, establish a sound human resource management system, and strengthen internal cultural construction to improve the human resource management system so that hospitals can strengthen economic management and achieve sustainable and healthy development based on completing the work of treating patients and saving lives.

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