10 the best features of managers, Some people may puzzle by this fact. We know that most of the performance of managers do not create by themselves. But through cooperation with others (including subordinates, colleagues, customers, etc.), or even “borrowing the power of others” to create. Knowing this, the facts mentioned above are not difficult to understand.

Here are the articles to explain, What are the features of managers?

For some time, the author has carefully paid attention to some managers who have worked very well in management positions and analyzed and summarized ten common features of thinking and behavior. Now, I would like to share it with you and hope to bring some inspiration to the features of managers.

Be calm, but not indecisive

Excellent managers have the features of calmness in dealing with things. They are good at considering multiple aspects of things or various stakeholders involved in problems and are not easy to act impulsively.

Good managers are calm, but not indecisive, and they tend to make decisions or articulate. Their point of view after careful thought. Managers with this characteristic can often make things or problems dealt with more appropriately. And at the same time helps to form good interpersonal relationships.

Do things seriously, but do not seek “perfection” in everything

Great managers know that doing business is not the same as doing research. Scientific research focuses on the pursuit of rigor and excellence; business focuses on the pursuit of efficiency and input-output ratio.

Great managers do things very carefully. But they also know very well what needs to be “perfect” (perfect) and what is “almost” (basic standards). Managers with this characteristic tend to get things “right” and create value more easily than the average person.

Pay attention to details, but not stick to subsections

Excellent managers are good at paying attention to the details of things and are good at observing people and things around them. They are good at grasping the crux of the problem and “killing” the problem in the bud.

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Great managers are good at paying attention to details. But they don’t get too caught up in the little things. And they don’t care about the little faults or mistakes of others. Managers with this characteristic can often greatly reduce the occurrence of “problems”, and the daily management work will be orderly.

Negotiate and arrange work, rarely issue orders

Managers are not “overwatches” who give orders. A manager who can make subordinates “follow” actively depends on his (her) personal charisma and leadership, rather than his (her) “right” in his or her hands.

Great managers rarely give orders to their subordinates. They often use the method of consultation with subordinates to arrange and arrange work. Managers with these features can often make their subordinates truly “willingly” complete the assigned tasks. Such managers can often create a harmonious and united team atmosphere.

Care for subordinates, know how to cherish talents, and love talents

Excellent managers are good at respecting and caring for their subordinates. They often regard their colleagues as “brothers” and know how to cherish and cherish the “comrades-in-arms” who get along with them day and night and work hard together. Managers with such features often make their subordinates feel “at home”, and also make everyone more active, more active, and without regrets.

Be tolerant of others and be willing to tolerate

Excellent managers are broad-minded, tolerant, and tolerant of others. They are good at heart-to-heart, good at considering the difficulties and interests of others, and good at “digging up thorns and planting roses”. Managers with these features often easy to form good interpersonal relationships, and can often get the most sincere support and help from others when needed.

Strictly self-discipline and convince others with actions

Excellent managers do not allow themselves to be independent of various rules and regulations. They often practice and set an example, and use their actual actions to influence and drive the people around them. Managers with these features tend to “be upright and do what they are told.”

Be honest and be the same inside and outside

Great managers are honest and true to themselves. They tend to treat people equally and do things fairly and justly. There is no black box operation; nor will it “smear candied fruit” in person or “stab a knife” in the back. Managers with these features tend to make people feel “safe” and can fully trust others.

Humble and prudent, good at learning

Great managers do not use their existing knowledge and skills as management capital. They tend to be modest and cautious and are willing to learn from their superiors, colleagues, and subordinates. Managers with these features tend to have relatively strong capabilities and can continuously improve their capabilities.

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Not satisfied with the status quo, but not divorced from reality

Excellent managers do not satisfied with their current performance, they all have lofty goals and pursuits. They do not satisfied with the status quo, but they will never divorce from reality. Also, they are always striving for higher and farther goals step by step. They know very well what their future will be like, and what is the future they imagine.

What skills and features should a production manager have?

Among all the job contents and job categories within the enterprise, although various jobs and various positions. Their own merits in the requirements for relevant professional knowledge and skills. The position of human resources manager is a position that requires the highest personal character. Because human work is the most complex and delicate work and needs to be fully devoted to it with a refined mentality. I think a good human resource manager needs to have the following qualities.

Fairness, Faithfulness, Firmness, and Brave Willpower

Fairness is the most important quality.

For human resource managers. Only with justice can we be selfless, and have the open-mindedness of “selfless world and earth wide”. And can have the courage to “exercise without avoiding relatives, and without avoiding hatred outside.” Only with the quality of justice can we objectively treat human beings Evaluate and determine. So that when selecting, recommending, and using talents. We can not confuse and control by various illusory illusions, and adhere to the principle of “only talents are used”.

Loyalty refers to maintaining loyalty and trust in the enterprise and the handling of interpersonal relationships.

Only with faithfulness can we take corporate interests as the criterion in the construction of human resources and ensure the principle of fairness. Only faithfulness can make oneself establish a noble personal character, maintain attractiveness in interpersonal relationships, establish extensive and good social and interpersonal relationships, and ensure contact, discovery, and absorption of all kinds of outstanding talents that enterprises and organizations need.

Strong and brave willpower.

People are the most complex resource of all resources. Human nature is unpredictable, and the establishment, selection, and use of talents are also difficult. Therefore, an excellent human resources manager must have firm and courageous willpower. So that he can bear the pressure and challenges from all aspects of the construction process of human resources and carry out his work to adhere to the principles of fairness and loyalty.

Correct and comprehensive understanding of human nature and extensive knowledge

One of the main features and responsibilities of human resource managers is to find, confirm and select talents needed by enterprises or organizations for enterprises or organizations. Then, only with a correct and comprehensive understanding of human nature, and the ability to analyze and analyze human nature, can we fully understand the features of human nature, understand people’s social and physiological needs, and the abnormal behaviors that occur when the needs are not met.

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The ability to understand other people’s psychology through appearance, and possess the necessary practical working ability such as keen observation ability, judgment, love, and patience, to ensure the correct analysis and judgment of the character and ability of talents, to ensure the correct analysis and judgment of talents. Efficiency and success in finding, judging, and choosing. With extensive social science knowledge, on the one hand, they can make full use of various social science knowledge or methods to provide technical guarantees for the analysis and judgment of human nature.

On the other hand, a person in charge of human resources needs to get along with people from different majors and fields at the same time. Broad social science knowledge helps to improve the verification and judgment of various talents and talents at different levels. It is also conducive to human resources to establish extensive social relations and to create conditions for the construction of human resource pools required by enterprises or organizations.

Affinity and excellent interpersonal skills

Only with affinity can you maintain good interpersonal relationships, be able to approach and understand others, and have the opportunity to listen to different voices and discover the truth hidden beneath the surface of things. The real needs and opinions are in the deep inner consciousness buried under the appearance of people. Therefore, having affinity is especially important for human resource managers.

For any manager, it is necessary to be “good at listening to the voices that others cannot hear and seeing things that others cannot see”, and for human resources managers. It is even more important to have voices that can hear and seen by everyone. Get things, to discover the ability to listen to more different things and voices. Affinity is an important guarantee for the effective use of this ability. Human resources are one of the essential elements of productivity.

In addition to ensuring that the human resources of the enterprise or organization are well-structured, the person in charge of human resources also shoulders the responsibility of ensuring the effective use of human resources in the enterprise or organization. Therefore, human resource managers features must have excellent interpersonal skills, and make full and effective use of such skills, to improve corporate and organizational cohesion through the reasonable construction, collocation, adjustment, and reserve of human resources, and through good and effective communication skills To assist enterprises or organizations to resolve internal conflicts, to ensure that human resources can fully play a role in the factors of production.

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