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How to Reignite the Lost Romance of Your Relationship?

How to Reignite the Lost Romance of Your Relationship Image

Reignite the Lost Romance of Your Relationship, also Romantic Blaze Back; It’s hard to be in a relationship for long without that buzz, that romantic flair that keeps you attracted to one another, that urge to go home quickly so that you can get a glimpse of your partner. But it’s also true that it gradually declines as time progresses. But lucky you, we are here to tell you great ways of reigniting that lost spark of romance.

Reignite the Lost Romance of Your Relationship, here are 5 Ways of Getting that Romantic Blaze Back!

These are actionable ways of reviving the same feeling of butterflies in your stomach you used to feel when you used to saw him/her before the relationship.

Make the mornings count;

Your mind is the least burdened early in the morning (of course if you had a good night’s sleep:p) so you need to make it count. Sit your partner in your garden or patio with a steaming cup of coffee or tea, switch off your phones or put them on silent mode on the table.

Now, talk your heart out if any problems are going on in the relationship. Discuss the ways you can reclaim that lost charm of romance. Play a game to come up with ways of reigniting your relationship’s spark. Look into each other’s eyes and try to remember how you couldn’t get enough of each other years back. Try to train your mind to bring back that love, that flame, those emotions you had before.

Repeat this routine for a week and you are bound to make some progress. You will be surprised as to how many ways you have explored to solve the problem.

Don’t underestimate the power of gifts;

Ah, the gifts. The failproof method of winning someone’s heart no matter how angry, uninterested, and irritated they might be. The same applies here.

  • Your partner once loved a plush penguin – give it to her.
  • Your boyfriend craved a Knicks game; while he was in college – get him a ticket to the next Knicks game in town.
  • Your wife had a passion for photography while you both were dating 3 years back – gift her a budget-friendly camera.

You can show love for your married man with secret presents as well.

Presents are approval guarantees; they can turn around a bad hair day in a minute, they can evaporate the bubble of anger and the storm of dislike, and they can lure in emotions of love and care drastically.

Why not get fit for him/her once again;

And this happens a lot. Partners start taking their lovers for granted and stop going through the hard work to look good for them. Wouldn’t you get suited up with a nice pair of jeans, a steam-pressed button shirt with a denim jacket for a date if you were single today? Sure, that’s what you did for your lover back in the time. But what now? You started to gain pounds, you stopped working out, your dressing sense reached an all-time low and the result – your partner started losing interest in you.

And the same goes for the ladies. Don’t forget, your attractive body and sensual dressing sense were one of the things that got his attention at first. Why are you letting go of that strong point now? Why aren’t you wearing the same makeup for him as you did 2 years back? Is it because he doesn’t deserve that anymore. Oh, nooo.

So get your fitness regime back and start to look good for each other. Hell, start going to the gym together and start reliving that time of relationship when everything of each other seemed nice.

Plan a vacation;

How to Reignite the Lost Romance of Your Relationship Image
How to Reignite the Lost Romance of Your Relationship? Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels.

This proves to be gold a lot of times. The harsh work routines take a toll on both the partners in the relationship. You need to take a break. You can’t let your jobs or business disrupt your loving relationship, right. So, pack your bags (nothing fancy) and head to the nearest, most easily-planned holiday spot.

The idea is to get out of that hideous 9-5 job (if that’s the case) or those 12-hour business commitments as soon as possible so try to make an easy plan. A nearby beach or a trip merely 2 hours away is fine. You shouldn’t let the ‘long deciding’ kick in because then you will be left out of the whole idea altogether. But that doesn’t mean you should miss out on a trip to Vegas if it’s possible easily😊.

Have a romantic rooftop or beach dinner there, enjoy the calm waves of the sea, wake up to the merry chirping of the birds, cook dinner for each other, watch your favorite show together and we guarantee you, during this whole process, romance will find a way to be back in your lives.

Plan your sexual chemistry;

The sexual attraction is an integral part of a relationship, you can’t let that go unnoticed. But the point here is to change your pattern of initiating sex. If holding hands was your secret way before, try kissing on the forehead now. If you initiated the foreplay with a sexy satin dress before, try saying sexy sentences now. Allow tension to build, prolong the foreplay so the hormones can kick in and you can bring back the same excitement of the older times. We hope all the ideas prove worthy for you and you get your lost spark back.

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