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The Account is the art of conveying financial information about a business unit for shareholders and managers etc. Accountancy has call ‘business language’. In Hindi, the words ‘लेखा विधि’ (account law) and ‘लेखाकर्म’ (accounting) are also useful in ‘Accountancy’. Accounting Content, Financial, and Accountancy!

Also learn, Accountancy is the branch of mathematical science which is useful in finding out the reasons for success and failure in business. The principles of accountancy are applicable to business units on three divisions of practical arts, namely, accounting, bookkeeping, and auditing.

As Well as the definition “Accountancy refers to the art of writing business practices in a scientific manner and classifying articles and preparing summaries and interpreting the results.”

The functioning of the Accountancy is to provide quantitative information regarding economic units, which are basically financially inadequate. Which is useful in taking financial decision-making, accountancy, identifying, measuring. Analyzing information relevant to an economic event of an organization There is a process for doing and to collect. Which is using to prompt users of this information.

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Financial Accounting Importance Nature and Limitations
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Financial Accounting Importance, Nature, and Limitations

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