How to Preparing for a First-Time Trip to Las Vegas? Las Vegas hotels, sands, time, airport, strip, and weather. 5 Tips to Consider! Great weather, outdoor activities galore, and entertainment opportunities unlike any other; there’s a reason why so many people make the journey to Las Vegas every year. If you’ve made it as far as this article; it may mean that you have also decided to take an adventurous trip to America’s playground.

Preparing for a First-Time Trip to Las Vegas, 5 Tips to Consider with It hotels, sands, time, airport, strip, and weather.

Before you take off the trip, read these five points below that outline some essential tips for first-time Las Vegas tourists; helping you and your friends to make the most out of your Sin City experience.

Packing Good Walking Shoes is a Must;

Something that every person traveling to Vegas should know is that you will end up walking everywhere – and walking a lot. The Strip in and of itself is over four miles long, and although aerial views of the street may make it seem like everything is quite close together, distances are often much further than you’d expect. Sure, high heels are a great idea for a glamorous dinner reservation or night out on the town; but are sure to pack a pair of comfortable walking shoes next to your fancy stilettos or you’ll be in for incredibly sore feet by day two.

The vibrant lights of Las Vegas’ many gaming complexes and hotels shine at night Image
The vibrant lights of Las Vegas’ many gaming complexes and hotels shine at night; Image byDavid MarkfromPixabay.

Adjust Your Dinner Time to Avoid the Lines;

Vegas has a largely diverse cuisine with some of the most experienced chefs around calling the city their home. However, it’s no secret that Neon Capital is one of the most visited cities in America. And when tourists flock, they flock in the hundreds. That’s why it can be a good idea to avoid the peak dinner hours when attempting to grab a bite to eat. For example, many people will head out for food between 6 pm and 8 pm; but, it can be worth it to make a reservation for as early as 5 pm or as late as 9 pm to beat the crowd. Visitors should keep in mind that the most popular restaurants will normally fill up fast with reservations (even outside peak hours); so calling ahead of time is advisable.

Familiarize Yourself with Casino Games Beforehand;

If this is your first time visiting Vegas, the casino scene will absolutely blow you away. Some of the world’s largest gaming complexes are located here, offering a huge selection of classic casino games like Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, and of course, no shortage of slot machines. However, before you arrive at these finely polished tables; it can be a good idea to brush up on your casino gaming knowledge; so that you can play the games that interest you with ease and confidence.

Because online casino platforms offer many; if not all of the same activities that are present inside a physical location; they can be useful tools for both learning and practicing before making the trip to las vegas. According to PokerStars Casino and their hefty game selection, the excitement of Vegas casino activities is attainable from the comfort of a user’s own home no matter where they are located. And even if you are not interested in playing these games once inside a physical gaming establishment; it can still be a unique experience to sit and watch others, especially when high-profile professional tournaments are taking place.

Pay Attention to Resort Fees When Booking;

Many people that travel to Vegas for the first time are not aware of the city’s hefty resort fees. These added costs are tack onto a guest’s daily stay in addition to the regular room rate and tax. In Las Vegas, the average resort fee price is around $40-50 a night; but this amount is directly related to the cost of the hotel itself. The best advice here is to read all the fine print before booking any accommodation in Vegas.

The last thing you want is to surprise with a long list of fees when you were under the assumption that you were booking a fixed rate. Because the city boasts well over 300 hotel establishments, a good rule of thumb is to make a list of all the resorts you may interest in staying at and narrow down your search from there. Pay attention to things like special features, room upgrades, breakfast offerings, and airport shuttle accommodations. Even if it will take a bit more planning, reading between the lines is always worth it in the end if it means saving your hard-earned money.

Stick to the Strip;

Let’s be honest – the famous ‘Strip’ is where all the quintessential Las Vegas action can be found. This is the place where Vegas characters come out to play and tourists can enjoy a variety of free attractions and gaze upon major landmarks like The Volcano and The Bellagio Fountains. With so many different activities to be had, an entire day can easily be spent on the Strip without getting bored.

The North end of the Strip is also home to one of Vegas’ most special spots- the historic Freemont Street. This road was paved all the way back in 1925 and now boasts in some of the grandest casino entrances and lit-up spectacles Vegas has to offer. Here, visitors can enjoy the popular Freemont Street Light show which takes place every day between 6 pm and 8 pm, lasting all evening until 2 am. These nightly events welcome hundreds of tourists to take part in the undeniable magic that is the Las Vegas Strip.

So, there you have it – the most important things to consider for your Las Vegas adventure. However, if one vacation to Sin City doesn’t quite satisfy you; it may be time to consider relocating to the Entertainment Capital of the World full-time. If you’re on the fence, there are many reasons to live in the bustling, world-famous city; that people just can’t seem to stay away from. Not to mention it’s a great place for entrepreneurs who may interest in starting a business in the entertainment industry. One thing’s for certain- there is truly no place on earth quite like Las Vegas.

Preparing for a First-Time Trip to Vegas 5 Tips to Consider Image
Preparing for a First-Time Trip to Vegas, 5 Tips to Consider; Image byClker-Free-Vector-ImagesfromPixabay.
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