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Do You want to start a YouTube Channel to make money by AdSense?

Do You want to start a YouTube Channel to make money by AdSense Image

YouTube Channel: Do you want to be a YouTuber and make money? So, this article for you; why need a YouTube Channel? as per the latest trend, you are to create a youtube channel to create a successful business online. Many entrepreneurs are mostly concentrating on video marketing rather than any other media. For example, if you have a website and you want to promote it. If you’ve only been using text and image-based content for your business, video content, or clip best for your growth.

Here are explains; Start a YouTube Channel to make money by AdSense, Sponsorship, and Affiliate Marketing.

What is a YouTube Channel? A YouTube Channel is like having your homepage or TV channel on YouTube. You can add videos to the channel and organize the videos according to topics and dates. Additionally, you can customize your channel with logos, graphics, pictures, and text descriptions. This can help you brand your business.

It will also help you describe what content your channel offers to visitors. Video marketing is one of the main ways to drive huge traffic to your blog. Before you start to post your first video, you should find the perfect niche for your youtube channel. And stick around with this same niche.

  • Once you get huge subscribers to your youtube channel, you can monetize your channel by market products and other services.
  • And find what your audience needs from you.
  • Solve their problems and communicate with your audience.
  • And also it’s important to create high-quality videos.
  • On the other hand, you can make your youtube channel like a business.

Google Adsense:

Adsense is the best way to make money from the internet. You will get paid for each click.

Affiliate Marketing:

You can make money from other companies by selling their products and get a commission for each sale.

How Does It Work?

You can start incorporating YouTube into your affiliate marketing strategy by partnering with video creators to make content around your product.

Then these video creators, affectionately referred to as YouTubers can share tracking links to your store. Most tracking links will be shared in the video’s description.

If the affiliate is part of the YouTube Partner Program, they will be able to place a link directly in the video. Additionally, videos are a great way to share coupon codes with viewers.

Finding YouTube Affiliates:

As we said before, YouTube is a powerful channel. But with great power comes great responsibility. In comparison to finding affiliates that use other marketing channels, finding skilled YouTube affiliates requires more research and outreach.

You’ll need to seek out affiliates that specialize in video production and are comfortable on camera so that videos come off as both professional and intriguing.


If your channel gets 50k-100k subscribers, you can easily get sponsored tie-ups from brands that can bring in higher revenue.

What a YouTube sponsor has to do is similar to what sponsors on the Patreon and Kickstarter donation platforms have to do. On these two platforms, sponsors can choose from different membership packages, which cost different amounts and are associated with different exclusive offers from the YouTuber.

For many creators, these extras are the reason why they pay a monthly amount to the creator. This principle works so well because performance compensates with a reward. As an official sponsor of a YouTuber, you have some advantages over non-sponsors. Which advantages and benefits you enjoy as a sponsor depends on the respective YouTuber.

They may provide exclusive video material and distribute promotional codes, recommendations, images, or extra content to their members. Special announcements or events such as fan meetings can also be organized exclusively for sponsors.

Alongside this, you can also launch your own business like an e-learning portal, e-commerce store, and others which can further monetize your YouTube page.

YouTube channel monetization policies:

If you’re monetizing on YouTube, your channel must follow YouTube monetization policies, which include YouTube’s Community Guidelines, Terms of Service, Copyright, and Google AdSense program policies.

These policies apply to anyone in, or looking to apply to, the YouTube Partner Program. Learn more about why we enforce channel monetization policies. If you want to monetize videos with ads, they must also meet our Advertiser-friendly content guidelines.

How to Set-up your YouTube channel for AdSense payments?

If your channel has been approved to join the YouTube Partner Program, you need to associate an approved AdSense account with your YouTube channel to earn money from your videos and get paid.

Benefits of YouTube Channel:

YouTube provides an immense number of benefits to both sole proprietors and larger companies. Creating, launching, and hosting a YouTube account will cost you nothing. It is 100% free. You consider it to be a form of free online advertising. One of the benefits of having a YouTube channel is that you can use it to divert targeted traffic to your website.

Visitor traffic to your YouTube videos can divert to your website via embedded links directly in videos and links in the video descriptions. You can also add promotions into your videos that can further drive traffic and boost sales. Producing high-quality video content constantly can help you amass a loyal group of followers on YouTube. These followers will most likely become customers and probably repeat customers.

Do You want to start a YouTube Channel to make money by AdSense Image
Do You want to start a YouTube Channel to make money by AdSense? Image from Pixabay.

Best things:

If you gain a large enough following, other companies may want to pay you to run their ads during your video. You can even manually insert ads for your products. This can help you further monetize your content and turn your YouTube channel into an additional source of income.

With monetization, you can turn your channel into more than a marketing and outreach platform. It can also become a source of revenue for you. Lastly, creating a successful YouTube channel is a great way to manage your reputation. YouTube videos rank high in search engines such as Google. Creating content about your brand on YouTube will inevitably create a more positive view of your brand.

If you like to grow your YouTube Videos like and view of million or going to be viral, then you need to promote your videos. There are many alternative ads site but Google Ads or Google AdWords is best of all of them.

How to Promote Your YouTube Videos With Google Ads for your YouTube Channel?

No one has yet created a robot that sets up YouTube video marketing ads for publishers. The process may sound somewhat complicated at first because the YouTube ad system is powerful, but it’s fairly easy to start your first campaign. How to set up you’re ads? If your just starting with Google ads. Promoting is the best thing to promote your youtube video going to viral; So, how to start? For YouTube Channel, If you are Ads Beginners, going to viral your videos. Why Google Ads? Because of the Google ads campaign and talking about the benefits of Google ads for small businesses.

Google talk about how? Here are the Link YouTube channels and Google Ads:

Linking a YouTube channel to a Google Ads account allows the linked ads account to run ads based on interactions with your channel’s videos. The linked Google Ads account can be granted permissions to access video ads’ organic view metrics, show ads to people who visit and interact with your channel and get insights about how people interact with your channel after viewing your ads. This article shows you how to link a YouTube channel with a Google Ads account.

How does it work?

When you link a YouTube channel to a Google Ads account, the YouTube channel owner can choose to make the following features available to your linked Google Ads account:

  • View counts: View organic (non-paid) metrics for your videos.
  • Remarketing: Create remarketing lists based on viewers’ past interactions on linked channels.
  • Engagement: View earned action metrics from video ads from linked channels.

You can link more than one Google Ads account to a YouTube channel, and vice versa. Keywords and tags also more important for your Youtube Channel videos going to viral; so, here are some tips for managing negative keywords. Video title, content category, content tags, image, size, and also keywords. The most current and daily base of activity get more viewing.

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