The video ad industry is growing and the demand is ever increasing. Programmatic channels have also fueled the rise of video advertising, As more smart marketers are looking to use video as a medium for their marketing campaigns. Higher Paid Best Video Ad Networks for Small Publishers. Advertisers and marketers are targeting popular websites for the reach of their video campaigns and YouTube alone did not seem to suffice their choice. This has led to a growing demand for Outstream video ads where publishers don’t need to have additional editorial content to enable video ads as opposed to Instream video ads. For WordPress blog user,5 Best WordPress Plugins for 2018 Your Website Need.

You’re like to become Small Publishers in your blog or website Video Ad Networks and also they are Higher Paid.

AdSense for Video Ads:

The AdSense for video allows you to monetize your web and native app-based video content. In AdSense for video uses Google’s Interactive Media Ads (IMA) SDK, the technology used to request ads from within your HTML5 web, Android or iOS video player. Here areBest Free Blogging Sites You can also make Revenue.The Google IMA SDK allows developers to make ad requests to the AdSense network, interpret ad responses and render ads. Many of the leading online video publishers use the IMA SDK to request and display video ads.

  • Minimum Traffic:No fixed mentions but we believe it should be 10k views at least.
  • Payment Cycle:$100, NET 21 days.
  • CPM Rates:$10 to $20 (for quality tier one traffic).


If you want to integrate AdSense for video into your HTML5, Android or iOS video player, you’ll need to make sure that you adhere to the following prerequisites:

  • Ensure you’re compliant with the AdSense program policies, including these specific video policies.
  • Utilize a video player integrated with the Google IMA SDK and/or compliant with
  • VAST 3.0 and VPAID 2 JS.
  • Utilize an HTML5, Android, or iOS-based video player.
  • Have a high volume of video content, i.e., greater than 40% video content with over 2 million video impressions monthly.
  • Not be hosted on YouTube: YouTube content isn’t eligible for AdSense for video.
  • If you’re a YouTube content producer, you could monetize through the YouTube partner program.

Komoona is a dynamic yield optimization platform working across all major RTB exchanges and demand sources, to ensure maximum revenue for our publishers. Optimizing publisher revenues is harder than ever – SSPs, DSPs, Display, Mobile, Video… Publishers are overwhelmed by the number of technologies and providers they must work with and optimize against, in order to maximize revenues in today’s programmatic environment.

  • Minimum Traffic:300,000 page views per month.
  • Payment Cycle:NET 60 days, $20 Minimum Threshold.
  • CPM Rates:$2 to $6 (depending on the quality of traffic).

Simple integration into a complex ECHO-system: You don’t need a staked ad ops team to integrate our technology. Simply by adding a JS tag to your header bidding wrapper or ad server, you’ll connect to the world’s biggest marketplace – Google AdX, OpenX, PulsePoint, PubMatic, Index, AOL and more.

Real-time impression Analysis: We use advanced machine learning and predictive modeling algorithms to dynamically create optimal floor prices and route each impression to the highest bidder. Our real-time technology typically yields a 20%-40% lift in revenue.

Products: Mobile, Video, and Display, header bidding or tag based, Komoona’s products are designed with publishers in mind. We help our partners get the most out of their inventory while maintaining the best possible user experience.


Instantly access your impressions, fill rates, CPMs, and earnings in real-time through our cutting-edge reporting interface. video … is a relatively new video ad network that offers video ads to publishers who have low traffic volume. The revenue share percentage id 70/30. It is one of the recommended video Ad networks for small publishers who don’t have any video content or are technologically not ready to set up their video player and stream videos.

  • Minimum Traffic:300,000 page views per month.
  • Payment Cycle:NET 60 days, $20 Minimum Threshold.
  • CPM Rates:$2 to $6 (depending on the quality of traffic).

Outstream opens additional monetization opportunity for publishers when compared with in-stream which requires coding the video player and serving cost. For small to mid-sized publishers, it makes more sense to use Outstream ad units or at least get started with these video ad formats and then gradually switch to in-stream video ads. If your site performs well with, chances of it performing well for instream is also high and thus you can make additional revenue from video ads. To start with instream, I would suggest “AdSense for video” since the CPM rates will be higher.


Vertoz is a complete advertising and monetization suite for publishers and advertisers. Ensure higher revenue from the most influential platform present. Advertising Limited is a programmatic advertising company based in New York City, United States and listed on Emerge, the SME board of the National Stock Exchange of India in 2017. Vertoz network offers services in the online advertising and ad-tech segment, defined by Wikipedia.

Vertoz is among the leading programmatic companies across the world. Our ingenious plex smartly helps advertisers to target their right customers at right time, through real-time bidding (RTB) and connects advertisers to a global pool of premium publishers. Our premium demand sources help publishers to achieve the highest fill rates and maximum eCPMs.

  • Minimum Traffic:100,000 impressions for video (cooperate account manager).
  • Payment Cycle:NA.
  • CPM Rates:$2 to $6 (depending on the player size).

SELF-SERVE SSP: Maximize your site’s revenue with our algorithmic programmatic monetization. Our ingenious plex helps you to show non-intrusive and relevant ads to your visitors.

INNOVATIVE ADS: Innovatively designed high impact ad formats that boost your audience experience. Publishers get access to our desktop and mobile innovative ad formats to earn maximum.

AFFILIATES: Our affiliates get access to the highest performing & the best paying offers from our global pool of direct advertisers that help affiliates to earn more. A variety of pricing models to suit your needs: CPM, CPC, CPV, CPA, CPL, CPI, CPView, CPO, etc.

HEADER BIDDING: With Vertoz, publishers can monetize their websites, mobile web, ad spots in mobile apps and video content. Our premium demand sources help you monetize your inventory to earn highest eCPM.


ExoClick is a Barcelona-based online advertising company, which provides online advertising services to both advertisers and publishers all over the world via the web, mobile, tablet, and smart TV. ExoClick’s customers include advertisers, advertising agencies, traffic distribution partners and publishers. Define by Wikipedia.

  • Minimum Traffic:1,000 impressions for video.
  • Payment Cycle:NEt 30 days, Minimum $20.
  • CPM Rates:Variable.

ExoClick provides the best ad formats to advertise online and to generate more revenue out of your campaigns. They offer several high-impact ad units, perfect as AdSense alternatives, to work better for your online web and online advertisements.

Higher Paid Best Video Ad Networks for Small Publishers
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