Study Courses Online; Has COVID changed how we want to learn? The COVID-19 pandemic has caused widespread disruptions in every part of our life, and this includes education as well! Although pretty much every educational institute is now open once again due to falling COVID-19 cases; the changes that were made at the height of the pandemic are going to stay! With the rise of online courses such as A Levels online, will the new approach to learning stay?

Here are the articles to answer, Today we Study Courses Online because Is COVID changed how we want to learn?

When we talk about the impact of COVID-19 on the educational sector, one of the most prominent changes in the way we learn! To say that COVID-19 has allowed the world at large to view learning from a different perspective would not be wrong. That’s why today we will look at how the COVID-19 has changed how we want to learn!

Has COVID changed how we want to learn?

Let’s explore how the COVID-19 has changed how we learn and the educational sector as a whole:

Distant Learning;

At the height of the pandemic, schools and all types of educational institutes witnessed closures; which ultimately led to a serious problem. In the formal educational settings, children and the teachers were together in the classroom where they learned. But due to the COVID-19 induced restrictions, it was no longer possible to continue the education via the formal route.

Due to the restrictions, almost all educational systems started offering remote education to the students. Although distant learning has been around for a while, it only gained widespread fame and usage due to the COVID-19. So in a sense, we can say that COVID-19 taught us that there are new ways to learn as well!

Even if the COVID-19 goes away completely, many students will want to continue on the route of distance learning due to all the benefits that come with it!

So one of the ways COVID-19 has changed how we learn is through distant learning (home study). Today, you can even do A-Levels online, which goes to show that even the popular qualifications are now available online for distance learning.

New Skills;

COVID-19 has also shown us that the world around us is changing, and to keep up, students will need to learn new skills! The traditional skills students learn from the educational system include memorization, recognition, repetition, and so on. But with the rise of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and other technologies; it has become apparent that these skills have started to lose their importance.

To stay competitive in this new and changing world, students will have to learn new skills such as collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, communication, and so on. And believe me when I say that COVID-19 has caused students to learn these skills as well, thanks to distance learning or e-learning!

 Less Government Funding;

I have listed two points that can be viewed as something positive for the students and the educational institutes. Now, let’s talk about another factor that is both sad and unfortunate – There is no doubt that COVID-19 had a massive economic effect on all countries; which even forced the economic growth to turn negative.

This means that there will be less government funding and even private funding in the education sector! Less funding (money) means that many students will not be able to get the quality education they want! But once again, it seems that the use of technology and distance learning platforms will bridge this gap to a certain degree!

COVID has changed study courses online how do we learn Image
COVID has changed study courses online how do we learn? Image by Alexandr Podvalny from Pixabay.

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