Intrapreneur generally has the burning vision which helps them to improve the organization as an Intrapreneur you have the company name and a marketing channel at your back which can increase the chances of success of your enterprise. Intrapreneur does not need to risk his funds but as an entrepreneur have to risk your finances. Also learn, Intrapreneurs Inside an Entrepreneurs, This article explains to Why is Intrapreneurship Better than Entrepreneurship? Especially if capital for your idea is easier to come from inside the organization, Intrapreneurs better than entrepreneurs. The success of the enterprise needs continuous assesses of the companies technologies to stay competitive. If the Intrapreneur wants to bypass the existing company distribution channel still the company name matters. For the right person, an intrapreneur is invigorating and addicting. The company provides him security with the freedom and creativity of the entrepreneur.

Learn, Why is Intrapreneurship Better than Entrepreneurship? Deeply Explanation.

Are you in a place in your career where you are willing to take a gamble? Are you prepares to bet it all on yourself and roll the dice on your future? Or has that time come and gone and now you’re just looking for stability for you and your family? Or maybe you’re stuck in the middle.

Maybe you’re weighing the pros and cons of both paths and you’re desperately trying to decide between entrepreneur versus intrapreneur. The former revels in the idea of being their boss and making all the big decisions. While the latter is motivated by leading initiatives within the confines of corporate America.

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This article helps you compare the two career paths and decide which one is right for you.

An entrepreneur is someone who, through his or her skills and passion. Creates business and is willing to take full accountability for its success or failure. An intrapreneur, on the other hand, is someone who utilizes his or her skill, passion and innovation to manage or create something useful for someone else’s business… with entrepreneurial zest.

Though both are visionary, it is the entrepreneur who spots an opportunity in the marketplace and has the courage and zeal to turn this opportunity into a business. In contrast, however, the Intrapreneur uses his or her passion. Drive and skills to manage the business or create something new and useful for the business.

The main disparity between an entrepreneur and an intrapreneur is that an entrepreneur has the freedom to act on his or her whim; whereas, an intrapreneur may need to ask for management’s approval to make certain changes in the company’s processes. The Product design or just about any innovation he or she needs to implement. Since an intrapreneur acts on innovative impulses, this may result in conflict within the organization. It is important for organizations who are implementing intrapreneurship, to create an atmosphere of mutual respect among employees.

The works environment:

One of the biggest differences between being an entrepreneur and intrapreneur is going to be your place of business and its culture.

In 2012, 52 percent of entrepreneurs decide to make their venture a home-based business—something many agree is a very attractive aspect of entrepreneurship. Meanwhile, just 10 percent of internal employees spent at least one day a week working from home—something you probably wish you could do more often.

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But the work environment is about more than just location—it’s also about company culture. As an entrepreneur, you’ll shape the culture that surrounds your business. Meanwhile, intrapreneurs often join a preexisting culture that requires acclimation. It’s important to remember that an organization’s culture is something that can make you love or hate your job.

It doesn’t matter if it’s your home, a small shop or even a large corporate office. Entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs need to be comfortable with their work environment and company culture. Start thinking about which environment and culture bests fits your interests as you consider your entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial career path.


Becoming an entrepreneur puts the responsibility clearly on your shoulders. From accounting and marketing to customer service and social media. You are solely responsible for getting things done—a reality that is sometimes difficult to manage with only so many hours in a day. As an intrapreneur, however, you’re often tasking to work in one specializing area. That might mean working in accounting, marketing, customer service or social media, but rarely will an intrapreneur assign to all four departments.

Start thinking about if you would prefer to take ownership by juggling many different balls at the same time or simply focusing on a single set of responsibilities.

Risks & rewards:

The fact is that both entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs face risks. But, not all risks are equal. Entrepreneurs need to embrace the financial risk of forming their businesses, but the potential for financial gain may offset that risk. On the other hand, intrapreneurs enjoy the perks of a steady paycheck and health benefits but their employment is generally considering “at-will”. Which means the organization can terminate their employment at any time.

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The difference between entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, as it relates to risks versus rewards, is always going to be a personal decision. And they are most certainly not always financially driven. Be honest with yourself about how much risk you are comfortable with and which rewards you value the most.


Deep down, both entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs are motivating to make an impact on their businesses or organizations. But motivation comes in many forms for many people.

If you see yourself as someone who is motivated by things such as money. The personal achievement or fulfilling a lifelong dream, you might be fit to be an entrepreneur. But if your primary motivation is financial stability, love of what you are doing and putting others ahead of you, perhaps becoming an intrapreneur is a better fit.

Finding your path:

Deciding to become an entrepreneur can be very rewarding as it offers a variety of perks related to scheduling flexibility and control in making decisions. Meanwhile, intrapreneurs who work hard for a company often enjoy additional resources, financial stability, and greater responsibilities.

At the end of the day, deciding on entrepreneurship versus intrapreneurship as a career path can be a tough decision. It’s important to be thinking about which path best matches your dreams, interests, and aspirations.

So now Which one Better for You, Is Intrapreneurship Better than Entrepreneurship? Either way, the choice is yours.

Why is Intrapreneurship Better than Entrepreneurship
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