“Google Your Legacy”

Inspirational Short Story of “Google Your Legacy” While I was reading Seth Godin’s ‘Linchpin’, I stumbled across the question: “If you were to Google yourself what LEGACY would the world see?” I sat and thought about this one for a minute. Then, of course, I googled myself. The results were slim and little to nothing. Does it mean I have not done great things? Not at all! Does it mean I could be paving a better path for my future? Yes!

I have never thought about what kind of legacy I am leaving behind after I leave this earth. Whether it is a legacy of kindness, a legacy of mentorship, or a legacy of stories and tales of how I helped change the world. I sat and thought some more about this subject and I finally got so hopeless after reading it all that I went to sleep. Sometimes we really get caught up in our egos. We get caught up thinking that we are super awesome and amazing and not taking a second to reflect and analyze if we are really that great. They say that when you are great you never will have to announce it because the world will do that for you.

I now realize everything Seth has been talking about it in his post. The post questions if you are indispensable and how do you plan on changing that if you are not. I now see a different light. Not just one of humility, but one that will spiral me into a world of greatness like none other. I am all over the place sometimes and that scares me, I don’t always know what I will do next, I do know that God has a plan for me nonetheless and as I grow closer to him it will come to fruition.

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Now, I work on changing what people will find me when they Google me. I now work towards an even greater mission. An even greater task in life. Not just being able to find me more on Google, but to truly revolutionize and change the very world we live in. How dare I? How dare we? We get so wrapped up at times as if we are “big stuff” and we are simply just getting by.

I want to be able to speak things out of my mouth that set the nation on fire and bring people to thinking and wanting to change their entire lives around. How can I push more people to live out the dreams that they have in their heart? How can I get others to build their legacy into something truly astonishing? These are the thoughts that I will rest upon. I only ask for the strength to make a move so great in my life and in the lives of others.

So I ask everyone who may read this today, “What will your legacy after you are gone?” If you were to Google today what exactly would we see? Would we see a story of passion? A story of change? Would we then inspire to take on this great universe because of what we read about you? I am sure your resume is tight but is that all you have? Because I am certain we won’t be able to find that resume on Google. Also, read itSkunk on The Loose,The Fir Tree.

So this is your challenge. This is your goal. What will you be doing to change the world? You don’t have to be an entrepreneur, you don’t have to invent the next generation smartphone, but you can do something. What that something is… I am not sure, but that is why it is your choice as to what you carry out from this day forth. Make your Google search a great one! That is all I got.

Google Your Legacy


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