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Here are the articles to explain, what integrating new employees into the workplace and how to train new employees

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How to quickly integrate new partners into the company? Some use the system of induction guides, some use the system of mentors, some have induction training, and some have orientation activities. Which one is more effective? What makes new employees feel useful is the best. There is one kind of onboarding guidance. An employee’s onboarding guide is the general manager. The job content of the onboarding guide defines as “helping new employees solve life problems during the onboarding process, explaining the work process, and guiding daily work questions.”

Obviously “overqualified”, the general manager “has no time”, and the new employees are “embarrassed”. Find someone to take over temporarily, and the newcomers have a “feeling of being humbled”.

There is such a kind of “job practice” that new employees “assign tasks first” when they arrive at the post, and let employees study the tasks by themselves, find methods, find resources, and familiarize themselves with the process and the way the company does things. A lot of time was spent on “asking”, which made employees feel “so chaotic”, so they said “goodbye” to the company in the chaos.

There is a kind of “welcome activity” like this. New and old employees have dinner together, and new employees introduce themselves. Senior employees warmly welcome, push cups and change dishes, and parent’s short temper. Also, They don’t know what to say after the rapprochement.

There is a kind of “onboarding training” like this. Where all the system processes stand taught, and there are also a lot of visits and explanations. The corporate culture is lingering in your ears, team activities come one after another, and new partners exhaust and have no idea about the key points.

What do newcomers lack? What can we give?

The company’s “red line” must clearly state, minefields and warnings do not allow to enter. Familiar with the operation of the information system, work-related should memorize first.

There are priorities in the system and process, the basic system must understand first, the business regulations must memorize, and the operating procedures must not be careless.

You need to ask someone to connect with you if you don’t understand. The position level should not be too high, the communication between colleagues is the best, and you can become a “teacher” with excellent performance.

Homework assignments are indispensable, the ins and outs must clarify first. Followed by the guidance of work skills, and the work standards must explain first. Also, Don’t make things complicated or try; to trust each other to make things happen.

Although the partners are new, their skills are not weak, they help each other, and the team is excellent!

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