Analysis of Real estate Marketing Strategy in Hainan. With the rapid socio-economic development, people have put forward higher requirements for a high-quality life, which has led to the rapid development of tourism and real estate. As a popular real estate project at present, tourism real estate relies on high-quality tourism resources to enhance the value of the real estate. As a well-known tourism province in our country, Hainan has vigorously developed the real estate industry while developing tourism. Its superior geographical location has driven the rapid development of the real estate industry in Hainan. Taking Hainan as an example, the article analyzes the current situation of Hainan’s real estate development, puts forward the existing problems in marketing at this stage, and expounds on rationalized solutions.

Here are the articles to explain, Hainan Real estate Marketing Strategy, development, and Problems!

The tourism industry and the real estate industry are the two most popular industries in our country. Relying on local high-quality tourism resources, tourism real estate has developed rapidly in recent years. Hainan is rated as the most livable place in China, and also many people come to Hainan for vacation every holiday. Since 2004, the development of the real estate industry in tourist areas has been in a sensitive period, and the sales volume of real estate has shown a trend of the increasing year by year. Nearly half of the buyers are foreigners, which has driven the rapid development of Hainan’s real estate industry and promoted Hainan’s tourism and vacation functions to be fully utilized, thereby forcing the growth of the restricted economy.

The current situation of Hainan’s real estate development

The proposal for the construction of an international tourism island has led Hainan’s real estate industry into a new stage of development and also promoted the rapid development of Hainan’s real estate and tourism industry. Through the analysis of the development and investment situation of Hainan real estate in 2018. It can see that the total investment from January to April was 54.359 billion yuan, an increase of 11.5%. The total sales area of houses was 6.6117 million square meters, down 27.4% year on year. To ensure the stability of the real estate market, the Hainan Provincial Government has introduced a series of market policies.

The total amount of residential investment has greatly decreased, and also the total amount of operating real estate investment has shown an upward development trend, which has promoted the continuous optimization of the investment structure of real estate development. From January to April, the largest real estate investment project in Hainan real estate was Sanya Haipo Jincheng Country Garden, with a total investment of 2.02 billion yuan. Judging from the distribution area of Hainan’s real estate, the eastern region has a large amount of real estate development investment, with a development investment of 45.097 billion yuan, an increase of 20.3%, which has played an important role in driving the development of Hainan’s real estate industry.

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Other things

Through the understanding of the sales area of houses, it can see that there is a gradual downward trend. From January to April, the total sales area of houses was 7.2082 million square meters, a decrease of 33.2%. Sanya and Haikou are the areas with the best real estate development in Hainan. In addition to the above two regions, the sales of commercial housing in Wuzhishan, Qionghai, Wenchang, Baoting, Lingshui, and other cities have also shown an upward trend year by year, and the real estate industry in Hainan has shown a good market trend.

Based on its geographical advantages, Hainan has also vigorously developed vacation and leisure tourism areas such as Tongguling, Shimei Bay, Haitang Bay, and Shenzhou Peninsula, with a total investment of 7.625 billion yuan. The construction and development of the international tourism island has brought a positive impact on the development of Hainan’s real estate industry, promoted the improvement of Hainan’s international tourism reputation, improved the effect and quality of tourism island construction, and promoted the continuous improvement of Hainan’s real estate market and gradually developed in the direction of internationalization.

Problems in Hainan Real estate Marketing

(1) The scenic environment has stood destroyed.

The reason why tourist attractions can develop rapidly and attract many tourists is mainly that tourist attractions themselves have vacation, sightseeing, and leisure functions. However, in the development process of the real estate industry in Hainan, there is excessive emphasis on the economy, overexploitation of the resources of the tourist area, and the commercial atmosphere is too strong. The simple, natural, and quiet atmosphere of the tourist area has stood destroyed. Breaking the natural environment of the tourist area and also causing certain obstacles to the development of tourism in scenic spots.

(2) The planning pattern of the tourist area has stood destroyed.

To promote the rapid development of resort areas and tourist attractions in Hainan. Furthermore, It is necessary to do a good job in the development and planning of tourist areas. However, in the actual development process of tourist areas, there are more out-of-control development situations. For example, Yalong Bay is a famous tourist resort area in Hainan.

To pursue economic development, real estate developers have overexploited local tourism resources and established more commercial housing, resulting in a sharp decrease in the number of local tourism resources. Moreover, when these commercial houses were under construction. Also, The construction work does not carry out in strict accordance. With the requirements of the national real estate project development. Which caused some damage to the original planning pattern of the tourist area.

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(3) The market positioning of real estate projects is not accurate.

As the pillar industry of Hainan’s economic development, real estate belongs as an intermediate product. Which is in a class of intermediate products of tourism, the vacation industry, and real estate products. However, through the understanding of the development of Hainan’s real estate. Also, It can see that there is a situation of unclear market positioning at this stage. Most real estate projects stand mainly aimed at foreign residents.

Through the understanding of the basic configuration of real estate. Furthermore, It can see that compared with ordinary real estate projects, more attention is paid to the construction of entertainment and leisure projects, approaching tourism and vacation. But the design work does not been carried out in strict accordance with the design requirements of tourism and vacation. From the surface of the real estate project, the difference from ordinary residential buildings is not obvious.

(4) Blind development of real estate projects.

Through the understanding of the development situation of real estate projects in Hainan. Also, It can see that there are many irrationalities in development and design. The project has not stood scientifically demonstrated in the design process. But adopts blind development methods, resulting in some projects. That do not meet the characteristics of regional development and lack cultural taste, resulting in the low value of real estate projects.

For example, Tianyahaijiao, as an iconic landscape in Hainan, attracts a large number of people every year. But when designing scenic area projects, the overall design of the project is lagging. And there are many defects in management methods and management methods. Which have a greater impact on the implementation and development of real estate projects.

Concept of Real Estate Marketing Strategy in Hainan

(1) Establish a good brand.

The brand has a catalytic effect on enhancing the marketing volume of the real estate industry. It is the logo of a real estate company and the intangible treasure of the real estate industry. It consolidates the position of the real estate industry in the market, attracts more financing, and drives the improvement of the economic efficiency of enterprises.

  • If Hainan’s real estate industry wants to establish a good brand, it should first increase the number of participants in various large-scale real estate exhibitions, promote the company’s real estate at the exhibitions, and show the company’s good corporate image to the public.
  • Secondly, brand maintenance as a long-term work of the enterprise should incorporate into the overall management of real estate projects. So that the brand can gain more competitive advantages for the enterprise.
  • Finally, the brand of a real estate enterprise should be “both internal and external” and “both famous and real”. To be able to provide users with good service and establish a trusted real estate brand.
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(2) Reflect humanistic feelings.

If the real estate industry wants to achieve sustainable development. It should adhere to people-oriented, and incorporate culture into real estate marketing. And combine cultural heritage with real estate projects to bring good enjoyment to residents. The current real estate industry is in the buyer’s market. It insists that “the customer is God” and should establish a good relationship with the customer to make the customer feel warm and caring when providing services to the customer. At the same time, the manifestation of humanistic feelings stands also manifested in the need to provide customers with greater convenience, actively serve customers, and enhance their service functions.

(3) Real estate sales staff improve their professional knowledge.

Since most real estate consumers have little knowledge of real estate. Their understanding is limited to the concept of “one house”. Therefore, it requires that real estate sales personnel themselves should master strong professional knowledge, and actively participate in real estate knowledge training. Also, carry out related real estate knowledge lectures to understand that they can have a full understanding of the industry.

After understanding a certain amount of professional knowledge. When selling real estate to customers, it is possible to analyze real estate from a professional perspective. Which realizes the effective promotion of the corporate brand. This helps to enhance the public’s recognition, and enhance the public desire to buy. And also promote the steady progress of the real estate market. Strengthen environmental protection. With the improvement of people’s requirements for the quality of life. Higher requirements have been put forward for the quality of the living environment.

At present, real estate in Hainan uses green space coverage as the main selling point of real estate. The marketing concept is environmental protection, the values are green culture, and the marketing strategy is green marketing. To improve the effect of green marketing. It is necessary to carry out a brief green space planning for real estate projects. Strictly adhere to the concept of green energy-saving housing, and apply it to green marketing. Which will help improve the effectiveness of environmental protection. It can see that green energy-saving housing has become a new trend in the current residential development.


The reason why Hainan’s real estate industry has been able to achieve good development is directly related to the strong local characteristics and high-quality natural resources. Which meet people’s values, aesthetics, and personality development requirements. Hainan is a good choice for people with leisure and vacation needs. The buildings were designed with the desire to be close to nature in mind. And the relationship between the ocean and the buildings stands effectively handled, creating a livable life for people.

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