Instagram Story Viewer is an unfastened online web service to view Instagram Stories without a hint. You can view all energetic Stories and Highlights of any public Instagram account. How to View Instagram Stories anonymously and download them with Instagram Story Viewer. Save memories IG from any public profile robotically — unfastened, well suited with any device, no 1/3 app installation.

Here are the articles to explain, How do Instagram Story Viewer and Downloader Work?

Launched exactly a decade ago, Instagram speedy has become the brand new favorite online hangout spot for humans throughout the globe. How to use instagram story download online by Viewer and Downloader stories from Instagram; The online image and video sharing platform has the best visible growing footfalls ever; because it made its presence acknowledged in 2010.

How can I view IG stories anonymously?

To view a Story anonymously, you don’t need to create a fake account. On this web page, you can watch Instagram stories posted on any public account without registration and without logging into an Instagram account. It’s additionally viable to download memories.

Define Instagram Story Viewer;

One of Instagram’s maximum famous functions is the capability to share snapshots and videos as memories that run for 24 hrs. A person submits his story and is straight away aware of folks who all have seen it. Now, there are numerous legitimate motives why one might need to peer any other user’s story; but make sure their presence isn’t recognized by that unique person.

Fortunately, there are tools you can use to become anonymous at the same time as checking Instagram tales or even getting access to a private profile for that remember. Online solutions broadly titled Instagram Story Viewers will let you surf Instagram and also the numerous user profiles it harbors in absolute incognito mode.

These tools are designed with numerous capabilities that permit customers to get entry to Instagram profiles; even if they are now not registered with the popular social media platform. In this text, we can have a look at some of the excellent Instagram Story Viewer systems available. We can expectantly suggest the following tools based on our very own advantageous studies with each of them.

Top Instagram Story Viewer and Downloader lists;

Here is the listing of popular Instagram Story visitors and Downloaders below are:

Qoob Stories;

It is an extremely powerful Instagram Story viewer and mass downloader of the whole lot shared on the social media platform. It facilitates the download of almost the entirety of one post on Instagram. This includes memories, snapshots, and motion pictures. Moreover, it can achieve this from both public and private Instagram money owed. Qoob Stories most effective require you to enter a username you need to get admission to and right away empowers you with the ability to observe their memories anonymously.

You can also without problems download films and snapshots in high high-quality with metadata from Instagram debts. You also can automate the whole tales saving method via without a doubt including your favorite account to the Qoob Instagram Story Viewer/Downloader. It will automatically start downloading content material from that account on your cellular or computer device.


It is a good smartphone spying app that can use to view the Instagram testimonies of the cellphone that are set up. Once the app is installed, it will provide you with a chook’s eye view of the Instagram account that is being actively used at the goal tool. You could be able to view all stores, and posts and even track all despatched and acquired messages on Instagram’s chat segment.

The app doesn’t make its presence felt as it operates in whole stealth mode. So you may rest confident that there is no way for the target tool’s proprietor to understand that their Instagram is being spied upon. Aside from Instagram, Cocospy can be used to spy on other social apps in actual time as properly. This consists of Facebook, Twitter, Viber, and extra.

Stories IG;

It is any other in a line of top-notch story visitors that prioritize minimalism over a cluttered interface. You are right away greeted with a textual content field that requires you to paste the username of any account you want to get admission to. You feed it the username; the web tool approaches it, and empowers you to anonymously get entry to all the content on that account, supplied it’s far public. Also, It is very simple and quite easy to take a look at. You cannot simplest view and download stories with this device however also download and look at photographs, motion pictures, and different content material on an Instagram account. Apart from the above merits, you may also percentage the memories you seize right here throughout different social media systems.


They come up with precisely what you need from a tale viewer. You get to get entry to an Instagram account without an account of your own; view its content material anonymously, and download content material you wish to shop to your mobile or pc device. It is designed with placing visuals that ease you into its hold close. There is a seen textbox, which calls for you to paste a username you need to get entry to. You don’t need an Instagram account of your very own or participate in unnecessary registration to view tales you desire to get admission to. Plus! You get to download pictures and movies without compromising their authentic greatness.


Best for viewing Instagram stories and highlights anonymously. With its simplistic functions, Instastories is a blast to use. You can get entry to any public Instagram account with just a username. Also, No debts or registration are wanted. You feed this online internet site with a legitimate username and instantly get admission to any public account of your preference.

You can view stories, highlights, images, and also motion pictures without getting noticed by way of the account holder. Add to that, you may download this content in high excellent. Although pretty to study, its interface can be jarring to understand. We had a difficult time locating the text field to enter a username; which appears like it’s miles hidden underneath several useless info. However, as soon as we did locate the text field, there wasn’t something else to bitch approximately.

How do I download Instagram Story on a phone?

By following these steps, you may get admission to all video or image Stories uploaded to an Instagram user.

  • Open the Instagram app to your telephone.
  • Find the profile with the desired Stories.
  • Copy the username.
  • Paste it to the input box.
  • Also, Click on the Download button.
  • Yay, Stories will save on your smartphone.

Only 3 clean and quickest steps to download an Instagram Story:

  • Copy the URL; Open a Story you want, then what you need to do is just click on (⋯) for iPhone or (⋮) for Android. Next, from the popup menu select the “Copy Link” choice to copy the hyperlink.
  • Paste the link; Once you copied the Story link, the next step you should follow is to stick it onto the precise area; then hit the Download button.
  • Download the Story; By pressing the Download button you are downloading the Story; and, also this Story record may store in the Downloads folder; when you have an iPhone or in the downloads’ gallery if you have an Android.

What is Instagram Story Viewer Free?

Insta story viewer online is a carrier our internet site Instagram Downloader gives the customers to view Instagram memories anonymously without seeing, where you could watch Instagram memories anonymously or view Instagram highlights without an account and without logging in to Instagram. All you need to do positioned the username of the person you need to watch their tales and highlights.

How to download Instagram stories anonymously?

Download Instagram story excessive excellent by using the link;

  • Step 1: Go to the story you need to keep and also click on the 3 dots above on the left and select Copy Link.
  • Step 2: Visit the Instagram Story Downloader; then paste the link of the video at the box, and click on View.
  • Step 3: The tale will appear now inside the last 24 hours; click the download button to save it.
  • Step 4: The story can store for your gallery if you are the use of Android, and Safari downloads if you are the usage of iPhone, to store the IG tale to the digicam roll on your iPhone; from the sharing option click on save to cellphone, and also the story can store to the digital camera roll.

How can I download more than one Instagram story?

If you want to download all Instagram stories, follow those steps:

  • Copy the link of one of the stories or reproduction the username of that profile you want to download all their stories.
  • All testimonies inside the final 24 hours will appear scroll between them, and word if there are greater than 6 tales you will discover the relaxation of the tales on pages 2, three,
  • You can view Instagram tales anonymously or download them, click on the download button underneath every story; you may download the memories one by one and also you cant Download all Instagram testimonies immediately.
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How do Instagram Story Viewer and Downloader Work? Image by Wokandapix from Pixabay.

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