How do Website Design Certificate Programs Courses? The country stipulates detailed technical standards for the videos of quality courses. It recommends using MKV, Rmvb, rm, WMV, asf, Flv, or Avi formats for video files on the server side. It recommends that the video format be at least 300kbps in total bitrate, 30fps in frame rate, and 320×240 in size. For the initial shooting of videos, schools can generally achieve high-definition. Once compressed into a network format, many high-quality courses do not pay attention to the quality of the video and do not implement compressed videos by national standards.

Here are the articles to explain, Review of Website Design Certificate Programs Excellent Courses

There are many videos on the Internet of many high-quality courses. Streaming media formats such as WMV or asf formats use after compression. Either the frame rate or the bit rate cannot meet the requirements, which reduces the video quality. An unclear video is very difficult to attract students to learn. As far as video content is concerned, many high-quality courses use the process of directly recording the teacher’s lectures, and adding pictures, videos, animations, subtitles, voice-overs, etc. in post-production.

Some schools do not do much of this kind of work or do nothing at all, which greatly reduces the effect of video playback. It is very boring for students to only watch a non-dynamic picture of a teacher’s lecture plus the teacher’s voice. There are still many problems, which will not list one by one here. Given the above problems, combined with the high-quality courses produced by our school, the author believes that the preliminary preparation work is very important for the website content design of high-quality courses.

The purpose of presenting a course on the Internet is not to show off how good the interface of the webpage is, let alone how good the content inside is. The most important thing is to make it acceptable to students, and the needs of students should be the first element. However, due to the influence of traditional education, students’ learning is more or less passive. Therefore, in the design process, we must strive to be concise and the links should not be too deep. Students think of the content of learning. Level navigation can use to learn the content, to attract students. The specific design process is as follows:

Navigation design

The content of the navigation of excellent courses generally includes columns such as teaching documents, video classrooms, online exercises, online tests (message boards), online discussions, extended learning, and policies and regulations related to courses. Most importantly relevant content is classified, and some irrelevant or insignificant columns cannot place, so as not to arouse students’ disgust.

Layout design

The layout design of excellent courses is mainly concise and clear. Take Qinghai TV University’s excellent course “Basic and Practice of Taxation” as an example. The pixel design of the display part of the entire webpage is 960×700, and the theme or animation of the header course design at 960×80 ~120 (the height of the head can increase or decrease according to different courses), the design of the navigation is to insert a single-line table in one line and put each navigation content into each cell of the single-line table. The header and navigation are common to all web pages.

In the process of designing sub-columns. For example, when designing the layout of teaching documents, the middle is divided into two parts: the left and the right. The left side is for teaching documents such as syllabus and implementation plan, which is the content navigation of teaching documents. The width of the navigation cell on the left is The design is 200px. An embedded frame web page design is on the right, and the size of this frame is 760×490. All the navigation content in the teaching file on the left is displayed in this embedded frame. When browsing, the entire web page does not move, click to switch For the navigation on the left. The corresponding content is displayed in the embedded frame on the right, and the scroll bar can be dragged in the embedded frame.

Other columns

Other columns are designed in the same way to achieve the unity of page design, and the width of the embedded frame can adjust appropriately according to the different display contents. For a navigation column, if there are sub-columns, the most commonly used method is to use the foldable menu to display the content. The display of the foldable menu can realize with simple code. This kind of display code is very common on the Internet. From other web pages Just quote it. During the production process, we found that the second-level columns are the most readable.

Therefore, the column design of an excellent course generally does not exceed the third-level columns. Many high-quality courses produced by universities (such as Tsinghua University’s high-quality courses) also adopt a unified template, that is, the pattern, color, and navigation content of the webpage are the same, the difference is the content and some special columns for each course itself. The author thinks that for a certain school, it is advisable to form the template of the school-style excellent courses.

The biggest advantage is that when making excellent courses in the future, the designers do not need to rack their brains about how to design the pattern or color of the webpage, Just use ready-made templates to replace the content of the webpage. This method will greatly improve the efficiency of making high-quality courses. If you do more, a specific model of a certain school’s high-quality courses will naturally form on the Internet.

Video processing

  • First of all, the recording of the teacher’s lecture video needs to be done in high-definition.
  • Secondly, for the video content mentioned by the teacher, it is necessary to prepare sufficient materials, including texts, pictures, additional videos, and animations made for certain content, and then perform fine production in non-linear editing software to truly achieve both pictures and texts, to attract the attention of students.
  • Thirdly, the video after production must compress to adapt to online playback. You can choose WMV, Flv, Rmvb, and other formats, but you must pay attention to the clarity of the compressed video. Based on national standards, compression can only be better than the national standard. The standard should not be too high.
  • Finally, put the finished video on the webpage in a suitable way. You can directly link to the video for online playback, or make it into a three-screen webpage. The effect is more ideal. Content navigation and handout text (or PPT) divide into three areas.

Now in many high-quality courses, videos are often presented on a three-split screen. Automatically generated three-screen video courseware is very popular now, that is, teachers use PPT or text when giving lectures. During the recording process, the teacher’s lectures and PPT operations are recorded together. After the recording is complete, an index is automatically generated, that is, navigation. This method adopts in our school’s excellent course “Fundamentals and Practice of Taxation”, and the effect is very good.

Content design

Whether an excellent course can attract students to learn in website design certificate programs. The most important thing is that the content placed should be suitable for students to learn. So all factors should consider in the design of the column, and the content prepared in each column is based on the course. Highlight the key points and make a comprehensive summary. Specifically, the video course is the most important, and it must not be a remedial explanation. Relevant teaching documents and practice questions are essential, and auxiliary expansion content, etc., place as needed. In the extended content, you can put some tutorial videos or videos related to the course.

Whether it is a self-made video or a video taken from the Internet, try to choose a video with higher quality. The font size of the text in the online excellent courses is generally 10 fonts. Which is the default font size of the text displayed on the web page. The author believes that it is better to choose a slightly larger font size for excellent courses.

Text size

Usually, the title fixes to boldface 14 The main text fix in 12 fonts in Song Dynasty. It is ideal for the line spacing of text web pages to be 1.5 times the line spacing. You can also adjust the font or font size according to the content of the text. If you quote a short story or a famous quote from a famous person, you can use italics to express it.

The learning content that students are more likely to accept is video, animation, and sound. Reading text is the most boring. Therefore, when making, try to use videos where videos can use, and animations where animations can use. Make web pages as vivid as possible to enhance the readability of excellent courses.

Production of practice questions

In high-quality courses, the practice questions are often presented in the form of online tests. The practice questions generally include fill-in-the-blank questions, single-choice questions, judgment questions, multiple-choice questions, etc., and flash can be used in the production process, such as the production of fill-in-the-blank questions. In the excellent course “Regional Culture·Qinghai Provincial Love”, the filling-in-the-blank questions implement in the form of flash.

The difficulty in making the filling-in-the-blank questions lies in the uncertainty of the content of the fill-in-the-blank questions. Which can solve by using a simple sentence in flash. question. For single-choice questions, multiple-choice questions, etc., there are ready-made codes on the Internet. It can realize by downloading one and replacing the corresponding content. In some high-quality courses, online examination content also design. Regarding the online examination system, there are many ready-made source codes on the Internet.

For example

There is various source codes on the “Source Code House” website. You can download one and make simple modifications. It is best to use the ASP/Access method, which does not affect the database. It is very convenient to modify, and it is also easy to carry out background maintenance. The process of uploading questions, students’ online examinations, and marking papers can easily complete. As a high-quality course, it does not need a professional examination system. Therefore, this method is the fastest and most practical.

For the post-update of high-quality website design certificate programs courses, it is appropriate to use dynamic web pages, and static web pages can generally use for those with fewer post-updates. The evaluation standard of excellent courses lies in the degree of recognition of the students. It is not just whoever makes the webpage beautiful or who makes a lot of content. The learning needs of students come first. The presentation and the readability of the content should be carefully and meticulously handled so that a good quality course can produce.

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