Top Competitive Exams after Graduation – When you pass out your higher study, you want to continue to get the professional degree you really need for Next! After graduation, there is no need to complete postgraduate studies or a diploma for a successful career. Competitive Exams (Chinese – 竞争性考试, Korean – 경쟁 시험, and Russian – Конкурсные экзамены); Many students may not interest in studying further or doing further research.

Here is the article to explain, What are the next top Competitive Exams after your Graduation you really need?

Many of them may need to support their families and may not have time to try other options after graduation. A brilliant career can achieve in any of the options listed below; where candidates can take the exams immediately after graduation and secure a good career and secure future. The safest and healthiest jobs seem to be teachers, trains, UPSC, and banks. Also, The main reasons for this preference are job security, good salary, low operating voltage, and various benefits.

The first question that comes to mind after graduation is what comes next? Here is a list of competitive state exams after graduation. All male and female job seekers can use the information in this article. Online mcqs for entry test (MCQs Test Preparation) for Competitive Exams; Maybe you are all confused to continue your studies or start your career. Here’s the answer.

It is not necessary to have a postgraduate degree or a bachelor’s degree to have a successful career. Because many students will not interest in continuing their studies or do not have family support. But it will be very interesting for me to continue working. These students can make good use of this site and register for the state exams offered below for doctoral students only.

Top Competitive Exams after Graduation list for next Professionals degree.

The following Entrance exam after graduation along with the list of competitive exams below are;

For creative online work;

Blogger Writer/Content Builder.

If You can become a part-time blogger by writing your own website, posting videos, etc. about a topic you interest in, or on an entrance exam that you failed. You need to write really good content and provide up-to-date information on your chosen topic because viewers will love to get the latest information. You can also answer student questions through your website. Becoming a blogger/content writer will help you increase your traffic which is a very good way to make money.

Youtube or Youtuber.

You can become a Youtuber by posting homemade videos in any area you interest in or in the exams; you are preparing for and posting solutions to problems on Youtube. Also, You can share your knowledge with millions of students via Youtube, which is free. The kick is that youtube will pay you if you can upload a certain number of viewers/views for your channel. It has a very large scope as there is a huge demand for online tutorial videos. You can also try some other platforms like YouTube. One new thing trending alongside YouTube these days is podcasts. Podcasts modify versions of radio available on the Internet.

Freelancing or Entrepreneur.

Freelance means you become self-employed and work for another private company/individual on a contract basis. You can do some of your freelance work from home, for example by bringing your experience in this field. Also, You can make quite a bit of money just by doing freelance work. As a freelancer, you also gain work experience, as you do the same work as an employee, but independently. You never know if your job is good, it will help you create more jobs for yourself which in turn can help you make a living.

Tutor (Teacher).

You can sit at home and tutor in the subjects you studied in your degree or the entrance exams you have passed with good marks, both offline and online if you are genuinely interested in teaching. Chegg India offers an online training platform that allows you to teach and make money online without investment. You can also join Chegg India as a subject matter expert to answer academic questions raised by students on their Q&A boards. You pay for every question you answer, but every month.

This way you can definitely make a lot of money through Chegg India just sitting at home teaching part-time. You can find all kinds of stuff on Chegg for everyone to benefit from. You must take an exam (maximum 2 trials) in the subject of your choice and pass with 60% marks. After passing the exam on the topic, after reading the instructions, you must also pass the exam with the guidelines (maximum 3 attempts) and pass (with 80% points). So after all that, you can finally register as an expert in the field.

Part-time job.

You can join as administrator or another role in the back office for a new company/startup that cannot afford to hire full-time employees. Also, You can choose between different types of back-office work. You gain experience in office work on a part-time basis.

For higher education;

GMAT test.

The Graduate Management Admissions Board (GMAC) conducts the Graduate Management aptitude test or GMAT for students who wish to study MBA/PGDM abroad. To take the exam, you must have a degree from a reputable university. If you want to pursue a career abroad, this post-graduation entrance exam is your best choice.

GRE test.

The postgraduate examination or GRE is administered by the Education Testing Office (ETS) for graduates who wish to enter various business schools abroad. Also, This post-graduation entrance exam is your second best option if you really want to study abroad.

CAT test.

The Common Admissions Test, or CAT, is administered by the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) for students wishing to study MBA/PGDM in India. In the end, you must achieve at least 50% of the points. This is the main post-graduation entrance exam in India if you want to get an MBA from the best B schools.

MAT test.

The Management Aptitude Test, or MAT, is administered by the All India Management Association (AIMA) for students wishing to study MBA/PGDM from India. You must pass a degree to pass the MAT. If you fail the CAT, the MAT is the second-best entrance exam for you after passing.

CPT test.

The General Qualification Test or CPT conduct by the Board of Directors of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). If you are pursuing a career in accounting, these postgraduate entrance exams will help you become a Certified Public Accountant in India.

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