Today our country’s construction project management (CPM) has made great achievements. But with the progress of the times, there are still many problems, not only lagging behind the international advanced management level but also lacking a certain degree of scientificity. Since the reform and opening up, with the rapid development of the social economy. The construction industry has also developed like fire-like tea.

Here are the articles to explain, Adjustment Strategies for Construction Project Management Mode

At present, the construction scale of construction projects is getting larger and larger. And the management content is becoming more and more complex. Which puts forward higher requirements for the management of construction projects. In response to opportunities and challenges, our country must reasonably adjust the traditional construction project management model. Introduce advanced management concepts and management methods, improve the efficiency and level of CPM, and promote the stable and rapid development of my country’s construction industry.

Main Keywords: construction engineering; project management; mode; adjustment

At present, the rapid development of our country’s social economy has greatly stimulated domestic demand. And our country’s construction industry is facing a very good development prospect. Although the construction industry has achieved rapid development, the development of the management model of construction projects is still lagging. Which will lead to a series of problems.

This article researches and discusses the important subject of adjustment of CPM mode. This article divides into three parts. The first part is to explain the concept and content of CPM. The second part is to analyze the CPM. Also, regarding The current situation and existing problems, the last part elaborates in detail on the countermeasures for the adjustment of the CPM mode.

Concept and content of construction project management

The concept of construction project management

A project refers to a one-time task with clear and specific goals and constraints and limitations such as resources and time. Project engineering management plans organize and also control under the constraints of resources and time to achieve the specific goals of the project. CPM refers to the use of theoretical knowledge and professional technical means to comprehensively manage the planning, decision-making, and construction process of construction projects within the specific cycle time of construction projects.

The object of CPM is the entire construction project. Also, It is necessary to sign the corresponding economic contract, establish and improve the system and system of CPM, and adopt scientific and reasonable management methods to ensure that the specific goals of the construction project can achieve smoothly.

The characteristics of construction project management:

  • clarity of objectives;
  • clarity of responsibilities;
  • scientific and rational management;
  • the complexity of management.

Only by understanding and mastering the concept and characteristics of construction project management can we better carry out the specific work of CPM.

Contents of Construction Project Management

Construction project management has the main contents:

  1. Establish project management organization, choose scientific and reasonable project management mode and means, and organize project management personnel;
  2. Progress management, formulate project schedule plan, and strictly follow the plan To implement, supervise and manage during the implementation process;
  3. Fund management, formulate a sound cost plan, clarify the use of each fund, reduce costs, and improve economic benefits;
  4. Quality management, the construction process of the project must be strictly by Relevant norms and standards are implemented, and quality supervision is strictly carried out;
  5. Also, Contract management, management of the drafting, signing, and modification of relevant contracts;

The status quo and existing problems of construction project management

Analysis of the status quo of construction project management

At present, my country’s CPM is in a very complicated transitional stage, and it needs to shift from CPM under the traditional planned economy system to CPM under the market economy system. In the past, CPM under the traditional planned economy system mainly relied on administrative orders, and there was a special construction project headquarters.

Determining goals, formulating plans, and implementing programs all relied on the experience of the leadership of the headquarters, focusing on output value and form, ignoring Benefits, do not pay attention to the adoption of new science and technology, and also do not pay attention to whether the management model is scientific and reasonable, which will lead to many problems and drawbacks in the management process of construction projects, which is not conducive to the smooth implementation of construction projects.

The construction of the Lubuge Tunnel Project in my country in 1984 was a great success. Its construction funds stood borrowed from the Asian Development Bank. Also, This huge success has benefited from the adoption of advanced and scientific CPM modes. Which has aroused great repercussions all over the country, has been highly valued by my country’s construction industry, and has been rapidly promoted throughout the country. opened, and achieved very good results.

Problems in construction project management

The CPM method has stood popularized in our country for nearly ten years. Although it has achieved good results, there are still many problems. For example, CPM is still fragmented. There is no complete system, and it pays too much attention to form. In the actual management work, the traditional construction project management mode and method under the planned economy system are still used, and administrative means are used to rely on experience. Management etc.

In addition, due to the historical development of our country, the professional quality and technical ability of the management personnel of construction projects in our country can not meet the requirements of actual work, and there is no scientific and reasonable management concept, often short-sighted, only focus on short-term economic benefits, Not paying attention to the long-term development and planning, which makes the management method of construction projects greatly restricted, and cannot play the due role of CPM in actual construction work.

In addition, my country’s CPM has specific problems in safety management and quality management. Safety and quality are the most important aspects of construction projects. Only by ensuring the quality and safety of construction projects can the construction of the project be completed. At present, some construction project managers blindly pursue economic interests, cut corners, and use unscrupulous means in the construction process. Which often leads to specific quality problems and also safety hazards in engineering projects. And even safety accidents, which seriously threaten the lives of construction personnel and residents. Property security.

Countermeasures for the adjustment of construction project management mode

It is necessary to establish a sound scientific and reasonable CPM organization system, and it requires being close to the market and meeting market demand, having strong productivity and innovation, and having a rigid industrial structure. The CPM mode in our country violates the law of construction production activities and the characteristics of construction products to a certain extent. So it must adjust and improve from this aspect so that the management mode of construction projects can conform to the characteristics of construction products and the law of development of construction production activities.

In the process of establishing a scientific and reasonable CPM organization system. We must follow the relevant laws and regulations of our country. So that the CPM can standardize and standardize. In the CPM organization system. It is necessary to clarify the responsibilities of each management organization department or unit for supervision and control.

It is necessary to separate the construction management of the construction project from the construction operation, establish a special management department, clarify its management functions, and let professional management personnel complete the management work. Due to the large scale of current construction projects and the complexity of managing content pages, it must manage by a special management department and professional managers. Construction projects generally involve many disciplines and require experts from all walks of life, as well as a labor force with high professional quality and technical level.

Other adjustments

Construction project companies usually contract the entire project construction work to various professional types of work. The contractor, the construction project enterprise only manages and supervises the construction of the whole project. Also, This is the traditional general subcontracting management mode of the construction industry in the past in my country. In this mode, the construction project enterprise combines management and labor Separated, focusing on the development of capital, technology, and engineering project management, to develop into a highly capital-, technology-, knowledge-intensive enterprise.

In the process of CPM, scientific and reasonable project planning methods and project control methods should adopt. The project planning method requires scientific and pragmatic, and the project control method requires rigor and effectiveness. The use of scientific and pragmatic project planning methods in the process of construction project management can ensure that the construction work of the project can carry out and completed smoothly, and is conducive to the realization of management objectives.

In the process of CPM, strict and effective control methods can use to ensure. That the project can operate in an orderly manner according to the planned management procedures. It is necessary to introduce foreign advanced CPM concepts. Develop high technology, and rely on technology to drive production. Provide staff with professional quality and technical ability training, improve their technical level and workability,


To sum up, this paper researches and discusses the important topic of construction project management mode, comprehensively analyzes the specific actual situation, and closely combines the theoretical knowledge of CPM law, aiming at the problems existing in the current CPM in our country.

Some problems and corresponding improvement measures are put forward. The countermeasures for the adjustment of the CPM mode elaborate on in detail. Hoping to improve the level and also the efficiency of my country’s CPM. Enhance the development strength of construction enterprises, and improve my country’s CPM. Quality and safety, promote the development of my country’s construction industry. And contribute to the construction of a socialist respectful, prosperous and harmonious society in our country.

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