The Influence of Accounting Information System on Financial Accounting Function. Today’s society is a society with the rapid development of the economy and technology. At this time, the development of informatization is very fast.

Here are the articles to explain, What is an accounting information system? on Financial Accounting Function!

The accounting information system, which is the basis of national economic informatization and the core of enterprise informatization, has also existed widely used. However, accounting informatization is not simulating the previous accounting functions. It is more to provide decision-makers with the required data. Because accounting informatization has its uniqueness, it has a certain impact on the previous accounting functions.

Traditional accounting functions and the characteristics of accounting

In the past accounting work, there are two main functions, namely reflection and supervision. The so-called reflection function, specifically, means that the accounting workers are comprehensive. Accurately reflect the accounting information according to the accounting regulations and with the help of specific measures. The supervision function mainly refers to supervising whether various economic matters carry out by relevant laws and regulations.

At the same time, it has other functions, such as controlling economic activities, forecasting the company’s development prospects, etc. However, due to the current accounting measures and the defects of related auxiliary tools, many functions cannot perform. Under the background of accounting and accounting in the past, whether it is a manual mode or computerized mode. The task of workers is to set up various types of accounts according to accounting elements. Carry out accounting records according to work activities, and then obtain relevant vouchers and accounting. account information.

The difference between them is that the manual mode mainly relies on the abacus and other equipment to carry out work. But during the computerization period, most of the tools used are computers. The processing of information does not require manpower. The advantage is that it saves time and manpower. In other words, we rely on computers to perform tasks that were previously done manually. Such as keeping accounts and so on.

The characteristics of accounting under the environment of accounting information

After the implementation of information management, the financial and accounting information system at this time is a very comprehensive system with a relatively fast processing speed. It can stand reasonably connected with the business process and can ensure that the information stands processed the first time.

(1) Integration of information systems inside and outside the enterprise organization

With the help of information technology and current advanced communication technology, the management system combines accounting and production systems. The accounting information system, through the close connection of sales and production systems, has significantly broadened the work area of ​​accounting. Internal and external accounting information, including suppliers and customers, organize organically in real-time.

(2) Business processing high automate

For a unit, after its business organization has reviewed and recorded the department documents, the system will generate the vouchers by itself according to the characteristics of the business, and transmit them to the general system as soon as possible. After auditing, the accounting workers can use the system’s auditing function to check the information again, and the system will process accounts from time to time, generate different types of accounts, process business with the help of templates, and automatically generate reports.

(3) Real-time reporting of accounting information

Under the background of informatization, various accounting data can process by the system. At this time, as an accountant, you can reasonably process accounting information according to the needs of the unit, and provide managers with various required materials, so that they can better To ensure that managers can know the operation mode of the unit the first time and better provide the real materials and data needed for the unit leaders to make decisions.

The impact of accounting informatization on traditional accounting functions

After the implementation of informatization, the accounting work has ushered in a new development situation. In this period of its formation and development, it has had a significant impact on traditional accounting work. At this time, the accounting function has changed, and various business activities have also begun to change. Traditional accounting, when formulating the system, stands mainly determined by combining the characteristics of accounting matters.

The information-based accounting work, when formulating the system, stands mainly determined by combining various types of data. Through informatization, we can reasonably disperse or comprehensively process information. At this time, we can ensure a high degree of information sharing and can provide financial and accounting data. At any time to ensure that the entire stage of information from acquisition to use can adapt to current control regulations.

(1) Influence Response Functions

Under the background of the current era, the response function of accounting is embodied in the use of information systems to reasonably optimize the content of information, such as information clarification and accounting, etc. It also covers. With the help of the automatic screening function of information, the incorrect information removes and the correct information saves. Which ensures the high accuracy of the information data, which invisibly lays a solid foundation for the information optimization work;

At the same time, the system can obtain the required vouchers by itself, and after the voucher verification and bookkeeping. It can generate the various account data we need by itself. Its response function and accounting function are not the same. Under the current background, information confirmation is the most critical content in the entire work task.

(2) Impact management functions

In the information age, because the collection and processing of financial and accounting information are highly automated, and its real-time characteristics are very obvious, then accounting workers can get away from tedious work and pay more attention to and Put their energy into other management activities, you don’t need to put a lot of energy and physical strength into tedious transactional activities as in the past.

For example, at this time, accounting workers can devote more energy to participating in the structural innovation work of the unit, and can also assist managers to formulate a control system and conduct performance evaluations. In addition, accountants can also focus on analyzing the information needs of users, and formulate rules for information recording and storage based on this.

The accounting information system processes the information according to predetermined procedures and rules and can transmit the data to the corresponding users. Combined with the specific situation of the user’s response, further determine the user’s demand for information. Then better carry out the next information processing work. Therefore, the management function of accounting begins to show at this time.

(3) Impact on the accounting control function

Under the current information system, because the feedback ability of accounting has been significantly improved, its control function has also begun to attract people’s attention at this time, reflecting an increasingly important existence value, and it can more effectively strengthen the enterprise’s Internal management and participation in business decision-making, thereby strengthening the overall competitiveness of the unit.

The basis of accounting control has gone beyond the scope of financial accounting theory and management accounting theory, and the basis of its control has been extended to modern economic control theory, such as system theory, information theory, cybernetics, decision theory, and so on. Focusing on business management and decision-making, it should also be clear in giving full play to the role of accounting control: “effective control must be scientific and systematic control; systematic control must be the control of grasping and optimizing information; optimized information must control through scientific and systematic methods.” Obtained.”

At the same time, the guiding ideology of modern accounting control is to implement comprehensive control, that is to say, when controlling, the past, present, and future should link together, and the state of things before they happened, the state of things in progress and the follow-up state, and the micro-mesh and macro-control are to link together.


In current years, our country’s economy has grown rapidly. At this time, various industries have also ushered in a new development situation. This invisibly promotes the innovation of accounting work. Under the background of this rapid development, the significance of accounting work has been more clearly reflected. And the related functions have also been significantly expanded compared with the past. The implementation of the informatization system in the accounting system has a lot of influence on traditional accounting work.

As accounting workers, we must look at accounting theory from a new perspective, and actively explore new theoretical knowledge. And change our understanding of the development of the times. Only in this way can we ensure the smooth development of financial and accounting work. Give full play to its due value and significance, and make better contributions to the development of the country.

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