Personal Loan: A good interest rate can be said to be one that is lower than your national average. A lot of factors go into play to decide the best interest rate offers for you. In general, the rates can vary from 9% to 36%. However, interest is not the only factor that you should be concerned about when looking for a personal loan. There’s more that you have to see and understand! Let’s take a look!

What Influences Personal Loan Interest Rates?

Personal loans are known as unsecured loans as there’s no collateral to back them up. This is one of the reasons why the interest rates may go high for a personal loan. At times, in the personal loan, you may also come across the term, “annual percentage rate”, which stands for the extra loan costs other than the principal balance. This number reflects the amount that you are going to submit with your interest.

The personal loan interest rates highly depend upon the credit score. The higher the credit score is, the lesser will be the interest rates. If you have a record of on-time payments, then your credit score will go high, ultimately lowering down the interest rate. In short, the higher the interest rate, the lesser will be the interest rate of your personal loan. Also, don’t forget about the debt-to-income ratio. In this case, the lower the DTI is, the lower would be the interest rate.

In case, you aren’t able to grab the lower interest rates, then you may apply with a potential co-applicant. The lender will go through the co-applicants repayment ability, annual income, DTI, etc. to determine the interest rate. Don’t forget that your co-applicant would be equally responsible for the repayment of the loan, in case you aren’t able to meet the deadlines.

How Personal Loans May Affect The Credit Score?

It’s important to look around for the lowest interest rate; however, the submission of applications to various lenders may bring a slight hit on your credit score. The best way to exclude multiple hard inquiries is through performing a comparison shop, within a short while, as that will lower down the impact. If within a matter of a few weeks only, the various hard inquiries occur, then some credit score models may count them as single events only.

If you are lucky, then you may get pre-approval; and, that may lead to very few inquiries, or in short, the process ends up becoming a lot easier. If you make a habit of making on-time payments for your personal loans then it can even improve the whole credit score. Though, if you fail to meet the deadlines, then the sweet credit score is definitely going to see a drop.

Factors to Look For When Considering Offers:

They below are;


Get to know about any and every kind of feed that’s out there. Find out how many fees the lender is going to charge in the name of prepayment penalties, late fees, origination fees for clearing the loan early.

Loan Term:

It’s basically how much duration or payment installments is going to take to clear off the loan amount. It’s simple, the shorter the period or installments are, the cheaper the APR will be.

Monthly Payment:

What’s your monthly salary? Will you be able to afford the monthly payments, and even meet the other debts, and necessary expenses?

Discounts Available:

If you take a loan from a financial institution where you already have an account, then you may expect the rate to go down.


It’s essential to know the personal loan interest rates before applying for a loan, and that’s why we recommend you to spend enough time among the lenders so that you can perform a good comparative analysis. More than knowing the interest rates that fit their credit profile, one must first ascertain whether or not they will be able to catch up with the monthly payments of the personal loan. Lastly, we just want to say that play with a personal loan in such a manner, so that there’s enough room for other financial needs that you may have to take in the future.

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What’s a Good Interest Rate for a Personal Loan?

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