Website outsourcing means that the Companies integrate and utilize the best external professional website construction team resources to carry out enterprise website outsourcing work, or outsource a certain website project of the enterprise, to reduce costs, improve efficiency, give full play to its core competitiveness and enhance A management model of the enterprise’s ability to adapt to the environment.

Here are the articles to explain, Website Outsourcing Companies Definitions and Concepts


The most popular forms of website outsourcing services include website construction outsourcing, website project outsourcing, website planning outsourcing, website maintenance outsourcing, webpage modification outsourcing, website development outsourcing, website promotion outsourcing, website hosting, etc.

Website outsourcing is a collective concept term, which includes many different contents and approaches, mainly summarized as website construction outsourcing, website revision outsourcing, and website maintenance outsourcing, and website maintenance outsourcing can also call website hosting.

Website outsourcing is outsourcing website projects that do not belong to one’s core competitiveness. In layman’s terms, it is to entrust others to do things that one cannot or cannot do well. Or that others can do better and cheaper. The concept of website outsourcing was put forward by recently.

It comes from such a view that enterprises should examine the operating results of enterprises from the perspective of the total cost. Rather than one-sidedly recruiting personnel to develop websites regardless of cost. The purpose of website outsourcing is to achieve the best Internet marketing effect through website design outsourcing. Thereby enhancing the performance of the entire company’s business.

Concept of companies outsourcing website management


The intensification of market competition has made focusing on one’s own core business one of the most important survival rules for an enterprise. Therefore, website outsourcing service has become an important commercial measure adopted by more and more enterprises due to their characteristics of effectively reducing costs and enhancing the core competitiveness of enterprises. Duroc, a famous American management scholar, once predicted. “Within ten to fifteen years, any work in any enterprise that only provides backstage support. But does not generate turnover should be outsourced”.


As a commercial website, no matter how the function is, the first thing to bear the brunt is the confidentiality of the source code

The second is the function. It is best to be able to formulate more detailed requirements. So that the signed contract is more likely to protect. The third is to maintain detailed maintenance rules for each function in the future. For example, in terms of functions, adding pages, changing pages, bugs, wait

It’s hard to talk about the operation. I don’t know the project size of your website.

On the one hand, there are editors according to authority–responsible for product management. Administrator–that is, you are responsible for reviewing orders. Customer service–responsible for online sales and after-sales service. Take care of yourself first

Advantages and risks of website outsourcing?

The advantages of website outsourcing are the saving of capital costs. The saving enterprise staff recruitment and training costs, and the saving of office locations.

Reduce the risks brought by emergencies, save daily operating expenses, and focus more on core services.

Risk: For many Internet companies or individuals, generally have the resources and capabilities to build websites. Such as domain name space, programming, and art design, and even SEO. In the process of website construction, the important role that cannot ignore is demanding analysis.

Demand analysis is to combine our idea with existing resources, and formulate a reasonable website production and promotion plan. And further, coordinate with outsourcers to complete website construction. In the outsourcing model, the job is generally performed by the personnel of the Internet company. At this time, the question arises. The essence of the Internet company is to serve more companies to obtain benefits, so will our idea copy?


Goal: To achieve profitability and grow stronger.

Direction: enhance the company’s brand and increase traffic.

  • Enhance the brand propose the company brand concept, establish a credit system, and obtain a good reputation.
  • Increase traffic increase user viscosity, often carrying out activities that meet the needs of website development and are popular with user groups, increase relevant articles on the website, increase search and access opportunities, and other advertisements or cooperation.
  • Obtaining effects obtaining actual sales effects such as product sales, online services, and door-to-door consultations through various online marketing methods.

Steps: Analyze the website positioning and profit model, optimize, and improve the website. Formulate a website operation and promotion plan, and manage and revise the website marketing.

Must Pass

In the face of the turbulent e-commerce market and frequent price wars, users are helpless in shopping choices, B2C companies burn money blindly, and the profit model is not clear. Therefore, e-commerce shopping guide websites can effectively improve the website as a bridge between users and B2C companies. User experience and e-commerce transaction conversion rate can also provide consumers with more convenience, which is quite important and indispensable.

But who can succeed depends on who can meet the individual needs of users, who can provide customers with an accurate marketing platform, and most importantly, who can truly have independent competitiveness? This independent competitiveness must be outside of external channel resources, not subject to others, not just looking at immediate interests, but having the vitality of long-term development.

An innovative operating model strives to enhance personalized user experience

Personalization is the key to e-commerce shopping guides and shopping searches. When a user has a relatively clear shopping demand, how to find the most suitable product in the shortest time among the complicated and chaotic product information is the most urgent need of each user. Therefore, to develop an e-commerce shopping guide website. It must focus on continuously improving the personalized user experience and strive to innovate the operating model.

Yin Rujie told reporters that Bang 5 Buy SNS version 3.0 will launch at the end of September. It will continue to develop personalized search technology and services, and further extend shopping search from a simple price comparison model to social sharing, shopping search, and social media. The shopping search mode satisfies consumers’ needs for rational search and emotional sharing and further strengthens the user experience based on shopping price comparison search.


Bang5buy SNS version 3.0 is determined to create a personalized social shopping search platform. By capturing the traces left by users browsing the Bang5buy website, real-time monitoring statistics and capturing users’ consumption habits, and then providing users with “guess” You like” and other personalized search results. Bang5may committed to improving user experience, starting with “shopping”. You can browse at will, search for price comparisons, check word-of-mouth of different brands, share beauty with friends, and use “Help 5 Buy Shopping Helper” plug-in until you find the product that suits you best.

An enterprise’s UI and functions may copy, but the technology cannot copy or surpass in the short term. Yin Rujie told the reporter that technological advantage is one of the core advantages of Bang5buy. Which also provides a pillar for the Bang5buy 3.0 version of personalized vertical search. B5Msoft, the parent company of B5Msoft, is a wholly-owned R&D subsidiary of WiseNut in Shanghai. A market leader in the Korean enterprise search engine industry and a major player in the keyword search advertising industry. 15 years of valuable experience in research and development of comparison shopping search engine technology in the US, Japan, Korea, and other markets, and perfected the localization application for the Chinese market in the past 4 years.

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