In This World – The Documentary Short Film

15-year-old Courvosier Cox knows he is destined to be a star. Struggling to find his place in the complex landscape of adolescence in the urban South, he undertakes a relentless quest to escape into the spotlight.

Update: In 2016, Courvosier Cox, 16, was arrested for over three dozen theft-related charges. In May 2017, he pled guilty to three felony charges and received a term of supervised probation + restitution.

Director/Cinematographer/Editor: Kelly Creedon

Original Score: Sam Beebe

Additional Camera: Gabriela Arp, Carter McCall + Callaghan O’Hare

Color and Sound Mix: Gary Kirk

Project Advisors: Chad Stevens, Laura Ruel + Ross Taylor

Awards: 2nd place, Documentary Journalism, Pictures of the Year International, Award of Excellence, Alexia Foundation


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