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The Rolling Mill

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What does it mean to be self-determining in America? And what does achieving the American Dream really feel like? Not everyone gets to answer that question for themselves, and some who do may take it for granted.

The Rolling Mill Short Films;

In Cumberland, Maryland, disappearing industry over the last 30 years has left the city economically depressed and half-deserted. The city’s new mayor has taken it upon himself to inspire a revitalization, and his plan starts with buying up homes in The Rolling Mill, a once vibrant neighborhood stricken by the same ills as the city. With every willing seller who leaves The Rolling Mill behind, the mayor’s plan to change Cumberland’s fortunes by building a new chain restaurant progresses. But as the face of the neighborhood they love changes so drastically, a steadfast group of long-time Rolling Mill residents has refused to relent to the city.

Director: Dillon M. Hayes

Cinematographer: Hayden Mason

Editor: Nico Bovat

Additional Editing: Dillon M. Hayes

Aerial Photography: Joe Bagatti

Composer: Coupler as Ryan Norris

Sound Mix: Matt Whitson

Titles: Noah Atkinson

Colorist: Carol Camp

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