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What is the Definition of Organizational Climate?


Definition of Organizational Climate: Organizational Climate (sometimes known as Corporate Climate) is the process of quantifying the “culture” of an organization. And, it precedes the notion of organizational culture. It is a set of properties of the work environment, perceived directly or indirectly by the employees. That is assuming a major force in influencing employee behavior. You’re learning, What is Definition of Organizational Climate? with Meaning, The Concept of Organizational Climate!

What is the Definition of Organizational Climate? with Meaning!

What does Organizational Climate mean? Organizational climate is a concept that has academic meaning in the fields of Organizational Behavior, and I/O Psychology, as well as practical meaning in the business world There, is continued the scholarly debate about the exact definition of organizational climate for the purposes of scientific study.

Climate and culture are both important aspects of the overall context, environment or situation. 

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“Properties of the business environment in a workplace observed by staff that strongly influence their actions and job performance. For example, a perceptive business manager might take the trouble to survey employees about. The organizational climate to identify and promote those aspects that are most conducive to achieving corporate objectives. Also called corporate climate.”

Meaning of Organizational Climate!

Before understanding the meaning of organizational climate, we must first understand the concept of climate. 

“Climate in the natural sense is referred to as the average course or condition of the weather at a place over a period of years as exhibited by temperature, wind, velocity, and precipitation.”

However, it is quite difficult to define organizational climate incorporating the characteristics of natural climate. This is so because the most frustrating feature of an attempt to deal with situational variables in a model of management performance is the enormous complexity of the management itself. How Do You Know Your Company Wants Help From The Outside? People have defined organizational climate on the basis of its potential properties. The climate of an organization is somewhat like the personality of a person.

Just as every individual has a personality that makes him unique and different from other persons. Each organization has an organizational climate that clearly distinguishes it from other organizations. Basically, the organizational climate reflects a person’s perception of the organization to which he belongs.

It is a set of unique characteristics and features that are perceived by the employees about their organizations which serves as a major force in influencing their behavior. Thus, an organizational climate in a broad sense can be understood as the social setting of the organization. A few important definitions are as given below.

Definition of Organizational Climate!

According to Forehand and Gilmer,

“Climate consists of a set of characteristics that describe an organization. Distinguish it from other organizations are relatively enduring over time and influence the behavior of people in it.”

According to Campbell,

“Organizational climate can define as a set of attributes specific to a particular organization that may be induced from the way. That organization deals with its members and their environment. For the individual members of the organization, climate takes the form of a set of attitudes and experiences. Which describe the organization in terms of both static characteristics (such as the degree of autonomy) and behavior outcome and outcome- outcome contingencies.”

Thus, organizational climate is a relatively enduring quality of the internal environment that is experienced by its members, influences their behavior and can be described in terms of the value of a particular set of characteristics of the organization. How to Learn of Hone Your Ability to Concentrate? 

It may be possible to have as many climates as there are people in the organization when considered collectively, the actions of the individuals become more meaningful for viewing the total impact upon the climate and determining the stability of the work environment. The climate should view from a total system perspective. While there may be differences in climates within departments. These will integrate to a certain extent to denote overall organizational climate.

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What is the Definition of Organizational Climate?
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