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Buying Inverter Batteries Online Tips and Guide

Buying Inverter Batteries Online Tips and Guide for Home InverGel_Battery Image

Buying inverter batteries for your Home, Online Tips, and Guide; In the hot and sweaty summer season, maintaining your inverter and getting new inverter batteries is crucial. When you think about getting inverter batteries, you first think of going to the store or a mall to explore. But with the inconsistency of the environment around us, most people have resorted to online modes of shopping for their needs.

Here Are Your Tips for Buying Inverter Batteries Online This Year for your Home!

Buying inverter batteries for your home is an investment. However, when bought after due research, they can go a long way. When you buy batteries online, it is important to check every feature and specification. As you cannot physically see it or test it, you should know everything about the product you are about to purchase. This helps you to make informed decisions.

Basics of top inverter batteries by Luminous
Basics of top inverter batteries by Luminous; Image LM_18075.

We have prepared this guide for you with some tips to help you understand how to shop online for inverter batteries this year. So, without any further delay, let’s begin!

Understand Your Power Requirement;

To buy inverter batteries online, you need to know exactly the power requirement for your house or office. The requirement determines by the duration of the backup power supply needed and the load it should handle. The power denotes by Ah (Ampere Hour) rating.

There are online load calculators present to help you understand load requirements easily.

Types of Batteries;

There are different types of inverter batteries for different functions. Therefore, some can be higher in prices as compared to others. Some of the types of inverter batteries that are available in the market mention below:

Flat plate batteries;

Flat plate batteries are lead-acid batteries that recommend for short but recurring power cuts. As they are smaller batteries, they get charged faster and without any hassle. They are cheaper as compared to other batteries but also have a shorter life span.

Tubular Batteries;

Tubular batteries are also a kind of lead-acid inverter battery. These are bigger batteries that advise for longer but less frequent power cuts. On the other hand, they are slightly costlier as they require less maintenance and usually come with a longer warranty period. They are also further classified into short and long tubular batteries for different uses.

Gel Batteries;

Gel batteries give a longer and reliable power backup system than lead-acid batteries. They are more consistent and come at a higher price as compared to other batteries. They are extremely environment friendly and give great returns in the long term.

Looking Out for Price Structure and Warranty;

When buying new inverter batteries, it is imperative to understand the warranty period of the product. A warranty period is essentially a period where the customer can avail free of cost servicing or maintenance and repairs on the purchased product. This package includes the price when the battery purchase. Therefore, a higher inverter battery price indicates a good warranty period deal included in it.


Finally, the most important thing to keep in mind when buying inverter batteries is the brand. You should always buy batteries from a reputed and verified seller who specializes in a particular field. Unfortunately, local brands sometimes try to sell you batteries at very low prices. These may indicate false, misleading, substandard, or broken products. So, to avoid this, it is important to only shop from trusted brands.

Batteries are a big investment for your home and should be bought after carefully considering all aspects. If the purchase makes correctly, it can last a long time. Brands like Luminous have trusted professionals who deal in inverter batteries and provide a great range of batteries to fit everyone’s needs. So, head on to their website now!

Buying Inverter Batteries Online Tips and Guide for Home InverGel_Battery Image
Buying Inverter Batteries Online Tips and Guide for Home; Image InverGel_Battery.
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