The article Discussion of Business Management and Administration in Enterprise Management Essay. With the continuous development of the economy, the development of some enterprises has fallen into stagnation. To ensure the normal operation of enterprises, it is very important to adopt business management. For the role of business administration, by using modern management methods and means. To carry out effective enterprise management and business decisions, to ensure the survival and development of enterprises. To ensure that the business administration of an enterprise can operate normally, it is necessary to improve. Its system ensures that business administration plays a normal function and role in the entire enterprise development system.

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The advent of the 21st century has made the process of global economic integration faster. In this case, it is both an opportunity and a challenge for technology companies. So how do continuously develop products and transform technological achievements? And then form core competitiveness, these problems are inevitable when enterprises are developing. For the good operation of the enterprise, the implementation of business management is a necessary step to promote. The important role of management functions in the development of the enterprise.

What are business management and business management?

In the process of enterprise development, business management is very important content. It is not only limited to managing the operation of the enterprise. But also can help optimize the internal management of the enterprise and improve its competitiveness of the enterprise.

These are the contents of business management, and some Compared with majors, business administration has very strong professionalism. The combination of business administration in management is a necessary condition for improving management ability and control ability. It can establish an effective management method and help enterprises develop efficiently in the early stage.

The essence of business management is economics and administration. And it combines other methods in management methods to provide constructive suggestions to help companies improve their competitiveness. In general, business administration has rich connotations, is related to many departments within an enterprise, and is a part of an enterprise that cannot be ignored.

Why do business administration and business management?

Understand the current situation of the enterprise

To ensure that the enterprise can develop rapidly in the increasingly competitive market. It is necessary to have a strict and reasonable management method. This management method can help the internal leaders of the enterprise to grasp the development status of the enterprise and analyze the current social form. To propose a direction that is more conducive to the development of the enterprise. The adoption of business administration can better improve the enterprise model. And help the enterprise development in a more favorable direction in the market competition. Also, you may like the ERP system in Financial Management Essay.

Helping enterprises to do their work

Today, with the continuous development of science and technology. The competition in the market is becoming more and more fierce, and the management methods of enterprises have also changed. To create more profits, the previous enterprises would squeeze the labor force of their employees, and there was no work efficiency. If it can develop better, it is necessary to change the previous working method and use a better business management method to improve the work efficiency of the enterprise and reduce the extra expenditure of the enterprise.

When using the business management method, the enterprise should also pay attention to whether it is compatible with the company’s system. Moreover, with the continuous development of my country’s economy today, many industries are developing rapidly. Which also drives the continuous development of my country’s economy. To allow enterprises to have a better foothold and promote development, It is necessary to adopt a change in business administration. To better realize the development of the enterprise itself.

In the process of development, we must pay attention to the importance of science and technology. It is not enough to use business management methods only by relying on manpower. It is also necessary to apply the latest science and technology so that work efficiency can be greatly improved. And the cost of using labor for enterprises can be reduced. Promote the construction of modernization and ensure the prosperity and development of the social economy.

Improve the competitiveness of enterprises

Enterprises can improve their competitiveness, not just by shouting slogans. They need the cooperation of employees within the enterprise. And they must also adopt healthy competition internally to improve their capabilities. When employees complete a task, they get not only monetary rewards, but also the improvement of their abilities. In the environment of society, everyone must compete fairly to get what they want. Internal healthy competition can make the environment of the enterprise harmonious and improve the overall level, to gain an advantage in future competition.

The status quo of business administration and business management in enterprises

The enterprise does not use a compliant business management system

Business management first appeared in a capitalist society, and some of its management methods are in line with capitalism. But some enterprises in our country have not changed when they use business administration. Which will lead to some non-compliance with national laws and regulations. Some regulations have caused conflicts between employees and enterprises.

The management method is not perfect

Generally speaking, business administration still needs employees to implement it. It is very important to build a people-oriented business administration model. It is all employees of the enterprise that need to be managed, not just the elites in the enterprise. Only the progress of all employees can drive the enterprise. great development.

It is correct that companies hope to create more profits, but the realization of distribution according to work is the basis for companies to adhere to, and respect the labor results of every employee, and some companies ignore the importance of management methods to develop, resulting in The enthusiasm of employees is not high, and naturally, there is no labor efficiency at all.

The quality of employees is not high

A good business management system also needs the cooperation of employees. Employees must understand the requirements of leaders in their daily work, and they must correct problems in time. This is what enterprises need to pay special attention to when recruiting. When managing, let employees Continuously receive training in business administration knowledge and improve the quality of employees, so that it will be more convenient for business administration.

How to better implement the role of business management in the enterprise

Using technological innovation to improve business management

In the current enterprise development, technological innovation is the source of the enterprise, which can greatly enhance the comprehensive strength of the enterprise. At the same time, it can be applied to business administration to help the further improvement and use of management concepts. In the process of using technological innovation to help enterprises in business management, they can refer to the advanced concepts of Western countries, and enterprises themselves can also study relevant materials, and strengthen the business management awareness of enterprise managers from the perspective of cultivating talents.

To take business management as daily work, regularly carry out employees to learn the knowledge of business administration, improve the sense of responsibility of managers, and use this method to improve the combination of science and technology and business administration. It is necessary to attach importance to the establishment of an incentive mechanism to ensure the long-term development of scientific research and provide scientific guarantees for enterprises.

Carry out the training of enterprise personnel

After the start-up stage, the company enters the growth stage, everything is constantly developing, and the scale and business scope of the company itself will be further expanded. Then there will be many problems in the management of the enterprise. To develop better, the enterprise needs to improve the administration of various departments, integrate the business administration team, and pay attention to the development of new products.

The new problem that has arisen is the employees of the enterprise. In the long-term business management, it is found that if an enterprise wants to develop well, it must carry out business administration, and use business management to better handle the relationship between employees. The foundation of development, and excellent employees are also the driving force for the continuous development of enterprises.

For the development of the enterprise, the human resources department must manage the employee relationship well, understand the requirements of each employee, and let the employees have their sense of ownership, to better inject a steady stream of power into the growth of the enterprise. The environment is changing, and companies are constantly developing, so they also need employees to grow. Now is the era of a globalized economy, and the market competition is very fierce.

In this case, enterprises need to have better adaptability. Nowadays, enterprises are increasingly in need of talent, but it is not enough to attract talents with generous salaries. It is more important to have a clear career development direction and to use business administration to provide employees with a good growth environment. It reflects the importance of business management in enterprise development.

Apply more advanced management concepts

In the use of business administration, the effectiveness of using capital to operate will have a profound impact on the enterprise. The most important attribute of capital in the market is circulation. Only in the process of circulation can the maximization of capital value be reflected. To better promote the circulation of capital, enterprises can help enterprises to better add value through technological change or change the operation and management mode, and then use the created value to help enterprises realize business administration.

Moreover, enterprises can also use the available resources of society to help development, such as financing in a proper range, to help enterprises obtain more complete capital guarantees. In business management, capital is very important and provides a solid foundation for enterprise development.

Enterprise in-depth business management concept

In management, people-oriented. The development and improvement of an enterprise are inseparable from the efforts of every employee. Business management is simply the management of enterprise employees. The implementation of people-oriented management is the basis of the business management concept. , develop management awareness, and transform the previous management concept into innovative development thinking in the new era. In this way, it will promote the employees of the enterprise to not passively accept but actively learn business management knowledge, and continuously deepen and improve business administration to create every value of an employee, to better meet the business requirements of the enterprise.


For the development of enterprises, the implementation of business management is very important. In the current increasingly fierce market competition, many enterprises need to change their business methods at the right time to be more conducive to their development. It needs the help of business administration to better ensure the operation of the enterprise.

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