Learning Spanish onlinehas never been easier! But there are so many different learning options out there, from Spanish podcasts to Spanish apps. Where are you supposed to start?

Do you want to learning Spanish online?

To help you find your way in the world of online learning, we have written the ultimate guide to learning Spanish online for you!

Why learn Spanish online?

Traditional classroom instruction is a very effective method of learning the language, especially in Spanish-speaking countries. But not everyone has the time to attend such a Spanish course. There are so many different options online that you can now learn almost everything from the comfort of your own home.

The Ultimate Guide to Learning Spanish Online Image
The Ultimate Guide to Learning Spanish Online

Besides being a very convenient option to learn Spanish, you can adapt it to your learning style and needs. Would you like to improve your listening comprehension? Try podcasts. Would you like to improve your thinking skills? Try apps and games. Would you like to work on your expression and conversational skills? Online courses and tutoring are your tickets to the Spanish-speaking world. No matter how you learn, you will find a suitable solution for everything.

What’s the best way to learn Spanish online?

Don’t make the mistake and only use one of the options mentioned to learn Spanish online,combine the offers. Use a website or course as your main learning source and a choice of other platforms to learn in different ways.

If you’re looking for an efficient option to use on your commute, you should try an app. Sometimes it’s better not to set the goals too high, so you can achieve them. Even if you only learn 5 words a day, that‘s 1,825 words for the whole yearand that’s an optimal basis for learning a language.

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive option, consider opting for a paid platform or course.All of the platforms we recommend here offer you a wide range of learning materials and courses so you can progress from beginner to pro. Online Spanish courses also offer you personal contact with the teacher and individual feedback.

Learn Spanish with websites

It may not be as traditional as studying in a library with books, pen, and paper, but using websites has become a common way of learning Spanish. There are endless possibilities. To get the most out of theseSpanish learning online websites, choose the ones that help you work on specific skills. For grammar practice, Curso De Español is a good and free option. They provide you with over 500 DIN A4 worksheets. For example, for vocabulary practice, you could try “BUSUU”. The visual material in the form of images is displayed here in addition to the new vocabulary so that you can expand your vocabulary faster.

However, if you are looking for a comprehensive learning method, it is better to go for a website that offers complete Spanish courses. Of course, the aforementionedfree optionscan be helpful, but if you want to master the language, a properly structured course is the ideal option.

Learn Spanish with apps

Your motto is: Learning by doing?Then you should learn more interactive Spanish.

Apps are the perfect way to fitSpanishinto a busy schedule. 10 minutes a day are enough and we guarantee you: your ambition will be awakened.

Also, apps are a great option for those who are on a budget as some of the best apps like Duolingo and Memrise arefree.

It’s unlikely that a language learning app will take you from beginner to pro, but it’s a great way to learn regularly in a limited amount of time.

We recommend these apps:

  • Duolingo– the undisputed champion of language learning apps. It is the most downloaded educational app and is used by over 200 million users every day. It’s an app that makes the learning process fun: the more you use this app, the more “lingots” (Duolingo currency) you get. This unlocks additional lessons and outfits for your character.
  • Memrise– the space style app. The playful design makes learning child’s play! Do you want to focus on your vocabulary? Then it’s the right thing for you! Another useful feature: you can learn different types of Spanish. Whether you want to go to Mexico or Madrid, with this app you are well prepared because you can learn the Spanish variation you need.
  • Babbel– the paid premium app that focuses on a long-term learning process. You might even use the app more often if you pay for it. Among the paid apps, this one definitely offers the best learning methods from beginner to pro.

Sum Up

The above-mentioned hacks are motivational and enjoyable to learn Spanish but to be very honest it does not work if you are not a master of Spanish. We should go through Spanish storytelling and take Spanish classes with native Spanish speakers to be fluent in Spanish.

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