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Tesla Motors Case Study: Environmental, Strategic, and Decline

Tesla Motors Case Study Environmental Strategic and Decline Image

Tesla Motors is a pioneering company that was established in 2003 by a group of innovative and driven engineers. For years electric cars had a taint for being worse than stuffy gas-powered vehicles. The general public believed that a high-quality electric car could not happen. This is where Tesla tread in, the firm quickly went to work crafting a high-end electric car and liberated the revolutionary Roadster sports car.

Tesla Motors Case Study: Strategic;

1. Just thing Which PESTEL causes are the most salient for the electric car segment for the vehicle industry? does one see a future for electric vehicles within the United States?

First Argument:

Many PESTEL factors play a key role within the electric vehicle segment for the electric car industry. After going over the articles in our textbook, Essentials of Strategic Management, and therefore the Tesla Motors case study I consider technology and environment to face out from the PESTEL causes for the electrical car market in the vehicle industry. Technology may be a big factor because this is often a replacement forefront for the vehicle industry and once you have limited suppliers that make electric batteries it raises the worth for the general vehicle and limits profit potential for the corporate.

With electric cars being new technology the sole thanks to keeping them charged are to possess charging stations which limited; but, as time passes I do see more of those shooting up around Oklahoma City and Edmond; one of the most reasons for this technology is to assist reduce CO2 emissions and help our planet.

Second Argument:

Environmental factors are important for the electrical car segment due to what I stated above; it’ll help protect our planet from the harmful impact humans make on a day today; the necessity for this new electric is significant to the environment; and, helps reduce the extent of emissions into the atmosphere which limits greenhouse gases.

The more popular electric vehicles become the more options there’ll be and therefore the prices will start to become cheaper for the “everyday” citizen of the planet and won’t just be luxury vehicles, which I do know maybe a goal for the founder and CEO, Elon Musk. I might say electric vehicles are only getting to get more fashionable the planet becoming more environmentally aware. Money spends on research and development; and, other people want to greener. Technology has dramatically evolved, just within the last 20 years even; and, there’s more information which will share because of this technology. I think Tesla is simply the start of a replacement era of engineering for the electric vehicle industry.

2. Using the five forces model, what implications can we derive for a way Tesla Motors should compete within the U.S. car industry? What would be your top three pleadings for Elon Musk?


For Tesla to be competitive long-term they have to effectively address the external factors that are working against them. I even have seen a few Tesla models in Oklahoma, but I see a Ford or Chevy vehicle a day. Brand awareness goes to be an enormous factor that Tesla will need to address because not they’re a more modern company and when people believe buying a replacement car they’re rarely the primary brand on a persons’ mind; the most focus of theirs should get on technological progress and use their profits to fund further investigation and evolution.

They need to begin with more models of Tesla’s; but, if the technology is attainable to form the parts cheaper they might make different models at cheaper prices; and, that I guarantee there would be tons more Tesla’s on the road; even within the oil and gas state of Oklahoma. I might not surprise if Elon Musk is developing his own lithium batteries for his vehicles so he doesn’t need to believe a supplier.

Tesla Motors Case Study Environmental Strategic and Decline Image
Tesla Motors Case Study: Environmental, Strategic, and Decline; Image from Online.
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