OUR CITY: A Documentary Short Films by Exploredinary

A documentary following LA photographers as they make photos around the city in preparation for the 2nd-annual Film Photographic show ‘OUR CITY’, which was held 7/29/17 in downtown Los Angeles at Contact Photo Lab.

@filmphotographic is an Instagram film community gallery and resource page founded by Jason Lee, who produced this film with Daniel Driensky and Sarah Reyes.

Filmed and Edited by Sarah Reyes and Daniel Driensky

Produced by: Sarah Reyes, Daniel Driensky, and Jason Lee

Executive Producers: Letitia Younger and Dustin Beatty

Original Score: Richard Carpenter and Bobak Lotfipour

With Support of Our/Los Angeles, Film Photographic, Contact Lab, and Ilford Photo

Photographers Featured: Ray Molinar, Stefanie Vinsel, Jason Lee, Matt Draper, Eric Bouvet, Ryan Akerberg, Clarke Tolton, Ty Williams, Alex Schmidt, Chris McElrath from Contact Lab, Armand Kohandani, Matt Burt, Greg Hunt, Amber Chavez, Bryce Laurino, Dan Monick, Mikael Kennedy, Cinthya Guillen

OUR CITY A Documentary Short Films by Exploredinary

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