The SkillShare Affiliate Marketing Course Program. Earning 40% commission, up to $67 is a great opportunity for content writers like me who publish educational content. In the world of Affiliate Marketing, one of the best affiliate programs is theSkillshare Affiliate program. It is also known as one of the best and high-paying CPA offers. As it is giving you a lead commission along with the sale commission.

Here are the articles to explain, Why did I Join the SkillShare Affiliate Marketing Course Program?

Many people list their courses on skillshare and these courses stand purchased by those people who want to learn that course. So as I have a website promoting education content then it’s the best opportunity for me and others who are in the same niche.

How did I become a SkillShare partner?

Skillshare’s affiliate program is free to join for anybody that has at least one demonstrated channel and audience that aligned with Skillshare’s brand. I am having a website where I can promote their courses. I clicked on “Join For Free” and then I provided all the required details for signing up. After that, I got an email from them that I have been approved as an affiliate of SkillShare. I also got a unique tracking link that I am using to share Skillshare links on my educational website. They require that all affiliates must create an account through Impact and also have a free Skillshare account.

What’s My Niche?

I am a content writer and I have a website about education-related content. I went through the SkillShare Affiliate Program where I can share the courses offered by them on my website and earn a commission on each new customer that starts their paid membership. It will also help others to learn skills plus I can also earn great commissions.

How I come across the site I found it on

I was just searching for great affiliate programs for my educational websites so I came across this website called where there are a lot of affiliate program details and one can easily get the idea about joining the program of their niche. I read their post about the SkillShare affiliate program which I found very interesting so I joined this Affiliate Program as an educational content writer to share their courses and earn commissions using my website.


In this article, I shared my journey of joining the SkillShare affiliate program as an educational content writer. I shared the reasons that pushed me to join this great affiliate program and the steps for joining this program.

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