PL 900 exam is needed to get the Microsoft certified power platform fundamentals certification. By passing this exam, the candidate will learn to increase productivity by automating business methods and working more efficiently by developing simple app experiences. PL 900 is designed that spans the gap between technical proficiency and non-technical first-tier users.

Here are the articles to explain, how hard is the Microsoft Certification of PL 900 Exam!

With Microsoft pl 900 exam certification, professionals can quickly boost their chances for better career opportunities.

PL-900 exam details

Microsoft PL-900 consists of case studies, multiple-choice, short answers, mark review, etc. It is better to complete case study questions first because they are the most time-consuming ones. Next, the candidate can go for short answers followed by multiple-choice.

The examination duration is of 60 minutes, so manage your time wisely. The examination results are reported as a score from 100-1000, with a minimum passing score of 700. Also, Select the language of your preference, as this certification exam is available in English only.

Below are the study tips to follow to ace the Pl-900 test on the first attempt:

Check out the Microsoft official webpage.

The Microsoft official webpage is the first place to visit while preparing forPL 900. There, candidates will get to know the essential details such as the registration process, cost, and policies. The candidate can also navigate the platform to find valuable resources that will help them pass the test.

Master the exam objectives

Before taking any certification, the candidate needs to know what it covers. To confidently prepare to face the exam, the candidate should cover every practice test. Also, the topics can be downloaded directly from the official exam webpage.

Register for the training course

Microsoft offers two training options: a free self-paced learning module and a paid instructor-led course. The candidates can choose the training format based on their budget and schedule preference. The training will provide step-to-step coverage of the exam’s knowledge areas, ensuring that candidate is fully prepared when the time comes.

The course will cover all the necessary areas of the exam and enough practice for taking the exam. Also, Experts design these training to help candidates experience real-life scenarios.

Join the Microsoft Community

By joining the online Microsoft pl 900 professional community, candidates can get plenty of benefits. These online forums are comparable to resourceful libraries, giving the direct ticket to certification exam success. It also helps to share and learn new skills required for the pl-900 exam. There will be other professionals who will share their experiences and tricks to motivate others to get success in the exam. There are study groups where candidates can discuss the concepts with people with the same goal.

Practice a lot

By practicing authentic mock exams, the candidates will align with the exam testing protocols, patterns and policies. Practice will help them to identify and fill the existing knowledge gaps in the process. Also, practicing the authentic Microsoft Pl-900 practice test questions creates a solid foundation for improving memorization skills. Ultimately will make candidates motivated to face the actual pl-900 exam. This will boost the confidence and awareness of the preparation’s weak portions that require more focus.

Additional tips for Pl-900:

Find a good and quiet place

Sitting in a crowded place is not a good idea for studying. Likewise, Locate some peaceful place for the pl-900 exam preparation with all the resources handy.

Take small break

Taking a break will refresh the memory and concentration while preparing for the exam. Avoid disturbances so that candidates can only focus on the task of preparing for the Pl-900 exam.

Avoid social media

Candidates should avoid sleepless nights socializing with the world. Once the exam is passed, social media can be used to tell a success story.

Stay motivated

Candidates should always find a way to stay motivated. To stay motivated, always do the things that make them happy.

Skills Acquired

Below are the skills candidates will learn in this examination:

  • Power platform components such as power apps, power BI, common data service(CDS), connectors, and AI builder
  • Cross cloud scenarios with representation acrossMicrosoft 365, Dynamics 365, Azure, and also third-party services
  • Identify capabilities and benefits of the power platform
  • Basic business value power platform components
  • Also, Implement simple solutions with Power BI, AI builder, and Microsoft Automate
  • To create a basic app in a no-code environment


The Microsoft power platform fundamentals certification is for candidates willing to build their careers in the Microsoft power platform domain. The pl-900 exam verifies that the candidate has the fundamental knowledge and skills in Microsoft power platform fundamentals. This will help accelerate career opportunities and also build new use cases for the future. A candidate can easily pass the pl-900 examination with the right amount of hard work. Being an IT professional, if a candidate wants to enhance his skills using the power platform, the PL-900 is the best certification.

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How hard is the Microsoft Certification PL 900 Exam? How to Get Microsoft Certification?
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