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10 Reasons Why You’re Failing at Life?

10 Reasons Why You're Failing at Life?

10 Reasons Why You’re Failing at Life?

Failing at Life – As we continue further, I want you to realize that there are a number of things that we are doing wrong which may not seem serious, but they are ultimately hurting our lives in more ways than some. Read up! 

  • You Don’t Culture Yourself

How often are you taking the time to study the world around you? There are thousands of different languages, hundreds of different restaurants, and art spewing from every far corner of every city. There is much that can come from the world around you. One might say that the only way anyone can become truly cultured is if they physically surround themselves with that culture. While this makes sense, there are many other ways to fulfill that need without having to go a couple thousand miles outside of the country. There is Google, Wikipedia, Netflix documentaries, and so much more that can shape you and create a masterpiece. All you have to do is step outside of the box and you will see the opportunities that lie ahead.

  • You Are Not Writing Down Your Ideas

Are you coming up with ideas at random? Do you ever write them down? You should always write down your ideas no matter how silly they may be. You may not be able to map them out just yet, but maybe in a few years it will be able to happen. Write down those dreams and soon enough they will become reality. Don’t sleep on the idea. I use to pretend as if I had the perfect memory and that I could forget nothing and soon enough, I saw that all of my good ideas were going by the wayside because I wasn’t writing them down. Don’t be that guy/girl who never writes their ideas down. Start doing it and see where you get after a year or two. After a while something will be a hit. Then the games will begin.

  • You Forgot About Giving Back

I guess you had this silly notion that you got to where you are without a little help. You thought for a split second that you were controlling the stars and the planets, and you put yourself in the alignment and out of the explosion came YOU. Giving back is one of the most important things you can do. Helping the homeless, family members, a brother or a sister could be that means of giving back.

I am sure some of you may be reading this and thinking “Well, I do most of this stuff… I guess I am not failing.” Wrong! If you think because you do the bare minimum that you have done enough, then you have fooled yourself. There is much more that can be done and more to be done with the talents that you have. Giving back to others that are in need isn’t just something “cool” to do. It is, and should be, one of your many purposes of living.

  • Negative People Surround You

Negative people have woven themselves into the very fiber of your existence. These so-called “Friends” aren’t the friends you saw on that 90’s sitcom show. Those were FRIENDS. What you have around you are a bunch of negative and tired individuals who need prayer and examination. IF this doesn’t apply to you then I suggest you move on, but before you go, here are a few other thoughts: What are you to your friends? Are you that negative one?  Are you the one bringing the people around you down? Here is the moment of clarity and honesty that you have been waiting for – if you are NOT the culprit then I suggest that you find new friends. If anything can done, pray for the older friends to find that purpose and that place in life for themselves as well.

  • Your Priorities Are Out of Order

Your time and energy are not being spent on the right things and/or the right people. The people who truly care for you are being overlook. The things that are truly important are being place in the passenger seat, possibly even in the back seat or EVEN, the trunk. If the priorities aren’t squared up with the mission that your life is pillared upon, then you can kiss any thought of “success” goodbye. This is where writing out goals comes into place and where good friends, family, teachers, and any other important people in your life have to keep you in check. Just as much as we need to get by, so do you.

  • You Stopped WRITING

Why have you stopped challenging the brain and all its thinking? The concept of writing is an expression of form and design meeting those faint blue lines, and yet you ignore them. You have now trapped yourself in the Alcatraz of Internet puns and one liners. Your entire life can now be summed up in a few mimes. You have brought this on yourself but the great thing is that you are not too late, You can begin writing letters to those you love and others who you may care about deeply, You may now physically cross your T’s and DOT your I’s.

Through writing, we become better individuals. You once expressed yourself and gave your thoughts a chance to play. When you grew tired, you rested and then picked back up where you left off the next day. Try writing at least once or twice a week. Even if the letter never goes out to anyone, at least you will be pushing the brain to do all that it once did when you were a little child.

  • You Need to Start Forgiving

10 Reasons Why You're Failing at Life - Don't Give Up!

You are holding on to pain and torment and you have been doing this for years now. This is only a quicker way to destroy the goodness that is on the inside of your heart. By forgiving, we get a second to remember the time when a certain individual forgave us and then gave His life up for us. Everyone is having it tough but everyone isn’t letting their lack of forgiveness shape their entire world.

  • You Are Not Being Kind to Others

You never know when a random act of kindness could change the world. Whether it is a friend, stranger, or family member. All of these individuals deserve kindness. If we were all a little bit kinder to our friends and the world around us, we would be in an entirely different place. When you are kind to others, perform the act with no want or no benefits behind it.

  • You are Not Networking

We all know it’s not about what you know, it is about who you know. While we know this is important we forget about it all the time. There are organizations in each and every city that promote networking and getting involved with the community but we rarely use these opportunities. We let work and life drain us, and we never advance like we should. Some examples include groups such as the NAACP, National Urban League, the church (which is a great place to network with a variety of people), local community events and so on and so forth. With networking happening, you should definitely have business cards in place. Even if it is something general.

Vistaprint is a great place to get a few business cards and Moo Cards is awesome as well. Also, every profession has a club or social group outside of its place of employment. Find those groups and see how you can get active with them or contribute to the cause. Lastly, we don’t stay in touch with the friends we have. Sometimes all it takes is someone to hear you say, “Yeah, I am looking for a job…” and all of a sudden they may know someone who can help you. Conferences, conventions and so many more things happen each and every day. It is time to start getting active! Network builds your net worth!

  • You are Forgetting to Pray

This is one of those personal struggles of mine. I get so tiring and so wrapped up in my feelings, my problems and my life that I tend to forget about who controls it all. I forget about who is the master and who is in charge. A simple prayer could shape and change the lives of the world around us. I could continue to go on and on with this one, but I think it says it all. A hip-hop rapper I am close with said this: “You should pray more… it just makes sense, but all you want is dollars and that just don’t make cents.” I think that this is where I digress. Time to improve and make a change. Unless you want to continue failing because that is cool as well.

Dear Learner! What do you think about 10 Reasons Why You’re Failing at Life? Be Your Extraordinary SelfReinvent Yourself..!

10 Reasons Why You're Failing at Life?

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