Here are Premium WordPress Plugins WPMU DEV SmartCrawl Pro!

Boost your PageRank and drive more traffic to your site with little effort and simple configuration tools. SmartCrawl is everything you need for fast powerful WordPress SEO that works – one-click setup, keyword auto-linking, sitemap generator, improved social sharing, content analyzer and regular scans and reports. 

SmartCrawl Pro, by SEO definition (Search engine optimization is the process of affecting the online visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine’s unpaid results—often referred to as “natural”, “organic”, or “earned” results.) is a best seo of WordPress Plugins. Blogger didn’t need to do more expending time for SEO performce 100 of 100 or any best scores of Your Website. Also, read it WPMU DEV Hummingbird, Smush Pro. 

Get WPMU Dev SmartCrawl Pro Premium

Put your WordPress SEO strategy to work with SmartCrawl. Create clear, bold, targeted content and rank on top Google search with SmartCrawl.
Get more traffic to your site, boost your PageRank and grow your business. Rank higher on your favorite browser from Google to Bing and Firefox to Safari with SmartCrawl – a better way to optimize your site.

Why Try SmartCrawl Pro today! 

Send sitemap updates to search engines, Exclude content from being crawled, Add custom descriptions and titles, Auto link keywords to any URL, Automated sitemap creation, Built-in Moz integration.

Benifits of Smarter WordPress SEO

SmartCrawl includes only the most effective proven methods of optimization for high impact results with as little setup as possible.

  • SEO Checkup: Schedule Checkup to scan, analyze and send regular SEO reports.
  • Title & Meta: Customize how titles and descriptions display on search pages.
  • Social Power Up: Connect social accounts to get full-credit from shared content.
  • Page Analyzer: Quick setup with one-click scan, analyze and activate.
  • Automatic Linking: Link keywords with similar post and page content on your site.
  • 301 Redirect: Easily redirect the traffic from one URL to another.
  • Moz Integration: Sync Moz reports comparison analysis including rank and links.
  • Import/Export: Move your SmartCrawl settings to any site for quick setup.
  • Hub SEO: Get an overview of the SEO for all your sites from one place with the Hub.
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What to Do? How to Do? Using of SmartCrawl

  • One-click Setup

SmartCrawl Quick Setup
SEO doesn’t have to be hard! SmartCrawl optimizes your site with a click and makes it easy to tweak and customize with loads of pro tips for reaching more users.

  • Win Visitors with Better Titles, Descriptions and Keywords

When your content pops up on a search engine you only get a few words to make sure it stands out. Take control with custom titles, descriptions and keywords for your posts and pages.

  • Connected Social Sharing

Customize the look of your social posts with OpenGraph. Connect your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Google+, Youtube and profiles so search engines give you credit when your web content is shared.

  • Automatic Keyword Linking

Build backlinks, share affiliate content and improve navigation with automatic keyword linking. Automatically link keywords to pages or posts on your site or to other related content across the web.

  • Page Analyzer

Set a keyword and SmartCrawl will provide recommendations for improving page content. Plus, SmartCrawl can analyze readability so you can push more relevant content (it’s very smart!).

  • Do More With Moz

Link your free or pro Moz account and get reports delivered directly to your dashboard. Connect and track how your site stands up against the competition with ranking, links and authority stats.

  • Keep Authority with Redirect

Moving a post, updating content or optimizing your links? Take advantage of your page authority. Use 301 Redirect to keep traffic flowing when moving content from one URL to another.

  • More User Control

Take control of your SEO strategy. Limit SmartCrawl controls of the in-page and in-post content editor, viewing permissions for Moz reports, and 301 link redirects for specific user types.

  • Share Your Custom Setting

Quickly implement your custom SEO configuration on new sites with Import/Export. Get an overview of SEO across all of sites from the Hub. The more sites you add the more you save!

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What are SmartCrawl Pro Features?

Make it easier for search engines to find your content.

  • Simple guided settings
  • Offer SEO options by user role
  • Direct interaction with Google
  • Direct interaction with Bing
  • Send sitemap updates automatic to search engines
  • Title and meta data optimization
  • Automatic sitewide linking
  • Complete Moz integration
  • Multisite and BuddyPress compatibility
  • Process posts and pages individually
  • Process RSS feeds
  • Conduct case sensitive matching
  • Prevent duplicate links
  • Open links in new tab/window
  • Exclude posts or pages from sitemap, custom post types, categories, tags, custom taxonomies 
  • Include or exclude images, stylesheets 
  • Include or remove the sitemap dashboard widget
  • Disabling automatic sitemap updates
  • Custom home title
  • Home meta description
  • Keywords
  • Main blog archive meta robots options
  • Post title defaults
  • Post meta description defaults
  • Media title defaults
  • Media meta description defaults
  • Custom post titles (per custom post type)
  • Custom post meta descriptions (per custom post type)
  • Post categories, tags and custom taxonomy title and meta defaults
  • Post categories, tags and custom taxonomy robots tags
  • Author and date archives
  • 404 page title and description defaults

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