“What the Hell” this word we speak in daily days when? If you are management department in the business, topper officer the word of mouth speak to any junior officer when they get any mistake. We also speak this word of mouth any time in daily time when got any mistake or some anger with someone. Besides, learn what? What the Hell? Local Word of Mouth in the English Language.

Local or daily using Language learn and understand, What the Hell? Local Word of Mouth in the English Language.

By yourdictionary.com, some explanation of “What the Hell”
  • What the hell is defined as something that you ask when you are not happy with something and you want to know what is going on and why that situation is occurring.

When you get home and find your house a complete mess when you left it pristine in the morning before leaving, that is an example of when you could say “what the hell?”

  • What the hell is a phrase you may use when you decide that you may as well do something or go along with something, especially if you aren’t excited and aren’t even 100 percent sure you want to?

An example of when you might say “what the hell” is when your wife asks if you will please go to her second cousin’s wedding. You might not want to, but you could say “what the hell, I’ll go along.”

Type of “What the Hell” is also common.
  • “What the Hell are you Doing”
  • “What the Hell is Going On” and.
  • “What the Hell is That”

The album: “Goodbye Lullaby” (2011) song of “What the Hell” by singer Avril Lavigne. The Lyrics of the song “What The Hell”.

A maybe better way to understand watch the song Video “What the hell”.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQmEd_UeeIk?rel=0&showinfo=0&w=560&h=315]

The Video song and Lyrics not for promotions or not any get more pageview increase for. The lyrics and song video is the maybe better way of supporting this topic “What the Hell” why we say it, and when we say it. So, dear learner, you’ll be better understand “What the Hell” Local Word of Mouth in the English Language.

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