Accounting Job Boards, Not everyone is cut out to become an expert financial professional, but you can be.Sounds too good to be true? Well, it is true. According to the job search platform Naukri, the accounting and taxation jobs grew by 28%, making it quite clear that accounting is one of the most sought-after career options. But the top layer of financial professionals bagging top-notch jobs usually has more than just a bachelor’s degree in accounting.

Here is the article to explain, What should you learn to get an accounting job boards?

Finance aspirants are of two types – one who is established in their field but always on the look to upskill themselves, and the other is someone who is still in the lower rung of the finance career ladder with an urge to scale up.

What should you learn to get an Accounting Job Boards Image
What should you learn to get an Accounting Job Boards?

Whether you have accounting experience or are a fresh graduate, we believe there are some things you have to do right to get a well-paying and career-defining accounting job boards.

The Skills You Need for An Accounting Job;

Accounting jobs are almost always high in demand, and for an individual with proper training and skills, securing a lucrative accounting job is relatively easy. In addition to an accounting degree from a reputed institution, it is also crucial to have specialized knowledge. Brushing up on your technical andaccounting jobs skillswill come in handy during your interview and profession.

We believe you should focus on these three points to advance your financial career.

  • Brush up on your analytical and soft skill

An accountant’s work is highly detail-oriented and meticulous. You will required to sift through pages of documents, crunch numbers, and make sure every detail you’ve entered is accurate and reliable.

In addition to analytical and mathematical skills, you should gain communication andsoft accounting skills. Being meticulous, organized, and developing interpersonal skills can help you succeed in your career.

Skills of Accounts
Skills of Accounts
  • Spruce up your Software Skills

Yes, you read that right.

Software skills needed for an accountant. It is true, especially when applying for an entry-level position, as having software skills adds a lot of weight to your resume. Nothing fancy, but essential domain-related software skills will come in handy when applying for an accountant’s job.

Technical accounting skills;

Yourtechnical accounting skillswill also be beneficial during your career as an accountant. You must have hands-on knowledge using several software programs and tools. Of course, spreadsheets are very commonly used tools, but various others come into the picture too.

  • Accounting Software: This software acts as a centralized repository of financial information related to a business. It documents all transactions and makes the documents available for tax preparation, planning and reporting. Some examples of accounting software are QuickBooks Online and Tally, Zoho Books.
  • ERP Solution:Enterprise resource planning is an organization-wide software that handles accounting, compliance, expense management, revenue management and more. Some examples of ERP Finance are SAP S/4 HANA and Oracle Cloud.
  • Financial Analysis Software: Financial analysis software helps the organization foresee trends, analyze, and compare financial statements to make data-driven business decisions. Some examples are Oracle Essbase, Zoho Analytics, and Delphi Technology.
  • Tax Preparation Software:Tax preparation software makes preparing and filing taxes accessible and compliant. Some examples are Clear Tax, Tax planner, and Zoho Books.

Have you chosen finance and accounting to be your career but don’t know whichcourses for accountingcould give you the upstart you need? Or, do you have a well-paying boards of accounting job, yet you aren’t getting the promotion you deserve?

In either of the cases, you have to upskill yourself with a credible course. And, ACCA is the best course you can choose for yourself.

ACCA course;

ACCA is a globally recognized industry-relevant course that opens up multiple career options for you. The ACCA course is suitable for higher secondary students who can earn an advanced diploma in Accounting or a B.Sc. (Hons) degree in Applied Accounting from Oxford Brookes University along with their ‘Chartered Certified Accountant program’.

ACCA course
ACCA course

ACCA is an excellent program to upskill and make yourself more industry-ready. Even if you haveaccounting job skillsexperience or have a professional degree, an ACCA program can open up vast career opportunities in several accounting fields.

For example, you can employed as an accountant, internal auditor, business and financial analyst, credit control manager, CFO, and more. Moreover, all major employers of ACCA certificate holders are the Big 4 or large conglomerates.

What makes the ACCA course ideal for financial career aspirants is that this course opens you up toglobal opportunities.ACCA qualified accountants given preferential status in almost 60 countries. One of India’s boards highest-paid accounting jobs is held by ACCA certification.

The Chartered Certified Accountants training program provided extensive accounting and financial knowledge backed with industry-relevant content. Also, The course is flexible, allowing students to study at their skill and knowledge level. The course options open to students acing the ACCA certification is immense, and also it is perfect for building a successful career.

The Scope for Accountants in India;

There is a vast scope for growth for accountants in India. You can get an accounting job boards in an entry-level or executive-level position with suitable qualifications. Since the accounts and finance department is a crucial and integral part of any organization; also it is almost immune to recession and layoffs.

While it is true that some accounts can find their jobs being made redundant because of digital transformation, with the right specialization and upskill certifications like ACCA, it is possible to become a critical asset to the organization.

The demand for accountants is constantly increasing – with jobs opening up in the private, public and non-profit sectors.

Accountants Jobs in India;

As an accountant, you can employed by a start-up, an established private business or a huge public sector company.

Some of the job responsibilities of an accountant are:

  1. Preparing and filing taxes
  2. Preparing the budget
  3. Recording all financial transactions
  4. Handling documentation for audit purposes
  5. Handling internal auditing by complaining about tax rules and norms
  6. Coordinating with stakeholders and external auditors
  7. Ensuring credibility and accuracy in financial records to aid in planning, budgeting, and strategy formulation.

Accountants perform several duties depending on the employer, the domain and sector.

Whether you are working – for an individual, a company, a public sector undertaking or a government agency – an accountant will expected to know financial accounting,basic accounting skills, laws and taxes. Moreover, as an accountant, you will also be responsible for scrutinizing companies’ internal documents, analyzing them, and providing valuable insights for growth.

What specializations can I do in Finance and Accounting?

Specialization in finance and accounting acts as a foundation for successful careers in corporate finance, financial management, auditing and controlling strategic management, and consulting.ACCA qualificationscan take you places, especially in specialized financial, controlling and auditing areas. Based on the domain, you can get placed in an organization’s decision-making levels.

Financial Analyst:

As a financial analyst, you will be responsible for analyzing historical and current financial data, studying trends, and making data-driven business growth recommendations. You can get placed in the banking, insurance, securities mutual fund sector.

Chartered Accountants:

Internal or external auditors are one of the most sought-after positions across industries. Also, Chartered Accountants are responsible for managing financial statements in compliance with laws and accounting procedures.


The controller position has been seeing a huge spike in recent years. Also, Controllers are responsible for tax statement preparation, earning analysis, and other financial reports. Controllers manage internal auditing, compliance, budgeting and accounting.

How are the Job Satisfaction levels in the accounting field?

Accounting jobs boards are one of the most satisfying jobs out there!

You don’t have to take our word but trust these statistics.

In a study conducted by Total jobs and Universum, 16000 workers were asked to rate their job satisfaction levels. It was found that the highest levels of job satisfaction were among auditors and accountants. Moreover, they were more likely to recommend the employer to a friend and least likely to quit the industry.

Like any job, accounting jobs can also get stressful; however, it is easy to mitigate the stress levels with the proper training, knowledge, and skill.

With the right experience and expertise, accountants get paid top money and can save for their future. Moreover, accounting jobs’ stress levels peak only during the tax season – most likely from January to April. After this season, there is a lull, and the remainder of the year is predominantly stress-free.

Accounting jobs give you the freedom to engage yourself in other enriching activities and also spend time with your family. Unlike other jobs where the work timings could stretch beyond the usual office hours, most accounting jobs adhere to office timing.

There are several avenues for skill improvement and enhancements, such as gaining any ERP Finance certification or enrolling in ACCA courses, that can propel your career quickly.

Types of Jobs you can apply for right now.

The types of jobs open right now are truly mind-boggling. But when you upskill yourself, you can placed at the highest decision-making levels in an organization.

Types of Jobs
Types of Jobs

Most accounting jobs considered recession and pandemic-proof, as there is hardly a slump in their growth rate. Since accountancy jobs are a necessity in almost any company or industry, this career considered secure and stable.

  1. Accountants
  2. Financial Analysts
  3. Compliance Officers
  4. CFO
  5. Risk Manager
  6. Budget Manager
  7. Funds Manager
  8. Portfolio Manager
  9. Auditor
  10. Financial Advisors
  11. Company Secretary
  12. Certified Public Accountants

However, with the right experience and skills, you can grow from an accountant to Chief Financial Officer, Account Manager, Financial Manager, and Controller, Chartered Accountant, or even a Financial Director.

The best strategy to build a career in accounting would be to upskill yourself with advanced courses such as ACCA, which gives you both a graduation degree and specialization options and leads you to a high-paying job in a leadership role.

Are you ready to take the next step towards a fulfilling career?

With aChartered Certified Accountant coursefrom IMS ProSchool, you can have the career you have always wanted. A degree in accounting promises a good career, but as a Chartered Certified Accountant, you can enjoy the fastest career growth in the field of your choice.

Upgrade yourself with a well-designed curriculum, taught by experienced industry professionals, and at a pace that enriches your skills. Edge out the competition with a professional globally recognized certification that places you on par with the best in the industry.


Are you ready to take the next step towards a fulfilling career? As a chartered Certified Accountant, you can have the career you have always wanted. Also, Specialization and upskilling act as a springboard to land lucrative and top-management jobs in multinational companies. A degree in accounting promises a good career, but as a Chartered Certified Accountant, you can enjoy the fastest career growth in the field of your choice.


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