Social media marketing agency services rely heavily on statistics and daily analysis of the digital world, and shocking facts. Algorithms rely on past purchases by customers to predict what product or service; they are likely to buy next and then promote that prediction. The very idea of marketing is primarily based onpredicting the future.

Here is the article to explain, How to define what is the Shocking Social Media Marketing Agency Facts You Never Knew About!

It means considering both the market and the future purchases of each individual. This has become a kind of micro-prediction for each individual in today’s world. Good prediction leads to good preparation. But how do you see the future?

The first step is to analyze the past, i.e., rely on hard facts that are not influenced by dissenting opinions. For example, to know your target audience, you should see your past customers get an idea of what kind of audience the business mainly attracts.

The great thing about using social media platforms for marketing is that they provide marketers with enormous amounts of data; which is analyzed by algorithms to create reliable statistics that can be used in the future. Some things may seem obvious, but statistics do not lie, so you can rely on them scientifically instead of guessing.

Below, we’ll take a look at some facts and statistics you may not have heard.

Shocking Social Media Marketing Agency Facts Image
Shocking Social Media Marketing Agency Facts.

The Majority of Adults Use Social Media;

3.96 billion people are registered on at least one social media platform. That’s 52% of the world’s population. If we consider only legitimate users, more than 70% of people use social media platforms!

Such an overwhelming majority is a huge advantage for advertisers, especially those who operate internationally. The majority of the target audience is active on social media; which can give an extra boost to companies that are still hesitant about whether or not to get into social media advertising.

Over Half of Brands Like Social Media Marketing;

More than half of brands using social media marketing have reported that their marketing agency was either “very effective” or “somewhat effective”. And this doesn’t even take into account how well their marketing strategies were executed.

In the case of “stories,” many brands report that this type of marketing was most effective in their case. Over 70% of brands don’t market themselves through apps that focus on instant messaging, such as WhatsApp or Telegram.

Facebook Is Still In the Lead;

Although younger users are not very optimistic about Facebook due to recent controversies; it still has the most users among social media platforms. For multimedia clips, 82% of brands post video content on Facebook, followed by Youtube at 62%. Nevertheless, Youtube has no real competitors, with 87% of video marketers using it.

Other social media platforms each have their advantages. Twitter, for example, is the most searched social media platform when it comes to learning about news, and its users are 12% more likely to respond to “socially responsible” ads than others. And because of Twitter’s format, link engagement on this platform is 92%.

How People Use These Platforms;

It may be interesting to learn that 90% of all social media users have used it to communicate with a brand regardless of platform. Customers expect brands to have an active online presence and to respond.

It’s worth noting that brands aren’t doing an excellent job in this area. While 80% of brands believe they provide adequate support via social media, only 8% of customers agree. Moreover, 96% of people who talk about a brand on social media don’t follow the brand’s profile on the various platforms.

Developing Countries Are Growing In Social Media Use;

By the end of 2022, more than 50% of the population in India will use social media; which is good news for advertisers in the country; for example, asocial media agency in Mumbai, india. This is the result of the robust expansion of the telecom industry in developing economies, making online communication cheaper than ever.

Bottom Line;

67% of online shoppers bought what they saw on social media. That alone shows how important these platforms are. Statistics like these help brands understand what customers want from them to adjust their marketing strategies accordingly. To identify this pattern, you need professional help. That’s why we recommend you contact us for a customized social media advertising campaign.


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