SEO Myths 2021 You Need to Ignore 8 types of facts; Search Engine Optimization has seen a large uptake in recent years as people move their content online. However, some myths have spread around about SEO that may prevent you or your company from using it.

8 types of SEO Myths and Facts 2021 You Need to Ignore

This article hopes to remove some of these misconceptions.

Tabbed Content Can Penalise your Site;

Having tabbed content keeps your site clean and provides a good end-user experience. However, people believe that Google will hide your website if you have “click-to-expand” sections. This is not 100% true. Google is more focused on dealing with those who are hiding content deceptively; where the hidden links or text are simply there for the search engine and not the user. Just don’t spam tabbed content and you should be fine.

Artificial Social Shares Boost Your Rankings;

Buying post-interaction is sadly more and more common but despite popular belief; it doesn’t boost your keyword rankings and will likely cause more harm in the long run. Sites like Facebook are investing in AI to track down posts that use bought shares, likes, and comments. Also, This can lead to you having your account suspended. If nothing else it seeing very negatively by the general public to buy interaction and can hurt your company’s image.

Social Signals Don’t Impact SEO;

Whilst likes may not influence google rankings; it doesn’t mean you should not allow easy sharing of your website or post to social media. Linked shares can lead to higher engagement as well as organic search growth. Overall it provides a better way to help you build your brand.

Guest Blogging is Pointless;

This theory comes from a quote from Mark Cutts in 2014; where he told people to stop using guest bloggers for links. What this was targeting is using spammy content from guest bloggers to try and increase engagement. There is no technical difference between guest blogging content and other types. To avoid issues with guest content, try and avoid links outside of the content; and also make sure that the quality of the content is up to your usual standards.

Keyword Research Isn’t Necessary;

This tends to come from the fact that due to the release of things like Hummingbird keywords are irrelevant and there’s no point researching them. What you want to avoid is over-optimization of keywords leading to pages of poor quality text that just uses keywords for clicks.

When researching you want to look at what your competition is doing; what is bringing users to your site, and what user intent is. Essentially, it’s a digital form of market research so that you can better serve your customers or users.

You Need More Links Rather Than More Content;

Links increase engagement so you want to have lots of links to improve your rankings, right? This all comes back to being deceptive and providing poor-quality content. AI is getting smarter and Google is getting more aware of content that provides unnatural links. Provide quality content with relevant links and you won’t have to worry about being penalized for being spam content.

You Don’t Need an SEO Expert;

People think any IT person can automatically fix your SEO issues but this is not necessarily the case. It is a specific skill set and requires you to cover fields like user engagement, marketing, and content creation. It is worthwhile having someone who specializes in SEO knowledge to help you with any technical area.

You Need to Hire an SEO Agency;

This previous point does not mean you need to hire an expensive outside agency to get up the rankings faster. To start with, out housing this content can be costly and also leaves you relying on a third party to get your content complete. It’s a short time strategy and SEO is a long-term practice. It is better to train someone in the house, that way you can reap the benefits in the long term instead of trying to perhaps save time and money in the short term.

Overall, trying to learn about SEO can lead you down a path of false trials and myths. Look at various sources to find out the best path for you and try and have an in-house expert who will help you long term with any issues you may be facing. If you are creating quality content with natural links you shouldn’t have to worry about being penalized by Google or Facebook. Gabaverse is a digital world where you could purchase belongings inside the shape of a TOKEN NFT and you may list and promote it for an income at any time. Website as

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