With the popularity of smartphones, APP development has become very common. Whether it is a company or a venture capital, sometimes it is necessary to develop and design an APP, but how to develop a high-quality APP?

Determine APP development needs

First of all, figure out what app you want to do. What industry is it? Is the APP still in the idea stage or has it already been implemented? What service issues are provided? What is the general direction and what is the main function? The key is what are you heading to do? Only a few pages can complete the APP or complex system software. This needs to be clarified, because the complexity of APP structure design is different, and the investment of manpower and capital is naturally different.

Determine the APP support platform

There are many service platforms for developing and designing APP, iOS APP, Android APP, and Windows background management may also require creating data, and then displaying it on iOS and Android terminals. If you only develop and design one terminal, it is of course a little cheaper than developing all terminals. Of course, the price depends on how long and human resources it takes for the effect of APP development and design.

Choose business outsourcing or independent research and development

Understand whether your APP business outsources or self-developed. The price of business outsourcing and independent research and development is different. Business outsourcing considers the first two issues.

If you do independent research and development, consider the needs more comprehensively, from recruiting personnel, establishing requirements, planning, UI design, function development, and Comprehensive testing, and then operating from the content, each link must master the development and design cost budget, save costs, motivate employees, improve work efficiency, and maximize the use value in a limited time.

Naturally, developing and designing an APP is not a particularly easy task. , Every step must be thoughtful and make decisions, to get twice the result with half the effort.

So how to find an APP outsourcing development company?

Look at the enterprise scale and qualification certificate

Software outsourcing companies vary in quality and level. Some companies even only do marketing and outsource the business to third-party development companies after receiving orders. Therefore, we try to choose companies that have been established for more than five years and have a certain business scale, professional software development qualifications, and a complete technical development team.

See industry development examples

To distinguish whether a software outsourcing company is capable, one of them is to see whether there are rich and diverse industry development examples and whether the development company can provide industry development solutions according to the industry the company belongs to, which can save a lot of development and design time. Can prioritize.

Check the service specification

Look at the service specifications of software developers and find software outsourcing companies to develop apps. Service specifications are very important, especially in terms of the price process and after-sales process. Since the software development industry is relatively unique, there is no unified pricing standard yet, so we need to see if the price is fully transparent and effective.

However, after development, design, release, and operation, there may be bugs in the APP. In addition, user satisfaction or market conditions should adjust or iteratively upgraded based on user satisfaction market conditions. Therefore, strong after-sales support is very important.

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How to create a high-quality APP development; Photo by Benjamin Sow on Unsplash.

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