Make Them Believe

Make Them Believe is a documentary exploring Moscow’s underground wrestling scene through the eyes of one up-and-coming performer. Follow Tim Master’s journey (who plays the heel ‘American Hope’) as he chases his dream of becoming a professional wrestler.

A WWE-obsessed Russian college kid lives out his fantasy of becoming a professional wrestling star far from the glamorous spotlight of American pro wrestling as he competes for the coveted belt in Moscow’s underground ring. #Sports #Documentary Short Films #StaffPicks on Vimeo.

In this unexpectedly relatable film, director Taimi Arvidson tackles the universal struggle of the pursuit of a dream.

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Directed by: Taimi Arvidson

Cinematography by: Nick Midwig

Edited by: Andrew Hassell

Composer: Brendan Canty

Featuring: Timofei Maltese, “American Hope” and Ivan Markov, “Locomotive”

Producers: Taimi Arvidson, Nick Midwig, Zamir Gotta

Additional Producers: Yuliya Fedyukova, Katya Gotta

Assistant Camera: Nicholas Huynh

Sound Recordist: Michael Barkovskiy

Gaffer: Nikolai Shugurov

Production Assistant: Anton Ustimov

Transportation Services: Nikolai Lavut

Title Design: Kevin Carmack

Additional Editor: Anya Prokhorkina

Post Production Services Provided by Outpost Digital, New York

Colorist: Josh Kanuck

Assistant Editor: Anna Hulkower

Post Production Sound Services by Studio Unknown, LLC

Dialogue Editor: Kevin Hill

Sound Designer and Foley Artist: Matt Davies, MPSE

Sound Effects Editors: Rich Bussey, Cazz Cercez

Foley Recordist: Rich Bussey

Pre-recording Mixer: Kevin Hill, CAS

Audio Post Prod. Coordinator: Jaime Horrigan


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