Web Hosting Options eCommerce and WooCommerce for an Online Store, you choose the right for your business. We know by now: that opening an online store is one of the best investments you can make. Especially for those who already own an offline business and need to expand their business on the web.

Here are the articles to explain, the right Options Choosing Web Hosting for an Online Store

The e-commerce business has grown exponentially in just two years. Today, following some basic steps, opening an online store can be really simple and effective, starting with choosing the right hosting. Before delving into the elements to consider when choosing to host. It is useful to summarize the three basic steps to follow to open an online store:

Products and market:

First, it is necessary to clearly define which products and services will offer on your e-commerce site. At that point, it will be possible to identify one’s market niche with relative targets and competitors.

Domain and hosting:

To open an online store, you need to purchase a domain name and the online space that will host your e-commerce site on the web hosting.

E-commerce platform:

To sell your products or services, you will need to choose a pre-packaged but customizable platform representing your real online store.

This article will focus on the second point, particularly how to choose the most suitable web hosting options for your e-commerce, and if you have an eCommerce made with WooCommerce, you can check here the best ones.

What is web hosting?

“Host” literally means “hosting,” and a web host is a space that hosts the files and databases that go to create websites. The service offered by these hosts calls web hosting. The hosting operation is quite simple. When we type the URL of a web page in our browser. A request is sent to the web server on which the website you want to visit resides.

This server responds by sending information about the page, which process and displayed on our browser. There are three types of hosting currently available options for web hosting:

Shared hosting:

It is the cheapest solution because the hosting used to host your site is shared with other websites.

Dedicated hosting:

It is the most expensive option because the site hosting on a separate server. Which does not host any other website, ensuring superior performance.

Virtual Private Server (VPS):

This hosting uses a copy of the operating system in a virtual environment. This option provides the same flexibility and control as a dedicated server, even if the site may be on a shared server with others.

Choose the hosting for your online store

Let’s get to the point: choosing the perfect web host for your e-commerce. There are four pillars to consider when choosing the right provider: compatibility, scalability, security, and assistance.

1. Compatibility with the e-commerce platform

Some hosting providers offer features that allow you to create your online store directly through the host. However, if you want to use an external platform, such as Magento, Prestashop, or Shopware, you need to select a host that can support their operation. For example, create a shop using the Magento platform. It will be advisable to choose a hosting solution designed to best support it. Such as the Magento Hosting solution proposed by IONOS. Many providers offer ad hoc solutions created to ensure maximum efficiency depending on the e-commerce platform used.

2. Available space and scalability

E-commerce is one site that takes up more space and attracts more traffic. You will need hosting that offers large storage space. Not only that, it is necessary that the hosting can respond to the expansion needs that your online store may have in the future. Every business reality must design to grow. This translates, in the case of e-commerce, into the choice of a scalable solution that can gradually adapt to the new needs of your business.

3. Security

The security of your site and the data the contents contains is a fundamental aspect of its success. First, you need to choose a host that offers the enabling of an SSL certificate included in the price. This ensures that the data exchanged with the site are protected. Secondly, the chosen host must offer a good backup service: the ideal is an automatic daily backup.

4. Assistance and support

Finally, when choosing a hosting provider, it is essential to consider an element often taken for granted: customer support. Regarding e-commerce, it is important to choose a provider whose operators. In addition to taking care of the maintenance aspects, can assist you in case of problems or emergencies.

Conclusions on the choice of hosting for e-commerce

When creating your online store, you often focus on what the customer sees and not on the invisible infrastructure behind it. However, it is precisely this infrastructure, which starts first from web hosting, that allows your site to function and be effective for your business: by carefully evaluating compatibility, scalability, security, and support, you can easily find the most suitable provider to respond to your needs.

Choosing the right web hosting options for an online store Image
Choosing the right web hosting options for an online store; Photo by Dai KE on Unsplash.
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