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7 Ways to Improve Local Ranking of Your Business Website

The Ways to Improve Local Ranking; Most businesses spend a lot of money and effort to get better user traffic on their websites. However, it becomes a cause of concern when they don’t get their desired results. This is particularly the case with most local business websites.

7 Ways to Improve Local Ranking of Your Business Website

What happens is that businesses often try to expand their global existence; and, forget the importance of improving their local presence. If you want your business website to rank better in a search engine, then you must work on improving your website’s presence. Local SEO basically focuses on two things, improving your website’s visibility in the local search and establishing trust with your target audience. Using the following steps, you can improve your website’s local ranking.

#1. Creating a Mobile-friendly Website:

Since people use their mobile phones for nearly everything, customers now expect businesses to have a mobile-friendly website. Creating such a site allows you to expand the circle of your target audience. A mobile-friendly website can adapt to any screen size which makes it highly responsive and easy to use. It enhances your website’s outlook and helps improve its ranking in the search engines. For instance, a user who can look up packages of spectrum internet on his/her phone would be able to make a quicker decision than the one who would need to use a computer to complete the same task.

#2. Adding Business Address on Your Website:

Adding a business address on your website is a great way to help search engines understand the location of your business. Your location address can be mentioned on the ‘contact us’ page as well as the footer area of your website to make it easier for users to find you. For instance, if a customer wants to visit the nearest branch of spectrum TV; he could get there easily if the website has mentioned a clear address with an embedded Google Map.

In the case of multiple branches, investing some time into establishing a unique ‘locate us’ page would be a great option. You can incorporate Google Maps along with the address and contact number for each branch. Doing so would help search engines categorize your business based on a specific area or region.

#3. Using Google My Business:

A Google My Business (GMB) page is a free tool that can be used to display your business information for your customers. For instance, the business information can include a physical address, business hours, a working phone number, a map, a call-to-action button; (that can take customers to your business website, show directions on a map, or call your representatives, etc.), and so on. Providing such details on a GMB allow your website to appear in the rich listings of SERPs.

#4. Modifying Page Titles and Meta Descriptions:

Another way of improving your online local footprint is by writing better page titles; and, concise meta descriptions for the location of your business type. You can do so by mentioning your city, area, region, and your business category in the meta description of your main website. Moreover, be sure to mention your city and business category in the meta description as well as in the title of your location page.

#5. Building Proper Business Credentials:

Having a Google My Business page is one of the most efficient and effective ways to ensure a better website rank. Basically, your business credentials include the name of your business, phone number, web address, and physical location, etc. Putting these credentials online will help search engines verify the authenticity of your business. It will also help bridge the gap between you and your customers by allowing them to reach you with ease.

#6. Optimizing Site by Using Local Keywords:

I have already talked about how to optimize your main page for your business location and type. Here I will tell you how to use local keywords to optimize other pages of your business website. Using long-tailed keywords related to a particular area (such as Spectrum Customer Service Number Boston) can help your website’s visibility. Adding local or geographical keywords and tags can drive traffic to your website by making your information readily available to consumers.

#7. Efficient Usage of Local SEO:

Effective use of local SEO can help businesses increase their revenue by allowing customers to connect with them with ease. Local companies can improve their business presence by targeting consumers who are located in their region. This can be achieved by evaluating your website to see what changes can be made to modify it for local SEO. You can use the tips I have discussed to make improvements and get a better local website rank.


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